Top 10 Strongest Naruto Characters

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The Top Ten

Sage of the Six Paths
The strongest so far after all he did defeat the legendary 10 tailed beast the jubi and some people call him a god even though he did not create the ninja world they say god himself did and granted humans justs's and years past then the savior rikudo aka sage of the six paths saved the world from the most powerful demon/so powerful it surpassed rikudo so he sealed it
So6P could go against everyone on this list and leave each one in a body bag... He was the father of Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha. That should ring some bells in your damn head...

He was even considered GOD! The one that defeated and broke apart the great Ten Tailed Jubi into Nine other smaller beasts. Naruto has nothing against the REAL Kami!

Hell... I even believe the Sage of Six Paths can whoop Goku and Vegeta!


He is not the father of the First and Madara. They are reincarnations of Asura and Indra.
Mean the ssp is kami-like, dude is strongest ninja that ever existed, he created the moon on his deathbed a clear testament of his power, he had the ability to create form from nothingness with a mere thought and then bring it to life (men he can use izanagi without side effects)
[Newest]He is the strongest

2Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto is the strongest ninja he saved saske and sakuras but a lot and has the nine tailed fox in him and can control up to 8 of them only madara and minito were able to control it also naruto can use sage mode and can make over 1000 shadow clones he is stronger than saske when he is in sage mode he can also use rasengan only him minito jaria and kakashi can use it
Naruto is one of the strongest ninja alive along maybe sasuke, madara, and tobi. In four-tailed form he destroyed a fraction of a forest with a wave of a hand. In sage mode he took down someone that annihilated konoha. He broke out of a small moon. In six-tailed form he breaths fire and makes rocks seem like asteroids. His speed is more or the same as his father's, who is as fast as a yellow-flash, making him at the same speed has light Itself! In Tailed Beast Mode he's plenty faster than that, literally meaning faster than the speed of light! He took down 5 biju alone in this mode and 1 tailed beast ball equalized with their's combined. He broke Tobi's mask. Despite Rikudo's power, you gotta gig credit 2 someone faster than the speed of light.
Hey remember that Naruto heals himdself anytime, making him invincible plus he moves at the speed of light now, when he is in bijuu mode of course besides the ninetails now can come out since Naruto bonded with him oh and yes sage mode makes him even more stronger and faster oh man I almost forgot he can use the Rasen Shuriken that can disintegrate anything into particles.
Naruto is not invincible. At the end of the series, he lost his healing power, because it only works if his arm happens to be attached to his body, which it wasn't.
[Newest]Naruto at this point is stronger than the sage of the six paths why is he number two?
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3Madara Uchiha
Cause he fight with own skill not with jinchuri power
Uchiha Madara is the 2nd coming of the Sage of the Six Paths! Founder of the Sharingan, Mangekyou Sharingan and Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, Wielder of the feared Wood Release, Possessor of the fabled Rinnegan being the only one able to truly awaken it other than the Sage. He can control Kurama with his eyes. He can bring meteorites into the Earth's atmosphere. He survived the fight against Hashirama and still continued to live for another 4 generations. He can take on the 5 Kage on his own. His Susano'o is complete (it has ' legs) and can carve mountains with one wave of its sword. Uchiha Madara blocks bijuudamas with his gunbai. He's unstoppable.
The Best Ninja in Naruto because man he is the leader of uchiha clan and no power can hit him. The first one to posses and control mangeku sarengan.
[Newest]He should be first obviously.
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4Itachi Uchiha
Itachi is the strongest because he is Itachi. He has a powerful kekkei genkai's and his genjutsu can easily trap naruto because naruto cannot handle genjutsu of that extreme. Madara was not wanting to tell the Itachi that he knew his history because he was afraid that Itachi would plant Amaterasu in his mouth. Itachi gave Sasuke the Amaterasu with high power such that it would trigger when Tobi(claims to be Madara-but his no proof-as he has not removed his mask)uses his sharingan. He defeated Nagato by himself in the 4th shinobi world war. He also broke free from impure world resurrection(A jutsu of same style as re-animation-but with greater impact as it increases offensiveness and defensiveness)The sage of six paths is also strong and Itachi came from his blood line-but whats weird is like he was the first ninja-weren't their shinobi before him, and in order to be ninja one's