Itachi Uchiha


1)Itachi said that he and Jiraya would either kill each other or have to give up and that was when he was a disease ridden fugitive who was nearly blind
2)This second reason is something people often forget, HE KILLED THE ENTIRE UCHIHA CLAN HIMSELF
3)In Kishi's official databook he was the strongest akastuki member with 35.5 points.
4)He intimidated pain and tobi that's why pain didn't go all out to get the nine tails because he knew that if he did Itachi would be on his ass, he even admitted it and the reason he joined the akatsuki was to keep an eye on tobi.
i'm not saying that itachi is the strongest because I think it is actualy a 3 way tie between madara uchiha, pain, and itachi. The overall champ would have to be the sage of the six paths because the origin of the Sharingan go back to him.

Itachi has continually astounded even the strongest ninja, everyone including danzo, madara (obito), jirriah, kisame, Kakashi, all acknowledge his extreme skill and mastery of gen jutsu several times throughout the series, as strong as sasuke was at the time of the danzo fight, madara still admits that he was a far cry from being anywhere near itachi's equal. Itachi was the strongest member of the akatsuki by far and I believe him to be the equal of any other shinobi in the series, and not to mention, itachi was just a complete badass, he was equal strength to sasuke even while he was half blind and on his deathbed, he also thought miles ahead of anyone else in the series not only giving naruto energy for when they finally battle, but also in planting an Amaterasu in sasuke to be activated when he was approached by madara. And he had danzo terrified so bad that he didn't even consider touching sasuke. Itachi was miles ahead of anyone in the series in both intelligence and skill, he ...more

Itachi is one of the strongest ninja on the Naruto series.
I'm gonna point out a few things now. And hopefully you'll get the idea of how truly great he was.

1: He was a prodigy, was considered to be the strongest Ninja Uchihas ever produced (along with Madara).

2: At the age of 7 he became chunnin (he passed all of his tests with 100% results), at the age of 8 he mastered Sharingan to the point he could keep his Sharingan activated for whole day with minimal drain of Chakra. At age 10 he joined ANBU, at 13 he became the captain of ANBU's top squad (the one that worked directly under Danzo).

3: At the age of 7 his knowledge about world was supposedly on par with that of a Hokage.

4: He respected his elders, and was a well mannered boy. When Kisame was fighting the Fourth Tails, Roushi, Itachi told Kisame to be respect Roushi as he was old.

5: He cared about his comrades. He would not allow Kisame to participate in battles he can't win.

6: ...more

Along with being incredibly talented, Itachi is mentally strong. He managed to do what no other character in the entire anime would be able to in his situation, and truly endured nearly any problems he had. He never thought about himself, and while he was away a lot, Itachi was a loving older brother and son. He isn't emotionless- he's introverted, and while he's awkward around people, it doesn't hinder his strength in the slightest since he still had people he wanted to protect. Itachi had the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and all of it's benefits, along with an agile body, and a sharp, unbiased mind. Even with his situation, he was kind and loving and wicked cool when he fought. He's a character that you don't want to be on the bad side of, and his allegiance is clear and honorable.

Let's be real, I'm sure he's less powerful than the sage of the six paths, but we haven't ever seen that guy. And Naruto? Really? Naruto got his ass kicked by this guy. A lot. He's fast, has enough stamina to use Amaterasu tsukuyomi and Susanoo when he's on his death bed holding his own against sasuke who is a decent opponent, he destroyed his clan, he planned ahead to the point that he fixed his impure world resurrection. And as far as a mix of things, he comes out on top of everyone. That is why he had to die, if he didn't the manga would've just been over too quickly because Itachi is a bad ass.

Itachi is the strongest ninja ever he can use a lot of powerful strike like Amaterasu yes the Amaterasu if it touch you you done for it, you will disappear for ever, and susanoo the susanoo with totsuka blade itachi is invincible.

And the Izanami one of the ultimate jutsu ever.

He killed his whole clan to protect the village how many uchihas did he kill? He came back just to let danzo know if he touches his brother he will come after him. Naruto also knew the truth and itachi said not to tell anyone cause he wanted to maintain the Uchiha clans honour. And he broke free from the edo tensei just like Madara. He did everything in the dark like a true ninja. He should be at 2nd place or 3rd but 4th place is offensive. He was at pair with Madara. After my opinion.

How can he not be the strongest? This is Uchiha Itachi, the man who can rise above his emotions and everything for the well being of the village, the man who can plan strategically well beyond death, not to forget awesome abilities. And his full power wasn't shown. Enough said.

