Top Ten Strongest Non Legendary Pokemon


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The Top Ten

I love dragonite because he has such a wide variety of moves for example: my level.88 dragonite knows outrage, flamethrower, thunder and fly. They also were extremely beast for being like the only dragon type in earlier games... WHY isn't THIS AT THE TOP!
Dragonite personally is my favorite beyond a doubt. He can basicly learn the majority of the moves let alone wipe out anyone. He may look peaceful. But his power is nothing to joke about
Dragonite is a beast, you can train it to be special attack heavy and have it learn thunder and hurricane (both 100 percent accuracy in rain) or do the regular sweeping dragonite that knows dragon dance and outrage, an thanks to dream world it has multiscale ability which makes moves only do half damage at full health, which can be maintained by using dragonites roost. Dragonite definitely deserves to be the best non-legendary Pokemon.
[Newest]It is a great tank, as well as excelling in attack and having a decent special attack stat. I highly recommend it, just keep it away from ice types.
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First of all it has one of the best STAB combinations in the game. Add to that great attack and speed. Add on that it learns swords dance which doubles its attack. After just 2 swords dances it can destroy nearly the whole game.
This pokemon can really kill. To make a garchomp killer, get a gible with an adamant or jolly nature. Adamant gives your garchomp a very high attack Stat, while jolly gives it a very high speed Stat. My Garchomp has a sassy nature, but I am planning to give it a muscle band.

Hope you enjoy this Epic pokemon.
cool looking very strong knows some of the best moves
[Newest]By the way dragonite is legendary and having lower stat than garchomp have no mega forms and less strong than garchomp
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Charizard is awesome as it learns the move flare blitz on lv66 with the power of 120. It is difficult to defeat misty with charizard's pre-evolution charmeleon but if it learns mega punch you can defeat her
Charizard Could Get Through All Gyms and is powerful on its stats(:
It's easy to raise and can learn a withe variety of moves, fire type, flying type, some fighting type moves such as brick break, and dragon type. In my fire red game he hasn't fainted once and is already level 57 and I have only beat 4 gyms. He has pretty much been unstoppable. He learns moves that cover his weaknesses
[Newest]Charizard has a mega evaluation that can bet any legendary
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One of my favorite pokemon. He is very reliable in battle and has great attack. It may take a while to evolve from a Larvitar, but it is definitely worth the wait.
I agree to this Well written.
Tyranitar is my favorite pseudo-legendary pokemon. Its attack power is over the roof.
Incredible pokemon next to impossible to defeat even with a water type. The only pokemon that can be acknowledged as its equal is dragonite
Laugh out loud. Get dragged away in stupidity with dragonite; he was made for this pun
[Newest]It has large defense and offense, but extremely vulnerable to fighting type moves. He's fragile, but amazing if used properly.
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Really good because it can viably use both physical and special attacks, add on great speed and not bad defensive stats and a great move pool adds up to a terrifying beast.
It is one of the strongest pokemon it can learn fly, flamethrower, hydro pump and dragon type moves
He can beat ko pokemon with just one hit he's a beast pokemon and his details are grand
[Newest]I have him in the game and he is BOSS
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I AM THE SAME GUY WHO COMPLAINED ABOUT LUCARIO BEING THE 27 BEST POKEMON INCLUDING THE LEGENDARIES. I am happy he is at least ranked number 12 now but like I said he should by at least number the top 5 on the list. I loved lucario and used him on pearl, diamond and platinum and he rocked. I loved lucario for 8 years.
Lucario is a AWEESSOOME sweeper he even beat a blissey with one close combat on my pokemon black and blissey has higher HP than any pokemon so there the only ones who can put a good match against it might be garchomp but its part steel so it's only really weak to fire and it has some awesome moves recommended moves are:
Bullet punch
Close combat
Aura sphere
Extreme speed
Not to mention it has aura sphere which has 90 power and it never misses and lastly it can understand human speech how beast is that.
Aura sphere has only 90 power? My lucario one hit everything with it.


