Top Ten Strongest Non Legendary Pokemon


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The Top Ten

I love dragonite because he has such a wide variety of moves for example: my level.88 dragonite knows outrage, flamethrower, thunder and fly. They also were extremely beast for being like the only dragon type in earlier games... WHY isn't THIS AT THE TOP!
Dragonite personally is my favorite beyond a doubt. He can basicly learn the majority of the moves let alone wipe out anyone. He may look peaceful. But his power is nothing to joke about
Dragonite is a beast, you can train it to be special attack heavy and have it learn thunder and hurricane (both 100 percent accuracy in rain) or do the regular sweeping dragonite that knows dragon dance and outrage, an thanks to dream world it has multiscale ability which makes moves only do half damage at full health, which can be maintained by using dragonites roost. Dragonite definitely deserves to be the best non-legendary Pokemon.
[Newest]First ever pseudo-legendary. One of the most powerful dragons of all time, also the first. Dragonite is just a plain beast. He's got 600 stats at level 100 stronger than any non-legendary besides metagross.
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Charizard is awesome as it learns the move flare blitz on lv66 with the power of 120. It is difficult to defeat misty with charizard's pre-evolution charmeleon but if it learns mega punch you can defeat her
Charizard Could Get Through All Gyms and is powerful on its stats(:
It's easy to raise and can learn a withe variety of moves, fire type, flying type, some fighting type moves such as brick break, and dragon type. In my fire red game he hasn't fainted once and is already level 57 and I have only beat 4 gyms. He has pretty much been unstoppable. He learns moves that cover his weaknesses
[Newest]If you've seen the movie charizard took on Entei. and that Pokemon is a BEAST!
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First of all it has one of the best STAB combinations in the game. Add to that great attack and speed. Add on that it learns swords dance which doubles its attack. After just 2 swords dances it can destroy nearly the whole game.
This pokemon can really kill. To make a garchomp killer, get a gible with an adamant or jolly nature. Adamant gives your garchomp a very high attack Stat, while jolly gives it a very high speed Stat. My Garchomp has a sassy nature, but I am planning to give it a muscle band.

Hope you enjoy this Epic pokemon.
cool looking very strong knows some of the best moves
[Newest]Garchomp is BEAST. What else is there to say?
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One of my favorite pokemon. He is very reliable in battle and has great attack. It may take a while to evolve from a Larvitar, but it is definitely worth the wait.
I agree to this Well written.
Tyranitar is my favorite pseudo-legendary pokemon. Its attack power is over the roof.
Incredible pokemon next to impossible to defeat even with a water type. The only pokemon that can be acknowledged as its equal is dragonite
Laugh out loud. Get dragged away in stupidity with dragonite; he was made for this pun
[Newest]He is the best Pokemon I have ever caught with this 1pokemon I swept the first 3 of the elite four!
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Really good because it can viably use both physical and special attacks, add on great speed and not bad defensive stats and a great move pool adds up to a terrifying beast.
It is one of the strongest pokemon it can learn fly, flamethrower, hydro pump and dragon type moves
He can beat ko pokemon with just one hit he's a beast pokemon and his details are grand
[Newest]Bla bla it's the strongest
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It is overall the best psudeo-legend not hurt by dragon attacks unlike all the other psudeo legends with killer attak and good defense. He is a badass and he has a great moveset. Ph the the true top seven no legends are really statwise and move wise are dragonite salamance metagross slaking tyrantiar garchomp hydreigon
My plain rayquaza beat a mega evolved metagross one hit with overheat


Metagross rules. I caught a Metang with a master ball, and I have not regretted it one bit. Quickly Metagross became a beast, and I used in about 99% of my battles. Seriously, I recommend it. I tested a bit to se who was better, metagross or excadrill, and metagross won by a landslide. Two words:
Best Pokemon I have ever used. Who doesn't want a psychic steel Pokemon! Barely anything is super effective over it
[Newest]Come on people get Metagross up there, I play Pokemon omega ruby and as a average trainer my metagross gets me out of LOTS of jams

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I AM THE SAME GUY WHO COMPLAINED ABOUT LUCARIO BEING THE 27 BEST POKEMON INCLUDING THE LEGENDARIES. I am happy he is at least ranked number 12 now but like I said he should by at least number the top 5 on the list. I loved lucario and used him on pearl, diamond and platinum and he rocked. I loved lucario for 8 years.
Lucario is a AWEESSOOME sweeper he even beat a blissey with one close combat on my pokemon black and blissey has higher HP than any pokemon so there the only ones who can put a good match against it might be garchomp but its part steel so it's only really weak to fire and it has some awesome moves recommended moves are:
Bullet punch
Close combat
Aura sphere
Extreme speed
Not to mention it has aura sphere which has 90 power and it never misses and lastly it can understand human speech how beast is that.
Aura sphere has only 90 power? My lucario one hit everything with it.