parents too must possess such extra-ordinary skill. If Itachi defeated Nagato(Pein/Pain)it is obvious Jiraiya is not in his league as Pain defeated Jiraiya. When Orochimaru tried to steal his body Itachi immediately used a paralysis jutsu on him in which Orochimaru had no clue what hit him. Itachi is a guy who never lets his guard down at all. Thus if Orochimaru was stronger than Itachi he would have trained even harder and later challenged him but he tried to get Sasuke's because he knew he was no match for Itachi. Minato Namikaze(4th Hokage)was only able to seal the 9 tails but Madara could tame it-as it is believed that Itachi has the most powerful visual jutsu's then Itachi too could have tamed it. He possesses the Sharingan, Mangeykou Sharingan, Tsukuyomi and killer move the susano'o. Madara said that he was testing THE 1st hokage in the valley of end proving that he is stronger, but when Kabuto attempted impure world resurrection and Madara turns up, confusing the whole thing up! -My only doubt is the sage of six paths... But their is a probability that it could only be a mythe because nobody has actually seen him. So from characters that played a significant role and who actually engaged in battle ITACHI UCHIHA is can be considered the strongest.
In the Chapter 548 its stated he along with Nagato are the most powerful of all Edo Tenseis. That means he is stronger than the Tschikage, Raikage, Hanzo Mizukage, Kazekage and so on. Itachi also defeated Orochimaru twice, the first time without looking and turned his back on him, the second time when he fought against Sasuke a death battle and were worn up it took him minutes to defeat him without get touched. So further Orochimaru, someone who defeated Jiraya tried sneaky tricks to get him because Itachi is far too strong. So the Sanin are no match for him. Itachi also defeated the most powerful enemies with relative ease and not getting injured or even touched, like Deidara, Kakashi, Asuma. With his Sharingan he could take control of peoples, like stated by Ao at long range, he even didn't not to fight directly with someone to win. Everyone says he would lose to Jiraya that's not true he was deep in his heart a full blood Konoha ninja and wanted to protect Konoha from Akatsuki, that s why he joined them and that's why he lied to Kisame I mean if you read the chapter Kisame says the power of a Sanin is too much it means if there would be Tsunade he would have a similar reaction but we know Itachi can't defeat a Sanin without get touched. His Mangekyo Sharingan is something very powerful and is comparable to that of Madara. So all in one Itachi is the strongest.
Well itachi never showd us his full power but as he was dieng of illnes and going blind and holding back on sasuke he could have still killed him so I think itachi is the best!
[Newest]Any technique is worthless before my eyes
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5Hashirama Senju
You people are NUTS! Why is he on 6th? Just close your eyes and try to go through the chapters again. Madara Uchiha was not even slightly harmed whilst fighting the current FIVE KAGES in the WAR! And Hashirama Senju defeated him AND THE NINE-TAILS! (by the way, its HASHIRAMA SENJU) This is the actual list:
5: Itachi Uchiha
4: Naruto Uzumaki
3: Madara Uchiha
2: Hashirama Senju
1: Sage of the six paths (He is a legend by the way, nobody knows if he existed)
Sasuke reached the Sage of Six path's level of power by the end of the anime, and Naruto tied with him, so Senju Hashirama gets pushed back even further.
Are you nuts. This guy was said to be the strongest ninja of his time (before madara who is supposedly third on this list). He beat madara hands down at the valley of the end. It was even said that hashirama senju almost oreven killed him during their fight. Madara even went to the extent of summoning the nine tails but it was to no avail. The first hokage whipped his butt. Even madara confessed that he was not as strong as the first. He wast madara's rival at all. He was his superior. His wood release jutsu is flawless.
Hashirama should be the second one
[Newest]He beat Madara though... Shouldn't he at least be higher than him...
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6Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke uchiha is powerful shinobi because of his strong ninjutsu, fast speed, intelligent mind. He also has power of mangekyo sharingan.
Powerful attack power of chidori and amateratsu. Special defense of susanoo
Sasuke just has so much darkness from corrupt anger which fills out not having a childhood and I think his anger is limitless making his strength unmatchable depending on sasukes mind set
Sasuke is much stronger than some of the top on this page. He can match Naruto, so I personally think he is stronger than Minato, and he should also be at the top of the list with Naruto. Sasuke is strong, and proved himself in battle. He also defeated Itachi; which shows that even if Itachi is strong physically. He is still weak in mind.
[Newest]Happy birthday Sasuke. 23 July 2015

