Strongest Naruto Shinobi

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Sage of Six Paths
Well nothing can be said about this dude since he was considered to be a "GOD". He beat the Ten Tails by himself, so he certainly deserves No # 1 spot.
First human born with chakra, the father of Indra and Asura the ancestors of the Uchiha and Senju clan.
All shinobis are walking towards him (bcome a sage of six path) so he deserves it a lot and been d creator of all ninjustu its him

2Itachi Uchiha
Well in my point of view Itachi is the best, from a young age he was praised as the pride of Uchiha for a generation, he was feared by his enemies and respected by all for his abilities even Madara praised him, but even after he is shown as such a kind brother he gives up everything for his brother. At the end he was seriously ill but still he fought Sasuke & even then he could not beat him, Itachi died on his own. Itachi's No # 6 is well deserved and no one can deny if he did not had to die he would definitely be placed at an even higher rank
Itachi's susano'o has totsuka blade and yata mirror. That alone will prove to be difficult to get by, If he wasn't ill then his susano'o would prove to be more deadly. Not including if he sacrifices the light of one of his eye's he could cast Izanami and therefor beating any enemy. His genjutsu needs a single point and the battle is his. And he is considered a genius among other geniuses. He was 21 possibly the youngest character on this list except the main character's (Naruto and Sasuke) Therefor at older age he would have gotten only more stronger and smarter, being stronger then any other shinobi. (once again except main characters and myth-sage of six paths)
Itachi is the best... He is the most finest of them all... S he senses danger at when the 9 tails attacks the konoha at the age of 6... He graduated a the a very young age... He is the BEST..
[Newest]His all are the best

3Senju Hashirama
He was the first Hokage he was considered the strongest among all everyone feared / respected him, his rival Madara Uchiha also respected and feared him he was definitely a dude not to be messed with. His jutsu abilities are not shown in detail only his wood release was considered to be topnotch, but he single handedly not only beat Madara Uchiha in his Prime but also took control of Kyuubi from him and sealed Kyuubi, in my mind he is definitely No # 2
I voted for him because I think he should be higher than Itachi and it goes like this:
1. Sage of Six Paths-the creator, the first, the strongest
2. Hashirama-he beat Madara and the beasts and was also a good guy, if he was evil he would have been even stronger
3. Madara-the main villain, I guess, the strongest Uchiha
4. Naruto-he's the main character and his spirit makes him stand out from everybody else, but not as good as the other 3 guys above him
5. Itachi-the most likeable of all, he could have beaten Sasuke if he wanted
6. Sasuke-he's getting better all the time but he's a sucker and a hater laugh out loud
7. Minato-the best Kage
8. Obito-the leader and creator of the Akatsuki and the man with the plan laugh out loud
9. Pain-the most original and unique character of all and was close to beating Naruto
10. Orochimaru-he was very nice, a good-hearted guy :D
This list is fake, only the sage and the juubi can beat hashirama. I mean come on he defeated madara with his EMS and the kyuubi this only speaks for itself. Itachi can, t defeat neither hashirama nor madara.


4Naruto Uzumaki
He is not just strong physically, even before he said exceptional chakra, not even before of the nice tailed demon inside him, not even for he is the protagonist of the show. He is awesome before of his awesome personality. He is going to do awesome if he was for real. But he would die a young age for his perverty.
Naruto comes to Spot No # 5 when he is in his Bijuu state which has strongest taijutsu meaning strength and speed comparable to the Yellow Flash's, his Papa's. Well as I have stated that I have seen till Naruto Shippdden 260 Episodes and I don't go through Manga's so till now what ever abilities Naruto Possess his No # 5 Spot is well deserved. His best Point as a Ninja is that he never gives up.
Naruto is definitely comparable to nagato's strength, in kyuubi mode.