Lucario has to be in the top ten at least. It has an awesome move pool, decent typing, and really good stats with an overall of 525. Not to mention the amount of resistances it has with 6 x2 resistances and 3 x4 resistances. This pokemon makes an excellent sweeper on competition teams and an overall beast for almost everything else. Highly recommended.
[Newest]Beast Pokemon, he's the Pokemon version of Goku
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Hydreigon is a great pokemon, if you have trained it well and know how to use it. He may be hard to train, but if you are a real trainer take the challenge. It WILL be worth it. I hope...
My Hydreigon is beast. It knows:
Draco Meteor
Fire Blast
Hyper Voice
It took out Benga by itself, and its so good I decided to keep it in my all dragon type team, it was entered insted of Kyurem. All who laugh at it will have to listen to crying at their pokemons funeral.
Hydreigon is the easy one of the best pokemon in the game!
It can be either a secial attack sweeper or a normal attack sweeper, I myself have one of each and they completly blitz the competition
[Newest]I love hydreigon! That's all I can say. He is a killer
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It is overall the best psudeo-legend not hurt by dragon attacks unlike all the other psudeo legends with killer attak and good defense. He is a badass and he has a great moveset. Ph the the true top seven no legends are really statwise and move wise are dragonite salamance metagross slaking tyrantiar garchomp hydreigon
My plain rayquaza beat a mega evolved metagross one hit with overheat


Metagross rules. I caught a Metang with a master ball, and I have not regretted it one bit. Quickly Metagross became a beast, and I used in about 99% of my battles. Seriously, I recommend it. I tested a bit to se who was better, metagross or excadrill, and metagross won by a landslide. Two words:
Best Pokemon I have ever used. Who doesn't want a psychic steel Pokemon! Barely anything is super effective over it
[Newest]Just give its op Pokemon the move set of Meteor Mash, Psychic, Shadow ball, Hammer arm / Rock slide boom any Pokemon including legends will fear of this iron tank!
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Brilliant pokemon, must always have one in my team!
I love this guy he won me Pokemon Pearl with Dragon Dance, Waterfall and Bite. And two Bites KOed Cynthia's Roserade. Not to mention it was Level 55 when I won.
Awesome pokemon and very strong even against higher levels than itself
[Newest]Best water Pokemon In the world

My favourite pokemon along with charizard and rayquaza. I Beat the Elite four with only gengar and charizard, it should be way higher.
Gengar is a really strong ghost type. It's special ability levitate makes it can't get hit by ground type pokemon. The only weakness is dark. Also gengar can learn a large variety of moves. It can learn thunder, fire, ice, and shadow punch. This moves and reasons make gengar one of the best pokemon to use!
Gengar is my favorite pokemon ever. He's so awesome. Its truly a great sight to have a lv 75 gengar use psychic and rape all the opposite pokemon. Really, its only weakness is dark and flying. Go gengar!
Gengar isn't weak to flying. He is weak to ghost, psychic and dark.
[Newest]Gengar is awesome it can kill any Pokémon.
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The Contenders

This is possibly the best pokemon of all time. All you need to do is get to the fifth gym in hoenn and beat the fire gym leader to get overheat which makes Blaziken almost overpowered.
Blaziken is underrated. Mine knows Focus Energy, Blaze Kick, well I forgot the rest, but still, he is amazing at critical hits! Mine took down a level 50 Aggron with just Focus Energy and Blaze Kick. Not to mention my Blaziken is level 45. In other words, no other Pokémon is better at critical hits then the awesome, furious, kick-! @#ing master Blaziken. So, Dragonite fans, want to reconsider your stupid choice?
This pokemon's very strong he's my favorite on of the all! It has this fierce look and good power!
[Newest]Blaziken for the win
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I beat the elite four using basically only my Arcanine, and also most of the gyms with it (after I'd got it of course).
Arcanine is literally a beast. Like said earlier, he was supposed to be with zapdos and articuno, but they scrapped the idea and put in moltres, and also dropped his stats from what should have been 580 like the birds. After they changed his legendary status, he became one of the strongest Pokemon (by stat total) ever, right beneath the pseudo legendaries. But aside from history and stats, Arcanine can learn some really devastating moves. I would suggest a set like this
252 speed 252/attack 6 hp
Leftovers (recover from recoil damage on this set
-Flare Blitz (fire move)
-Wild charge (take down water types)
-Close Combat-egg move from zangoose- (takes out rock types)
-Morning sun -egg move from espeon- (recover health)