Lucario has to be in the top ten at least. It has an awesome move pool, decent typing, and really good stats with an overall of 525. Not to mention the amount of resistances it has with 6 x2 resistances and 3 x4 resistances. This pokemon makes an excellent sweeper on competition teams and an overall beast for almost everything else. Highly recommended.
[Newest]Lucario is a beast
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Hydreigon is a great pokemon, if you have trained it well and know how to use it. He may be hard to train, but if you are a real trainer take the challenge. It WILL be worth it. I hope...
My Hydreigon is beast. It knows:
Draco Meteor
Fire Blast
Hyper Voice
It took out Benga by itself, and its so good I decided to keep it in my all dragon type team, it was entered insted of Kyurem. All who laugh at it will have to listen to crying at their pokemons funeral.
Hydreigon is the easy one of the best pokemon in the game!
It can be either a secial attack sweeper or a normal attack sweeper, I myself have one of each and they completly blitz the competition
[Newest]He is my favourite non legendary dragon Pokemon ever.
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My favourite pokemon along with charizard and rayquaza. I Beat the Elite four with only gengar and charizard, it should be way higher.
Gengar is a really strong ghost type. It's special ability levitate makes it can't get hit by ground type pokemon. The only weakness is dark. Also gengar can learn a large variety of moves. It can learn thunder, fire, ice, and shadow punch. This moves and reasons make gengar one of the best pokemon to use!
Gengar is my favorite pokemon ever. He's so awesome. Its truly a great sight to have a lv 75 gengar use psychic and rape all the opposite pokemon. Really, its only weakness is dark and flying. Go gengar!
Gengar isn't weak to flying. He is weak to ghost, psychic and dark.
[Newest]In ORAS, my level. 40 Gengar can beat anything except Normal (immune to Ghost) and Dark (resistance to Ghost). Psychic, well, I just Shadow Ball them and say goodbye.
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Brilliant pokemon, must always have one in my team!
I love this guy he won me Pokemon Pearl with Dragon Dance, Waterfall and Bite. And two Bites KOed Cynthia's Roserade. Not to mention it was Level 55 when I won.
Awesome pokemon and very strong even against higher levels than itself
[Newest]This guy is beast. If used correctly, he can take out legendary and pseudo legendary in under 7 hits. He should be number three, after Gengar and Dragonite.

The Contenders

This is possibly the best pokemon of all time. All you need to do is get to the fifth gym in hoenn and beat the fire gym leader to get overheat which makes Blaziken almost overpowered.
Blaziken is underrated. Mine knows Focus Energy, Blaze Kick, well I forgot the rest, but still, he is amazing at critical hits! Mine took down a level 50 Aggron with just Focus Energy and Blaze Kick. Not to mention my Blaziken is level 45. In other words, no other Pokémon is better at critical hits then the awesome, furious, kick-! @#ing master Blaziken. So, Dragonite fans, want to reconsider your stupid choice?
This pokemon's very strong he's my favorite on of the all! It has this fierce look and good power!
[Newest]Blaziken is my best Pokemon. It even has a mega evolution. People should make blaziken an ex.
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I don't believe it, why is Infernape the 70th strongest, and Sableye is 68th?
Infernape is way stronger than Sableye.
INFERNAPE IS THE BEST! With some of the best attack and speed stats, it is the go-to pokemon especially as a finisher. With an overheat, earthquake, close combat or thunderpunch it can wrap up a battle even in the worst of situations.
My Infernape is level. 61. It took out sinnoh elite four and cynthia, with a tiny bit of help from my level. 60 Garchomp. It is the perfect sweeper with high speed and attack, and should be in the top 3.
Moveset: (my infernape) flare blitz thunderpunch earthquake close combat
[Newest]My favourite tied with blaziken

I beat the elite four using basically only my Arcanine, and also most of the gyms with it (after I'd got it of course).
Arcanine is literally a beast. Like said earlier, he was supposed to be with zapdos and articuno, but they scrapped the idea and put in moltres, and also dropped his stats from what should have been 580 like the birds. After they changed his legendary status, he became one of the strongest Pokemon (by stat total) ever, right beneath the pseudo legendaries. But aside from history and stats, Arcanine can learn some really devastating moves. I would suggest a set like this
252 speed 252/attack 6 hp
Leftovers (recover from recoil damage on this set
-Flare Blitz (fire move)
-Wild charge (take down water types)
-Close Combat-egg move from zangoose- (takes out rock types)
-Morning sun -egg move from espeon- (recover health)

This will make arcanine something that you WILL learn to appreciate as he will out speed almost anything that isn't a legendary, and hit a super effective shot on Pokemon that could hurt him (excluding ground types, but your attack and close combat will kill them as well). I know that there exists the super fast garchomp and the move earthquake, but Arcanines stats will usually let him survive this at full health, after your turn, you can use morning sun and get almost all of your health back. I rarely see an Arcanine competitively, and mine has won me it's great share of victories, so I hope you can love and appreciate this almost-legendary Pokemon as much as I do
This is a true fact. Arcanine was intended to be a legendary pokemon. He was going to be along side zapdos and articuno but they later figured it would be smarter to have 3 birds so they added moltres and instead make arcanine one of the strongest non legendaries of all time. He should definitely be a top 5.
[Newest]THIS Pokemon IS THE BEST! I have one and it is a BEAST! One of the best fire type Pokemon ever.
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Haxorus has the highest attack stat of all non legendaries, it should definitely be higher up on the list. Haxorus is arguably one of the best dragon type pokemon ever (excluding legendaries)
Best pokemon ever. It can take out any steel type pokemon in one hit even though its weaker against them. It has lots of speed so it always goes first. I can defeat any full party with my haxorus for sure.
Haxorus is awesome because he learns giga impact, sword dance, earthquake, hyper beam, and the best dragon type Pokemon move to me outrage and I had him when I was facing the elite four and he was the only Pokemon I used he's awesome
[Newest]Looks cool sounds cool fight cool is just plain cool