Itachi has his own power - susanoo, amaterasu and tsukuyomi with an invincible sword. Besides, he has Uchiha Shisui's eye implanted in his crow, with which he can control literally everyone. You have to agree, he is the strongest and in fight of one vs one, no one could defeat him

Well this is in My opinion, Greatness of Ninja is really measured not just by power, but also other facts like how well can he/she control there emotion. As you guys have seen, those who won't control there emotion end up like sasuke, obito and Nagato. Well Itachi has suffered lot of Pain but he din't end up like them. So I will Forever love Itachi and consider him as strogest Hate me if you want to

He's a genius the only person who was able to defeat the reanimation jutsu, the only person who was able to get out of the reanimation jutsu. he plans everything before he does it he does every thin for a reason even letting sasuke kill him. uchiha is one of the strongest clans there are and he's one of the strongest in it him and obito were able to kill the whole of the uchiha clan by them selves no one could stop them. he was the best ninja in the hidden leaf village and became leader of the black ops at a very young age. people don't think he's good because he lost to his wek little brother sasuke but that was all pert of his plan by doing that it made sasuke stronger. his father was also a great uchiha he was the head of it but then itachi killed him. he could have easily become hokage if he wanted to he's the strongest and smartest ninja there is and he dosnt brag about how strong he is unlike every one else like Naruto sasuke madara obito he's just pure good not even jiraiya ...more

He never defeated by anyone... He defeated all his opponents quite effortlessly! His true power was never revealed... Everyother characters in naruto was defeated minimum once in their lifetime.. That proves the gr8ness of itachi...

Itachi can beat Kakashi and Naruto. He even Killed everyone in his clan except Sasuke and Madara.

Itachi Rock Man I think he is the strongest ninja in leaf Village because he beat naruto and Kakashi 2 times. The first time itachi beat both of them is in the first naruto. The second Itachi beat them is in Naruto Shippuden

Itachi is the strongest for many reasons. His suzano with the ability to lock someone away. The sword orochimaru has searched for. He kept the akatski away from the leaf village. And right when he died tobi knew now that they can destroy the leaf. They feared him. He took out the uchiha clan. Including his parents and family. You know how much strength that would take. Just to walk around and know you did that. His eyes where by far the strongest. His intelligence was amazing. He knew by letting sasuke win would give him those eyes. Because he was sasuke best friend. He got out of edo. He always planned ahead. He sealed away negato. He was amazing. And fun to watch.

Every opponent who fought with ITACHI praised his skills. No matter he didn't have the stamina to fight for long time (as he was ill), he used so many techniques while fighting with Sasuke. Everyone was amazed by his skills. Even Hashimara praised him. Itachi should be NO ITACHI IS NUMBER 1 NARUTO CHARACTER. Batman also beat Superman twice with his skills.

He is the defiantly not the strongest physically, but his skills, efficiency, smartness, ultimate sharing an user and on top of it, always keeps a trick under his sleeves, which will is used to defeat any opponent he faces. Because he knows and says himself, every jutsu has a weakness. Arguably the most brilliant and strongest.

As said itachi never showed his full potential so I think he should be higher. He can get you with just a point of his finger. But I'm a kakashi an guy fan all honesty they should be a bit higher to

One of the three prodigies. Madara, Hashirama, and Itachi...the only three to defy edo tensei. Itachi is a genius, and had the mind of a Hokage at age 7. Plus he has not ever gone all out once.

Easily defeated Kakashi with one look. Also Orochimaru and Deidara and could probably do it to most shinobis if he wanted too. Defeated Kabuto who was at the time the closet shinobi to the sage of six paths with his Dragon mode transformation. He had the most and best potential to becoming the strongest ninja not only in the leaf but the shinobi world if the circumstances were different due to the events invlolving his loved ones and tragic events occurring at such times. This put him on edge big time which clearly changed his destiny.

I think he is the strongest even tobi knows he has no chance against itachi

Itachi died really young and he was a lot stronger than everyone except for pain and tobi that where older than him so, if itachi wouldn't have been sick it would have become stronger than every ninja in the history

He has many complicated skill using his eye... Plus the skills that madara does not have with sharingan.. If madara and itachi got fight.. The result may unexpectable

Itachi the best of the best uchihas ever existed. He would defeat anyone in his way to get to the goal. He really is the best.

One word he is Itachi... Master of the sharingan... He is classy... I never saw him under pressure... He was sick and he took on everybody with ease... Itachi rules

I believe Itachi is the strongest because he has the best defense, attached and strategy. He can easily trap anyone in his Genjustu and if that doe not work he can do maximum the physical damage using Amaterasu. On the other hand, he has the best defense which is Susana. Moreover, Susana is also a good attack. As we have seen in the anime, no one was ever able to break through Susana, as the time when 5 Kages were fighting Madara, they had to take him out of Susano and then attack him but they could never harm Madara as long as he was inside the Susano. On top of everything, beside the fact that he has best defense and attack, he is very smart and calm. We have seen that he always analyze his opponent and take the best counter attacked. That's what separates Itachi from others. We have seen many times in Naruto anime that, even strong characters like Madara, get scared at lose focus at some point when they face strong opponents which is not the case for Itachi. He is always calm and ...more