5Madara Uchiha
He was considered the strongest among Uchiha's, he is the true leader of Akatsuki, he fought Hashirama and survived, he invaded the five Kages summit & nobody could even lay a hand on him even at that point he himself states that he is nothing a " Shell compared to his former self ", even though he says he has no powers compared to how he was still the whole of the shinobi world are in terror from him, this also affirms Hashirama's No2 spot since he fought this dude in his prime and beat him. So Madara deserves No # 3
Because just watch Episode 322

6Minato Namikaze
Minato was considered a genius shinobi that comes once in a generation, his abilities were so outclass that no one could even compare with him he was the youngest Hokage he was so fast that in his fight with the 4th Raikage, A could not even touch let alone harm him, he was so feared that order was given during war that upon site of him shinobi were given permission to flee, this alone affirms his Position in this list, if he could have lived on he definitely would have even reached No # 3 spot, but till the end of his life he retains No # 7 Spot
Though he had less power compared to other kages yet he was the most brilliant one.. exploiting his techniques to their utmost.. in their fight againt raikage he showed how he could have won simply by using one technique and his mind.. same with the fight against madara.. he should be considered most intelligent of them all.. plus don't frgt he invented rasengan!

7Nagato / Pein
Well when Nagato was leading Akatsuki he at that point was very weak as you can see from his look when Naruto reaches him, if he had not performed the Jutsu "Summoning: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path" he would definitely be comparable to the Sage's strength, after he performed the jutsu he lost his limbs but still he was unbeatable & nobody could best him, he lead the Akatsuki every one of the S-Class agents of Akatsuki respected him, Naruto would never be able to beat him if he did not acquire all the intel on Pein from Jiraya & the village and would have died just like Jiraya. So Nagato / Pein's No # 4 is definitely well deserved & this also reaffirms Sage's No1 spot because Nagato say's that his abilities were nothing compared to his.
Nagato is the most powerful shinobi in the anime after rikudo (of course). Everyone knows this, if you're truly naruto fan, but try to ignore it and are biased towards your other favourtie characters.

8Sasuke Uchiha
Hi will kick your ass with sharingan
Sasuke with his EMS is considered equal to naruto and haven't even seen the full extent of his EMS powers ( and naruto got 2 power-ups kcm and bm and sasuke just EMS when he gets his power-up he will fodderise
Well Sasuke is definitely very powerful, his Sharingan were very powerful even before he achieved Mangekyuo stage, but after he achieved that stage, when he was given the Mangekyuo by his brother Itachi, he has become very powerful indeed his No # 8 spot is really well deserved. Keep in mind this list is till ep 260 of Shippudden

9Hiruzen Sarutobi
The most long lasting Hikage to date, he was considered very powerful in his prime he mastered all the techniques of Konoha, even at an old age he fought his pupil Orochimaru including the reanimated 1st & 2nd Hokage's, he fought on equal footing with all three, though if the fight had lasted he definitely would have been defeated but he pulled through by casting Dead Demon Consuming Seal to seal the Hokage's Souls and sealing all of Orochimaru's Jutsu as well, he definitely deserves No # 9 spot, if the series had shown him in his prime a little more I would have given him an even higher position but due to the limited knowledge of the extent of his power his position suits.

Well this dude is one sadistic fellow he experiments on living people to further his own knowledge, he was considered a genius by his sensei Sarutobi, he had various jutsu and various technique's his most well known being the Reanimation Jutsu, he was feared / respected by the Akatsuke as well, he fought with Hanzo of Amegakure along side his teammates Tsunade and Jiraya & they survived the fight & praised as Sanin's, Nagato defeated Hanzo single handedly & easily even which reaffirms his No4 spot, after Orochimaru fought his sensei leaving him defenseless without any jutsu he still fought the other 2 Sanin Tsunade and Jiraya & still escaped. He defeated 4th Kazekage. Most of all he is Immortal, so he deserves No # 10 spot, when Sasuke defeated him he was very weak nearing the limit of his host body.

The Contenders

11A (Fourth Raikage)


13Third Raikage
Was much stronger than his son A
Was referred to as the "ultimate defense" & offense. Only got scarred because he hurt himself
Not known for his ninjutsu but his taijustsu is in a class of its own

14Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi is top 10 in my opinion

Hi died because he chose to die

16Kabuto Yakushi
He fought both sasuke and itachi at the same time. And wouls have won has it not been for kimimaro making yet another sharingan ability.

17Killer B

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