If it weren't for Mew or Mewtwo, this guy would have been the original badass psychic pokemon. The only thing holding this pokemon back is the existence of the legendary.
Best Pokemon period. It's all attack and speed. It hits fast and hard and is the master of the 1 hit ko.
Alakazam's special attack is out of this world
[Newest]Life Orb Magic Guard Alakazam hits like a truck at the speed of light

Aggron is a powerhouse of a Pokemon, it isn't very fast but with all that attacking power, its sure to make up for it! Aggron is heavy, so moves like grass knot may be problematic but there is a solution! Aggron can learn Automize (Body Purge) which decreases its weight by 100. With the combination of steel and rock, it makes for very few weaknesses and 10 resistances. Plus having 180 base defense isn't too shabby. It could also have sturdy or rock head- two really good abilities! Aggron can learn Metal Burst which sends any attack that does damage back at them 1.5x harder! So aggron needs more votes, come on just face the facts. He rocks. Get it Rocks


Aggron is amazing! His only weakness that you need to worry about is the fighting type disadvantage. And to counter that all you need is sturdy and metal burst. To cover his water weakness teach him thunder punch. To fight off ground types use ice punch which also covers tough dragons. Iron head is also a great stab move this set will dominate anyone who stands in your way. I'd max his special defense and attack and give him an adamant nature and leftovers. His defense is already outstanding but his weakness is special moves (and fighting but I already covered that) so it would be wise beef special defense. I love aggron you can easily sweep the entire game with him. It wouldn't even be a challenge. Everyone trembles under aggrons impressive strength and those who attack him don't even leave a scratch. In my opinion aggron is a boss, he is my # 1 and will allways be # 1.
This thing can sweep through most gyms and beat the champion in hoenn even at level 42
[Newest]Aggron is an absolute tank and can dish out serious damage with Metal Burst.
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VOLCARONA DESERVES TO BE IN THE TOP TEN. Unfortunately it is a generation five pokemon and not many people know about it.

Volcarona is a bug fire pokemon which makes it one of the most formidable pokemon even against the strongest of legendaries. It's capable of some of the strongest attacks in the pokedex, such as hurricane, hyper beam, giga impact, overheat, solar beam, flare blitz, bug buzz and even wild bolt and psychic. This pokemon is truly an asset.
Hey, Volcarona is more of a legendary pokemon than most legendaries; it appears to you in the game when you reach about 70 or 60, it is pretty the most powerful since it has, after all, replaced the sun according to the legend.

Also, its moves and its stats are incredible; I'm pretty sure it's suppose to be legendary then the poke company decided not to make it a legendary just because they had too many in fifth region.
Has an overall base stats of 550, has incredible sp. Att and sp. Definitely along with speed makes this pokemon a heavy hitter. It is super effective against 5 different types out of 17; that is twice the amount of most pokemon. Its only real weakness is rock type pokemon. With the moves bug buzz, heat wave, sunny day and solarbeam you can wipe out almost anything with just this pokemon. Although it evolves at 59, it is well worth its wait, and easily makes it into my top 5 for non legendary pokemon.
[Newest]Volcarona is beast one time this was my last Pokemon and I knocked out 4 Pokemon out of the 6 so amazing Pokemon and I love gen 5 so yea...

I only want a flying type in my team so I can use fly. This guy is a ground dragon AND CAN USE FLY. Plus he levitates, he pretty much is a flying type pokemon to me so the only three type one EVER.
He is a beast physical sweeper and has great typing and ability. Just a bit frail when taking hits like ice beam and practically any dragon type move.
Well flygon is a dragon, ground & flying his weakness is fairy&ice but you know he hides him by kicking the desert so when ice type Pokemon will use his move so the flying sand would be freeze and it would be down so fast that the ice Pokemon will lose & fairy would use any move so when sand is going to be gone so flygon can use his special attack.
[Newest]Flygon won me Pokemon emerald, it dragon raged everything and it can learn fly AND it's a ground type that can learn earthquake. it is basically a flying earth quaking dragon that can and will destroy any Pokemon

First of all typhlosion is the ultimate bro. And the ultimate fire types as well learns almost all fire type moves plus most other badass moves as well. To have the ability to heat up his entire body to temperatures that melt steel then explode a whole team of pokemon all while stayin sexy! It don't get any better than that!
Typhlosion is my most favorited pokemon becuz it can learned many great attacks such as thunder punch- to take out water pokemon
focus blast to take out rock and for ground... an easy heat wave should beat it straight out of its dig attack xD
So he is super and is the best starter on heartgold until you get groudon garitina rayquaza kyogre and dialga you could choose for your last pokemon either mewtwo or arceus.if you do choose typhlosion he is super and he is the best with moves and he does learn eruption which is the best move fire type can learn.i choose him and I did fail a lot because he is horrible with hp.but he does get a lot of one hit kills which is pretty awesome.but he is super helpless when you face the elite four which stinks.but he is awesome with level 100 and does get a lot of one hit kills.and he learns eruption on level I think mine learned it on level 51 I think but he is awesome still until he learns it still. And rate him a lot so he wins I think he deserves it.o and you should watch pokemon world once ash gets past indigo plateau the song is AWESOME.hope you like it o and it is just pokemon no region in the title have fun watching it and it is super good!
[Newest]Typhlosion = Best Non- Legend. Screw those pseudo legends.
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Blastoise first off is a water Pokemon who can Learn ice moves earth moves some air and normal moves and much more. This gives him an advantage over a ton on Pokemon especially CHARZARD which shouldn't be on the top ten blastoise should be at 1. Blastoise also has a ton of defense which can handle CHARZARDS fire breath and what ever else you think is effective plus he has a ton of power. That's not even half of why blastoise she be 1 SCREW CHARZARD GO BLASTOISE!
I just LOVE blastoise. It was hard deciding between this blue turtle and the awesome fire breathing dragon charizard, but I decided that blastoise is better. For one thing, it is BULKY. Second, it can learn a ton of moves. It may be a bit slow (duh, it's a turtle), but with it's great defense and strength, it really doesn't matter. Also, it can learn ice beam too, and if you raise this monster to a high enough level, it's going to turn into the dragon demolisher.
He should be in the top 10. He is a total boss. He is the best pokemon ever.