This will make arcanine something that you WILL learn to appreciate as he will out speed almost anything that isn't a legendary, and hit a super effective shot on Pokemon that could hurt him (excluding ground types, but your attack and close combat will kill them as well). I know that there exists the super fast garchomp and the move earthquake, but Arcanines stats will usually let him survive this at full health, after your turn, you can use morning sun and get almost all of your health back. I rarely see an Arcanine competitively, and mine has won me it's great share of victories, so I hope you can love and appreciate this almost-legendary Pokemon as much as I do
This is a true fact. Arcanine was intended to be a legendary pokemon. He was going to be along side zapdos and articuno but they later figured it would be smarter to have 3 birds so they added moltres and instead make arcanine one of the strongest non legendaries of all time. He should definitely be a top 5.
[Newest]THIS Pokemon IS THE BEST! I have one and it is a BEAST! One of the best fire type Pokemon ever.
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If it weren't for Mew or Mewtwo, this guy would have been the original badass psychic pokemon. The only thing holding this pokemon back is the existence of the legendary.
Best Pokemon period. It's all attack and speed. It hits fast and hard and is the master of the 1 hit ko.
Alakazam's special attack is out of this world
[Newest]Life Orb Magic Guard Alakazam hits like a truck at the speed of light

Haxorus has the highest attack stat of all non legendaries, it should definitely be higher up on the list. Haxorus is arguably one of the best dragon type pokemon ever (excluding legendaries)
Best pokemon ever. It can take out any steel type pokemon in one hit even though its weaker against them. It has lots of speed so it always goes first. I can defeat any full party with my haxorus for sure.
Haxorus is awesome because he learns giga impact, sword dance, earthquake, hyper beam, and the best dragon type Pokemon move to me outrage and I had him when I was facing the elite four and he was the only Pokemon I used he's awesome
[Newest]Haxorus deserves a mega evolution!

VOLCARONA DESERVES TO BE IN THE TOP TEN. Unfortunately it is a generation five pokemon and not many people know about it.

Volcarona is a bug fire pokemon which makes it one of the most formidable pokemon even against the strongest of legendaries. It's capable of some of the strongest attacks in the pokedex, such as hurricane, hyper beam, giga impact, overheat, solar beam, flare blitz, bug buzz and even wild bolt and psychic. This pokemon is truly an asset.
Hey, Volcarona is more of a legendary pokemon than most legendaries; it appears to you in the game when you reach about 70 or 60, it is pretty the most powerful since it has, after all, replaced the sun according to the legend.

Also, its moves and its stats are incredible; I'm pretty sure it's suppose to be legendary then the poke company decided not to make it a legendary just because they had too many in fifth region.
Has an overall base stats of 550, has incredible sp. Att and sp. Definitely along with speed makes this pokemon a heavy hitter. It is super effective against 5 different types out of 17; that is twice the amount of most pokemon. Its only real weakness is rock type pokemon. With the moves bug buzz, heat wave, sunny day and solarbeam you can wipe out almost anything with just this pokemon. Although it evolves at 59, it is well worth its wait, and easily makes it into my top 5 for non legendary pokemon.
[Newest]Big Fire and excellent move pool, in my opinion in at least the top 10

Blastoise first off is a water Pokemon who can Learn ice moves earth moves some air and normal moves and much more. This gives him an advantage over a ton on Pokemon especially CHARZARD which shouldn't be on the top ten blastoise should be at 1. Blastoise also has a ton of defense which can handle CHARZARDS fire breath and what ever else you think is effective plus he has a ton of power. That's not even half of why blastoise she be 1 SCREW CHARZARD GO BLASTOISE!
I just LOVE blastoise. It was hard deciding between this blue turtle and the awesome fire breathing dragon charizard, but I decided that blastoise is better. For one thing, it is BULKY. Second, it can learn a ton of moves. It may be a bit slow (duh, it's a turtle), but with it's great defense and strength, it really doesn't matter. Also, it can learn ice beam too, and if you raise this monster to a high enough level, it's going to turn into the dragon demolisher.
He should be in the top 10. He is a total boss. He is the best pokemon ever.