7Minato Namikaze
MINATO IS SO ASWSOME. he sealed the 9 tails/kubyi in his own son had a with was the 4 hokage has flying god power is just plan hot was one of the best hokage and is equal with his son had a son and is a blone with blue eyes and should be up at 2 place with his son naruto ps HE IS HOT!
He defeated Madara while trying to protect his son, wife, and the village.. Every other fight I see like Madara vs 1st hokage is a 1v1.. But minato beat tobi dealing with multiple things.. And tobi > madara =)
For me MINATO NAMIZAKE is the one of strongest character in naruto. He was the fourth hokage, the man who responsible for sealing the nine-tailed in he's son naruto and the first man defeated tobi/obito & kyuubi too. Minato have a natural talent, he's smarter than UCHIHA ITACHI he created the amazing technique that called RASEGAN Yellow Flash, the Flying Thunder God technique, goes without saying, purely fantastically unique and one of a kind. Minato also has amazing reflexes, as stated by A (Raikage), he is not faster than Raikai through teleportation, but faster than Raikage in reflexes. Argueably, being close to instant in speed and instant doesn't make much of a difference for any humans anyway, so in theory, they were nearly same "speed" and it came down to reflexes. I repeat MINATO NAMIKAZE is the one strongest character.. NOT the stongest :)) thnk you for reading my opinion..

Reckless Felix
[Newest]He is as powerful as Naruto
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8Obito Uchiha
He may not live up to the strength of Hashirama Senju or Madara Uchiha, but was a major power house through out the series. He was able to tame the Nine Tails, and practically destroy the village. He fooled the whole shinobi world into war, believing that he was the real Madara Uchiha. He took on two Tailed Beast jinjuriki, plus two skilled Leaf ninjas at once, and still gave a decent fight. He tricked Madara and became the 10 tails jinjuriki, and ever since that, he been kicking everyones ass. Not only is this guy strong, but intelligent to, he tricked sasuke, kisame and nagato into doing his dirty work, plus out smarted everyone of his opponents during the war and in general. This guy deserves at least in the top 2 or 3, considering his transformation into a jinjuriki.
Oh come on guys! He was able to use the wood style jutsu with his senju cells without any stress! I mean he created the Fourth Shinobi World War only with his intelligence! I mean this guy proved to be a tough opponent to both Naruto and Sasuke alike. Not to mention he was able to trick Madara into sealing the ten tail jinchuriki into himself. And most importantly he was defeated because he no longer wished to fight and went through a emotional stress not because he wasn't powerful enough
He has the 10 tails now, and the first and second claimed his power was superior to the Sage of Six (how they could know this is beyond me). He should at least be number 2 at the moment behind the Sage of Six, followed by Madara and then Naruto (those could be switched as well. )
[Newest]I think he is the most powerful ninja of Naruto...

Pain vs Itachi would be a good fight, and Minato vs Pain would be a really good fight. Pain, Itachi, and Minato are tied in 4th 5th and 6th in my oppinion. (Nagato has a jutsu to create a miniature moon, and another jutsu that destroyed the whole entire village in one hit. )
I hate it when people vote for more hyped shinobis higher. Like-itachi could do this and that. Itachis is one of my favorite characters, but if you think rationally and analyse the arsenal of each shinobi, I don't see any shinobi other than rikudo himself who can beat Nagato one on one.
Um hello? He's the strongest member of Akatsuki, so that means he's stronger than itachi.
Um hello? Itachi uchiha defeated him during 4th great ninja war...
[Newest]I'm not voting for him because he's my favorite. I'm voting, because have you guys seen his Jutsu's? I mean seriously, I cannot believe that he's so like last. I mean, he's much stronger than Itachi. At least I believe that. I know that Itachi is powerful and all, but then again... Pein/Nagato/Pain is the strongest Akatsuki Member. Itachi is powerful, but Pein is more powerful. There, I said my opinion... Now hate it if you want, love it if you want. In my opinion, he's definitely the strongest in Akatsuki, I have no idea why Itachi is before him.
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10Kaguya Ōtsutsuki
The SAGE OF SIX PATHS said she was stronger. You know, that legendary, god-like individual that sealed the ten tails becoming the first jinchuuriki sealing its body and splitting its mind on his deathbed, said that this character is STRONGER. How is this even a debate
Because she just is. Naruto and Sasuke and Kakashi have to take her on together. Otherwise she is unbeatable.
John Lennon said she was, in her prime, physically stronger. Oprah Winfrey later confirmed this in chapter 688.
[Newest]If she is not the strongest,I don't know who is!