[Newest]What an idiotic way of saying that a Pokemon is strong by comparing it to a someone ( Charizard) who has a type disadvantage. True blastoise is decently strong but its lower speed is something that hurts given that most dragon types have access to electric type moves. In that regard charizard is more suitable starter especially against lance.

My Greninja level 100 destroys anything water dark you don't get better than that and he's a ninja should be much higher on the list
It is really fast and can learn ice beam only problem is it can't learn a dark move until level 70
Greninja is a great starter, not only is it fast but having its hidden ability - "Protean" makes it even trickier to defeat. What "Protean" does is, every move Greninja uses, he becomes the same type like the move he last used. It makes opponents harder to beat him, and every move he uses becomes STAB which is great when you're up against Electric and Grass types. :P You may want to teach Greninja "Ice Beam" to 1 hit KO Dragonite and Garchomp though. :3
[Newest]Greninja was a beast. I wish you could rename your Pokemon. I would call my Greninja Beast.

22Mega Blaziken
Mega blaziken can't have blaze idiot
EPIC favorite STARTER ever!
Mega blaziken gains a speed boost every time it attacks

I don't want to vote for any Pokemon, I just want to express my opinion on what people have voted for as the top Pokemon on this list, and I felt like doing it on sceptile because treecko was the first Pokemon I used.

Dragonite: Amazing movepool, great offensive stats, solid defensive stats. Too bad about its mediocre speed, but that can be fixed by dragon dance. It also has a 4x ice weakness, which is annoying- honestly, so many Pokemon having it means ice is probably becoming one of the most popular offensive types, although ice types are horrible defensively based on type advantages and disadvantages. Multiscale can be a helpful ability.

Charizard: I honestly feel sorry for this Pokemon at this point, it gets just as much hate as it gets love now. But I have to admit, there's nothing special about charizard. It has solid stats, and a great movepool. Too bad that movepool has a lot more physical moves than special moves, and charizard's attack stat is an underwhelming 84. Also, the 4x rock weakness makes it horribly prone to stealth rock, which a lot of trainers like to have on at least one of their Pokemon.

Garchomp: Garchomp with earthquake is an insane threat in competitive play, since ground is currently super effective against 5 types and garchomp gets STAB with it. Garchomp also has good speed and great attack. But of course, no Pokemon comes without its flaws. Garchomp is ANOTHER Pokemon with a 4x weakness to ice. Still, garchomp pretty much wrecks everything, and is easily better than dragonite and charizard in my opinion.

Tyranitar: Tyranitar has a threatening movepool, great attack, and can learn stealth rock by breeding, making it a pretty good support Pokemon. But I can't help not liking it that much. It has a lot of common weaknesses, including a 4x weakness to fighting, and I'd always run a dragon dance set because of its low base speed of 61.

Salamence: I see salamence as dragonite with better speed and worse defensive stats.

Lucario: Lucario has a solid movepool, solid offensive stats, and pretty decent speed. However, its defensive stats aren't so good, and despite having lots of resistances, it also has a common weakness to ground. But he looks completely BADASS.

Metagross: Metagross has all round solid typing other than its weakness to ground, and a decent (but not great) movepool, as well as great offensive and solid defensive stats. However, its main downfall is speed- my advice is to always run an agility moveset, it can come in really handy.

Hydreigon: Solid all round stats, solid typing and a good movepool, but it sadly gets wrecked by fairy types. Overall though, it's a brilliant Pokemon.

Gengar: Gengar was pretty horrible back in generation 1, 2, and 3, since all ghost type moves were physical, and gengar has horrible physical attack. Then gen 4 came along and changed everything. Gengar has awful defensive stats, but great special attack and speed. And is an amazing Pokemon for special sweeping AND support.

Gyarados: Here's another case of a horrible Pokemon in generation 1, 2 and 3, since all water type attacks were special. THANK YOU GENERATION 4. gyarados with dragon dance can be an absolute beast. Its movepool isn't that good, and it has a 4x electric weakness, but overall, it's a solid Pokemon.

I'll do the next 10 another day.


It only took a leaf blade to crush wallace and his school of fish. One time my sceptile ruined winona, who has a big advantage over me. Also sceptile can learn dragon claw and toxic, making him one of the best special sweepers of all time.
I like sceptile because of its speed. It is amazing to see him fighting.
[Newest]My shiny badass sceptile kills everything!