[Newest]Yes blastoise is very cool

I only want a flying type in my team so I can use fly. This guy is a ground dragon AND CAN USE FLY. Plus he levitates, he pretty much is a flying type pokemon to me so the only three type one EVER.
He is a beast physical sweeper and has great typing and ability. Just a bit frail when taking hits like ice beam and practically any dragon type move.
I love Flygon! It can learn Fly, also has the ability Levitate, except it's a duel Dragon/Ground type, which also adds an immunity to electric type. It's a great Pokemon to have on a Sand (Sandstorm) Team. My only problems with it are lack of mega evo and it takes a long time to train. Other than that, I love it! It should be higher than 17!
[Newest]My flygon had a 1 hit sweep of every Pokemon the ice elite 4 member had, with dragon rush, enough said

I don't believe it, why is Infernape the 70th strongest, and Sableye is 68th?
Infernape is way stronger than Sableye.
INFERNAPE IS THE BEST! With some of the best attack and speed stats, it is the go-to pokemon especially as a finisher. With an overheat, earthquake, close combat or thunderpunch it can wrap up a battle even in the worst of situations.
My Infernape is level. 61. It took out sinnoh elite four and cynthia, with a tiny bit of help from my level. 60 Garchomp. It is the perfect sweeper with high speed and attack, and should be in the top 3.
Moveset: (my infernape) flare blitz thunderpunch earthquake close combat
[Newest]He should be their in first place and deserves to be boss. What do you think of his BLAZE! 1

First of all typhlosion is the ultimate bro. And the ultimate fire types as well learns almost all fire type moves plus most other badass moves as well. To have the ability to heat up his entire body to temperatures that melt steel then explode a whole team of pokemon all while stayin sexy! It don't get any better than that!
Typhlosion is my most favorited pokemon becuz it can learned many great attacks such as thunder punch- to take out water pokemon
focus blast to take out rock and for ground... an easy heat wave should beat it straight out of its dig attack xD
So he is super and is the best starter on heartgold until you get groudon garitina rayquaza kyogre and dialga you could choose for your last pokemon either mewtwo or arceus.if you do choose typhlosion he is super and he is the best with moves and he does learn eruption which is the best move fire type can learn.i choose him and I did fail a lot because he is horrible with hp.but he does get a lot of one hit kills which is pretty awesome.but he is super helpless when you face the elite four which stinks.but he is awesome with level 100 and does get a lot of one hit kills.and he learns eruption on level I think mine learned it on level 51 I think but he is awesome still until he learns it still. And rate him a lot so he wins I think he deserves it.o and you should watch pokemon world once ash gets past indigo plateau the song is AWESOME.hope you like it o and it is just pokemon no region in the title have fun watching it and it is super good!
[Newest]Typhlosion can learn eruption which does 150 damage on level 74
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Aggron is a powerhouse of a Pokemon, it isn't very fast but with all that attacking power, its sure to make up for it! Aggron is heavy, so moves like grass knot may be problematic but there is a solution! Aggron can learn Automize (Body Purge) which decreases its weight by 100. With the combination of steel and rock, it makes for very few weaknesses and 10 resistances. Plus having 180 base defense isn't too shabby. It could also have sturdy or rock head- two really good abilities! Aggron can learn Metal Burst which sends any attack that does damage back at them 1.5x harder! So aggron needs more votes, come on just face the facts. He rocks. Get it Rocks


Aggron is amazing! His only weakness that you need to worry about is the fighting type disadvantage. And to counter that all you need is sturdy and metal burst. To cover his water weakness teach him thunder punch. To fight off ground types use ice punch which also covers tough dragons. Iron head is also a great stab move this set will dominate anyone who stands in your way. I'd max his special defense and attack and give him an adamant nature and leftovers. His defense is already outstanding but his weakness is special moves (and fighting but I already covered that) so it would be wise beef special defense. I love aggron you can easily sweep the entire game with him. It wouldn't even be a challenge. Everyone trembles under aggrons impressive strength and those who attack him don't even leave a scratch. In my opinion aggron is a boss, he is my # 1 and will allways be # 1.
This thing can sweep through most gyms and beat the champion in hoenn even at level 42
[Newest]Aggron is an absolute tank and can dish out serious damage with Metal Burst.
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