The Contenders

11Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi is one of the most important characters in naruto history, only by that it gives an answer why to be included in the strongest ninjas. I believe he must be in the top 10 because he is so wise and smart. I believe those who say that sometimes it's not the strongest who wins but the smartest had a point!
He should be in top 5 or 10 he very strong and still increase he could beat kabuto yakushi and gara kill sakura and maybe win with raikage are but up a good fight with Hiruzen Sarutobi and will Jiraiya and beat Sasuke Uchiha
one of the strongest konoha ninja amstering most jutsu's best non uchia sharingan user. traiend naruto and sasuke and was trained by minato


[Newest]Kakashi is one of the most important characters in Naruto history, only by that it gives an answer why to be included in the strongest ninjas. I believe he must be in the top 10 because he is so wise and smart. I believe those who say that sometimes it's not the strongest who wins but the smartest had a point!

Jjiraiya is just the best with or without sage mode he will kick everybody's ass. Vs itachi he doesn't need sm he kill itachi with mid difficulty. Itachi said him self that even with kisame they will die and they didn't knew about sm. Could you imagine. Jiraiya as never show is real strength in base and in sm because the fights that he did he just did a few techniques. Jiraiya took on all the summonings of pain in base and to those who think that jiraiya is weaker than bee he just can kill bee with base. He almost never fights with sm he always fights whit base. Jiriya is fast, strong, intelligent (after all he discovered the secret of pain) and an incredibly perfect ninja. He is the only one in naruto series that is a perfect and balanced ninja. He is very strong in base even itachi said that he would certainly lose. NO ONE CAN BEAT JIRAIYA!
with sennin mode or without, he's just a Beast.
Both itachi and kisame prefered not to fight with him, kisame stated that jiraiya was "on a whole new level" and Itachi said that the best they could do was a stalemate. That's jiraiya's sage power for you.
How can the teacher of the main protagonist be so down on ranking. Jiraiya is the ultimate teacher, even in his underdeveloped sage mode he took down few of the pains (Imagine his extent in his full sage mode). His summons are very powerful & robust, can manipulate nature chakra etc. He is one of the characters whose powers can be unrivaled by any other current Kages. Without him Naruto wouldn't be at the rank he is now. He is the one the Sage legends & one hell of a pervert.
[Newest]I love jiraiya, s spirit. He has captured my heart many times. I hate that he had to die. I think he is the best because he would kick ass. You run into jiraiya and you just so happen to be a bad guy, you better run or your ass is toast

13Hiruzen Sarutobi
Held his own agaisnt Orchimaru, 2nd Hokage, and the 1st Hokage even when he was like 70. Learned every jutsu in the Leaf(the Professor)

Was not sure were to put the 1st Hokage so here he is, defeated Madara and the Kyubbi.
We never even saw his true power. I know that he could have taken out sasuke if they where bouth on the top of there game.
Because he is a strong Hokage 3 and coach

14Pain God Mode
Pretty intense character. Took Smokescreen and Itachi to beat him.
Pain has the power of reningan that could destroy or create anything and he is also a god

Nagato should definitely be in this list, he is stronger than Itachi. He was able to fight Naruto and Bee at once, and Itachi could just save them from the brink of destruction. He might be mistaken as pain on this list.
Umm, this character should be removed from the list or renamed, cause Pain is currently #9 and they're both the same person. (Nagato=real name, Pain= Alias)
Firstly He has the rinnegan. Also he was stronger than Naruto when he was reanimated but he isn't even top 15

16Hagoromo Ôtsutsuki
Creator of the ninja world not the human race; but still first one to have rinnegan

It is stronger than all the tailed beasts in naruto. The sage of the six paths was the jinchuruki of the ten tails. Its tailed beast bomb is the strongest.
Ten tails can beat sage of the six path can destroy Madara Uchiha sage is stronger than madara ten tails is number one
The power of it is way too much. Even the sage can't handle it.
[Newest]Ten Tails is the strongest character. He has enough power to destroy the world easily.

I don't know why people think he's weak. He was faster than Sasuke's Amaterasu and Raikage's lightning fast kick, and he wasn't even trying.


he is strong he can kick your ass and you should watch his story in the past he no friends and even his own dad tried to kill him
The only reason why people seem to say that Gaara is weak is because his sand coffin, sand tsunami, sand burial, shield, pike etc. is always matched by a greater defense. Like when Gaara was fighting Kimimaro, he couldn't crush him with the same force as he did with regular people because Kimimaro has his kekkei genkai with producing more calcium. But in reality Gaara is really strong, although the anime/manga tend to make two very strong people fight with each other and make each other match the other's skills. But to me, Gaara has the most strongest and unique jutsu, Gaara for the win!
[Newest]He is solo strong

19Uchiha Clan Ancestor
He have all the power of uchiha considering he is the son of the sage of the six paths
His name is Indra.

20Senju Clan Ancestor
Extremely powerful an skill

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