Swampert is a Stronger and better looking version of quaqsire. you see now that they have super training on x and y; even my six year old sister understands the whole iv : ev process. Attack And Special defense training and then all we have is swampgod. just spam earthquake ° Muddy Water ° And So on. and if a grass type appears... switch out. but I also do have other opinions in Pokemon such as registeel and dragonite. since Registeel is a Demigod in defense and S defense. why not train his stats to the max and live on the iron defense and amnesia then spam random moves. it can learn counter at a stage which is really useful but can only learn it in emerald by a move tutor. anyways if your still reading this comment. thank you.
The very best! He has only 1 weakness: grass, but that's what icebeam is for.
Why isn't he any where near top ten he has one weakness grass and you can cover that with ice beam or any other ice type move. Plus he looks awesome too
[Newest]Swampert in my view is the best water Pokemon because it learns blizzard so grass Pokemon are not big issue and electric moves doesn't work on him. best 5 in my list
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I have both pearl and diamond and in both games I chose piplup as my starter. I chose piplup because it's a balanced pokemon. Torterra has higher defense, Infernape has higher attack but Empoleon has balanced stats and one of the highest in the entire game. It can learn avalanche and ice beam which can KO Champion Cynthias Garchomp in one hit! That's good because Empoleon is weak against it's earthquake. It can beat Infernape easily and Torterra just as well because it's also partly ground. Empoleon's moves are beast unlike other water types. It's also good for becoming an HM slave but only for good moves like waterfall, surf or rock climb. For my opinion I would choose Empoleon as the best non-legendary pokemon or at least in the top 10. Last but not least it can beat electric types with a fighting chance, thunder can KO Empoleon in 2 or 3 hits unlike other water type pokemon, that's what makes it so special. Surf or ice beam could then with a chance take out the elctric type foe.
I have an empoleon and it could beat an arceus and for me is the strongst pokemon ever it can also beat a tyranitar! I only used empoleon for the whole elite 4 and champion and it won almost so easily against all pokemon it ever batled with! I would die if I don't have empoleon!
Tyranitar is just over-rated empoleon should be on top
It can easily beat tyranitar.
It can beat infernape and torterra together
[Newest]Empoleon is a good Pokemon to have around mine can stand up to a raichu without any problem and with not many weaknesses I think it deserves to be about 8 in the top ten

Bug and Steel type = incredible
Scizor was on my ultimate team has some of the craziest attack out there. Literally his attack was 5 pts. Behind blastoise and rayquaza. Also scizor was 15 lvls behind them just saying scizor is a badass
How is this this low? Just pair it with a Arcanine or something else with Flash Fire, And it is basicly untouchable.
It could have been one of d best if not for d massive decrease in speed following evolution. Honestly a base speed of around 130 would have made this Pokemon killer.
[Newest]Whoever said speed was a problem just add bullet punch

Come on guys, you can't touch a psychic fighting pokemon. It can out speed almost anything and it can take out a dark pokemon with one focus blast.

and ho the heck did articuno get on the list?!
65? Nope. This is easily a top 20. He's a beast, just not getting the love cause he's a little tricky to raise.
Alright, this is a psychic- fighting type Pokemon, who's also a sweeper, and has amazing speed stats. Did I mention he has more resistances than most of the Pokemon on this list? Not to mention his move set is amazing if used right. Why do you think they made it so hard to get him?
[Newest]He 1 shotted my sister's raichu

He's very underrated compared to Empoleon and Infernape, but he's a beast. His attack and defense stats are phenomenal, and he'll definitely take quite a few hits for you. I remember I had my Torterra up against a Pokemon 11 levels higher than him, and he took a Giga Impact and didn't faint.

He's really good with type coverage too, as Earthquake can wipe out fire-types who think they have the advantage. Definitely a powerful Pokemon, despite him being underused.
Torterra is an underrated pokemon, it my level 100 torterra has 343hp and sure it has a weak defense to ice but SO WHAT why even bother not like anyone uses a whole team of ice types! I really think that you all should vote torterra and NOT VOTE ANYTHING ELSE!
Turns our my vote puts Torterra over Infernape
He could smash infernape at any level once it has learned earthquake and destroys any pokemon (other than flying types which is annoying) in its path
Plus it is the best starter out there so you have torterra from the begging till the end of the game
I am still wondering why it is so underrated
[Newest]NO ONE SHOULD EVER UNDERRATE TORTERRA. Be nice to it, I mean, the Turtwig Family is all the grass type has left (as far as ORAS goes... ) IT NEEDS A MEGA EVOLUTION BADLY. Please, take pity on the poor thing, as it is the only good grass family...

Aegishslash is the best. Aegislash is incredibly powerful and is by far one of the best Pokemon I know. Aegislash deserves to be number one! He could easily destroy Dragonite any day. Aegislash can learn an awesome combination of moves that that can send Pokemon flying sky high. When Aegislash learns Sacred Sword, Shadow Sneak, King's Shield and Swords Dance he becomes invincible. So in conclusion, you don't want to mess around with a badass Pokemon like Aegislsash because it will be the last thing your eyes will ever see.
You see, Aegislash is a good Pokemon due to it's two different formes. Not to mention that if used with Shadow Sneak and King's shield, it would be a near impossible tank to defeat. There's a reason it's OU, after all.
This thing is beast with 150 attack and special attack stats
[Newest]Kings shield transformation and battle forms/stance, impenetrable.

It is not just Ditto, it COULD be ANY of the pokemon above! And it can even turn into legendaries!

Useful if you want pokemon eggs, too.

Why the chocolate isn't ditto number one?!?! He is mew and muk all mixed up! Plus mew is a legendary and the strongest Pokemon of all! And whoever added this Pokemon is awesome because as I already mentioned ditto should be número UNO. Why do some peeps just not know their Pokemon.
Wow I don't why you didn't vote 4 Ditto because Ditto IS Dragonite it can use transform and transform into ANY pokemon so Ditto is everyone's fave cus it can transform into their fave
[Newest]Ditto (With imposter) Can be any Pokémon he wants if someone sends out a mega Pokémon he can change into him with no mega ring he is all Pokémon in 1 so yea dragonite move out the way here comes ditto!

Spiritomb is a good Pokemon to have because it has no weakness it learns some pretty si-yack moves and it was super hard to get but when you get it it is worth it knowing it's probs the hardest non legend to get
My level 9 spirit tomb killed my friends level 49 slowpoke
I have no idea why this wasn't added yet, yet sableye was, this thing is basically just a much better version then sableye.
[Newest]I beat the whole Pokemon league with spiritomb and it didn't lose a single health point

Snorlax should be way higher on this list! He can learn almost any tm or hm, his hp and attack are really high, and his abilities are good too! SCREW DRAGONITE, TYRANITAR, GO WITH SNORLAX! 1!
Snorlax is the best, he has good defense, great attack and can learn almost every move
Snorlax should be higher, because his attacks can be great as a what I call a "relief Pokemon" where it can hold off a long time in battle, this dude should be higher
[Newest]I always take six Snorlax when I first battle the Elite Four. The move range and STAB abilities are awesome... and he's so stalky with his defense. Total tank!

Very good pokemon! They evolve from Krokorok! And Krokorok evolve from Sandile... Him strongest attack vs ground-pokemons= earthquake... I self have him double, and you can trade him from me!
I have a krookodile and its moves are
Dynamic punch
Dark pulse
This guy is so powerful he knew hit charizard and two hit dragonite (not super effective and not effective)

First of all, Espeon looks cool. It also has one of the highest special attack stats in the games. (12 on Serebii) Also, with morning sun, Espeon can be sustained for an extremely long time.
What! Espeon is the single most best Pokemon in the game! It can learn grat moves like shadow ball, psychic and with morning sun, it can last seemingly forever. this should be #1 or 2
Look espeon is so awesome I just love him he is so good I used him in sapphire and in black 2 espeon is just on of the best psychic type Pokemon
[Newest]Espeon is good just wish it still got Zap Cannon

It's epic and oshawott is cute so bonus while trying to evolve
Samurott at number 73? More like number 1! Come on, it can kick even arceus's arse in one blow.
Samurott is the boss and my favorite starter ever, blastoise and greninja aside. Samurott must have one of the best evolution lines ever from cute to swag to epic! And if I had a real life Samurott I will never EVER take my yes off of it!
[Newest]No need to think. SAMUROTT is the best water type Pokemon I have ever played with

36Mega Garchomp
Why is MEGA garchomp below normal garchomp
How the earth is he on 60th number haven't anyone seen cynthia's garchomp... He is normal and can take on whole elite 4 alone.
He is amazing he only loses 40 speed however gains loads of better stat upgrades so he should ne higher

Looking at the stats, this thing has Truant for a reason. Truant hinders the fact that this is just that strong. 670 overall stats! Take THAT, Dragonite! It's attack is tied with Regigigas also!
Ok seriously? Is it because of it's ability you people do that? Seriously? Slaking has a GIGANTIC 670 of of total states! Who cares about it's ability while it can easily one-move-K. O? There is no point of choosing other non-legendary pokemon instead of this INCREDIBLE one.
[Newest]He has 670 base stats while dragonite has 600

Okay I'm going to lay this down loud and clear:Eelektross is honestly my favorite Pokemon so it's clear for me to think it's the strongest non legendary Pokemon. But I do have my own for that. Lets start with the first, no derect weakness. By derect I mean unless you have something like gravity or mold breaker it doesn't, Kinda like rotom-wash... Then there's the point of a strong Pokemon, the stats. And let me tell you something the stats are fantastic. It has 115 attack and 105 sp attack for starters meaning it can go both sides of stuff like thunder punch drain punch fire punch or something like giga drain discharge and flamethrower do make it completely unpredictable. Then there's the defenses and health which is a balanced 85/80/80 which means it can be a tank because not only does it have good attack stats, it can take hits as well. Its move set is the best part of Eelektross having a great list of moves to choose from. Yes I know this is pretty long but I'm trying to show how great this strong Pokemon is. Also spikes and toxic spikes can hurt it, only stealth rock, so there's also that. Also on smogon (No offense to charizard fans) But my Eelektross takes out a lot of charizard Y's and charizard is number 2... Sorry about that but what I'm trying to say is give this Pokemon a shot, It's well worth your time guy's.
Still my favorite to this day, even since I wrote that paragraph. And I love how the competitive people say you can use mold breaker or gravity or soemthing. Despite that thou, I see people daily using earthquake on it without those thing, IN Pokemon SHOWDOWN. So you don't have to worry much about it's levitate dying out. Keep loving this Pokemon. Still stand by everything I said on that large pile of text where the first line is "Okay I'm going to lay this down loud and clear". Also I would like to add he has 3 recovery moves, rest, giga drain, and drain punch, and if you run into a Chaney. Use drain punch and have a blast.
De Best. The levitate ability makes the super effective ground type useless.
[Newest]He has no weakness!

Zoroark can beat the crap out of all of the other pokemon because he beated entei raiku and suicune big time with a couple of night dazes! He can especially beat lucario with focus blast and flamethrower. HE IS THE STRONGEST DARK TYPE POKEMON!
I can kick all pokemon with my zoroark! It is my main pokemon in all battles easily in the top ten!
I beat the entire elite four with JUST my zoroark, literally, I had no other pokemon in my party!
[Newest]Dude he's just a badass

Kingdra is awesome and only has one weakness. Dragon and as it can learn dragon type and ice type moves it isn't a problem. As long as it has good special attack and special defense and reasonable speed it should be awesome with e following moveset. I have this moveset on my kingdra and it KOs every pokemon even lances dagonite and its only at level 71 and still in training.

Draco meteor (outrage and maybe blizzard if you want)
Dragon pulse
Ice beam (maybe surf if you want, be warned that if you did not choose blizzard ice beam is nessecary againsts ghost and flying types.
Hydro pump
Make sure you give it heaps of protein or whatever ups the special attack and make sure it has the right nature.
Notice all of these attacks are special attacks for that best attack power.
My friend beat the whole rematch Elite Four with just his level 63 Kingdra. Why isn't this higher on the list? My friend taught his Waterfall, Blizzard, Dragon Pulse and Surf, it is so good!
[Newest]Mine is level 67 and can take down cynthia without going below half health. Nobody expects this seahorse to know Draco Meteor.

You guys are completely correct. Pokemon black was the first Pokemon game I ever played, and I picked Emboar as my starter. I still am REALLY happy I chose Emboar, and he is my favorite Pokemon on the whole game, and he's incredibly powerful, and knows very good moves. I have never traded my Emboar, and I have even beat a Samurott with it. Emboar has always been number 1 to me. I created my own list called Best Gen six starters, it has all the generation six starters and their last, middle, and 1st evolution, it is on newest lists at the bottom so please please check it out
ABSOLUTE BEAST. Variety of moves plus beast stats makes him awesome. He can destroy anything with a boost from flame charge and a solar beam, or he could destroy everything with fire punch hammer and heat crash.
I've beaten the entire elite four with my Emboar. It deserves NUMBER 1! It has amazing attack, a pretty good defense, and and it can learn fire, fighting, some rock, and couple other kind's of moves. It's awesome! It took me two tries to catch Kyurem because emboar killed it with one flamethrower!

Three swords dances+Super luck +Night slash/slash=Death.
It wrecks with the move shadow ball taking out pokemon of higher level
Absol is so underrated, not only does it look BADASS but its one of my best beating the likes of typhlosion, blastoise and aggron should be top 10 easily.
[Newest]Absol is boss but mega is better

Most powerful bird Pokemon EVER, my magmortar couldn't beat Cynthia's milotic with sunny day and solar beam combo when the Molotov used no water moves! I sent in my staraptor and it did more damage with one not super effective brave bird move than my mag mortar managed to do with. 5 solarbeams! It may have a weak defense but it's speed plus attack power means it doesn't need to have a high defense as the opponent is dead straight away, as well as being able to learn moves like close combat it's strong against its weakness
Total boss, no doubt about it! When I first got Pokemon diamond, I beat Dialga with Staraptor only using fly two times, not to mention Dialga being a steel type and having jacked-up defense! I beat the elite four just using Staraptor and torterra!
Come on, you can't put this guy down!
By far the most powerful of the bird pokemon, it has a great move pool and is a good addition to any team.

Why isn't this beast in the top ten?!?! Its so good! Without a grass type pokemon your team will be doomed from the beginning. And what better looking, more powerful (not to mention how many strategies you can make - he has a great balance of attack, defense, and even ok speed) grass type is there than Venasaur?
Many people underestimate venusaur even though he has the best calculated stats of any grass type to this day. He can even learn earthquake and solar beam works great with drought. One of my all time favorite starters
I think venuesuar is a good pokemon I think you guys underestimate it because it is a grass type but if you think about it is very good because it can take out water pokemon with on hit and against fire types it is also poison type to so I hope I changed your about this pokemon.

45Mega Lucario
Mega lucario is so cool! It makes dragonite look like a wimp!
If you throw a stone at dragonite it will go running away, crying to his mommy! If you throw a boulder at mega
Lucario he won't even flinch! Curse you haters!
I like mega lucario but I also like dragonite. The look is not really the best but it has adaptability which makes fighting type move beat ass!
I am surprised that its not in top 10... Because it's the best fighting type even when normal and also is one of my favorite Pokemon
[Newest]Mega lucario is so beast there is nothing much more to say except he should be in the top five

He's so cool looks awesome and can destroy any pokemon

This thing swept most of Morimoto's and Cynthia's teams in my run of White version. The best part? I started those 2 battles with a team of Pokemon in the high 40s. This thing makes it possible to win against those final boss battles a good 25-30 levels lower than what's considered normal.
Excadrill is a beast! Once it one-hit KO'd all six of alders Pokemon on white! My excadrill is especially good at double battles as a combo with my braviary.
I think excadrill should be SO much higher than 95 I have one in pokemon white and it DESTROYED iris and her haxorous when it even had four dragon dances on
[Newest]This Pokemon is awesome!

Feraligatr, in my opinion, is way underrated. I had a Feraligatr on my Gold version and I beat the Elite 4 about 5 times only using my Feraligatr. It was that awesome and strong
Great design, decent stats, usable movepool and if it's hidden ability ever becomes available it'll be even stronger. Ice punch/Crunch/Waterfall cover all types for neutral damage and have secondary effects (With Waterfall getting STAB), so they're boosted by Sheer force making them 33% stronger (Without Sheer force, Waterfall can cause flinching, Crunch can lower the opponents defense and Ice punch can freeze so they're still very useful on this beast). With a Life orb (Adds 30% damage done from all moves the holder uses and the 10% recoil is negated by Sheer force) too, Feraligatr would hit like a truck. Use Dragon dance on it as well to boost it's Attack/Speed and it's a force to be reckoned with.
My Hydra took out virtually all the gyms on my Soul Silver all by herself. They are that kick-ass. Even when I was training Wish, my level 5 Eevee! Amazing! A recommended move set: Surf, Superpower, Avalanche, Dig. They are battle Gods & Goddesses!
[Newest]A awesome move set for feraligatr is hydro cannon, surf, crunch, dragon claw

I happen to be a poison type trainer... Don't judge! I have a level 100 nidoking and nidoqueen, and let me just say: we r UNSTOPPABLE! I really think he should be higher on the list because of their CRAZY Good stats, and even better benefits... Come on guys! This dude can learn focus blast. FOCUS BLAST! Not only, but I don't think nidoking is a dangerous, " I'm going to rip your head off" kind of guy, but more of a misunderstood cutie who needs love, and a very willing trainer to devote their time to such a relentless poison type. You must really like unleashing ultimate power of the poison to fight with this chunk of awesomeness!
^_^ good memories of the king... They just don't make good poison types like they used to...

He is amazing strong attack

This guy is a powerhouse. Great special attack and an excellent choice of type. You can catch a Litwick early in the game, and it's worth it, too. I wish you could evolve it without a dusk stone, but it's ability, flash fire, makes up for it. It grants immunity to fire type moves, and boosts the power of fire type moves by 50% when hit by a fire type move. BOSS
Great Pokemon. It is a great in game Pokemon. Chandelure, Lucario, and Haxorous were basically my team in black 2 and I never fainted from one battle nor used a revive on any of my Pokemon. Overall this is a great Pokemon to train and to crush your opponents

She/He is faster than any pokemon and can take on any grass type.
Rapidash seems stronger and should be put higher up beacause also she/he seems like me misunderstood no one under stands her/him. They may be better you just don't use them right
He/she very fast and also afire type pokemon

So, when you bother to look at stats, he is the HIGHEST DEFENSE AND SEP. DEFENSE of all pokemon INCLUDING legendaries. With power trick it has the highest attack and special attack. With power swap it gives enemy one of the worst attack stats in the game and you get a higher stat. Please do your research first.
Shuckle needs to be number 1 in the top 10 he is in my opinion the best his sp definitely and definitely make him a tank and even if your not using power swap toxic with rest and double team also earthquake make him almost unstoppable he is by far my favorite ever and needs more praise for his boss stats
At least he needs to make it in the top ten, I did the research and he's right. He has really strong defense.
[Newest]This Pokemon is BEAST! It is so defensive it is so hard to take down

53Mega Kangaskhan
It is very irritating.
Mega Kanghaskan is to op

Umbreon is very strong defensively as well as having a fairly large HP stat. It is able to learn attacks that compliment its stat well. Personally my favorite pokemon
Umbreon is that one pokemon that looks so cool, reasonable stats, overall worth evolving and hell I have this thing on my SS team so yeah eat it
Hmm Hmm lets face it, umbreon is the most swaggiest pimp in the pokemon world. First you see it then you don't because you're knocked out with 1 hit.
[Newest]Umbreon is the best evaluation for eevee and is better than #53

He is a tank and should be higher he helped me beat red and win competitive matches
How is rhyperior not higher on this list. Horn drill, always one hit, little accuracy, but when it hits...
It has a extremely high attack stat at level 100.
[Newest]His defense is high.

Machamp has an ability that allows his moves to never miss, that means he can hit an opponent with dynamic punch, and dynamic punch always confuses the foe, it would by awesome if this thing were able to learn a one hit ok move. This shouldn't been right behind dragonite on this list
It is one of the most powerful pokemon in existance. It has enough bulk to take a few hits. With no guard, STAB, and an astronomical attack, dynamic punch is only survived by types with extremely high defense or a resistance to. It can OHKO all legendaries that don't resist it. It has a very good typing that crushes dark, ice, rock, normal, and STEEL! Take that Dragonite, Tyranitar, and Charizard!

It was great that Gardevoir always protect its trainer from harm (even Ninetales' curse). She is the ruler of Psychic types (Gallade is also the ruler of Psychic and Fighting). Gardevoir is the last evolution of Ralts.

Future Sight
Dream Eater

She's awesome, my gardevoir beats everyones ass
Not only is Gardevoir one of the only Pokemon powerful enough to distort the dimensions and create a black hole, but it is extremely loyal to it's trainer and will gladly lay down it's own life for them. My Gardevoir has never lost a battle since level 32. HOW IS THIS NOT NUMBER ONE!?!?!
[Newest]Gardevoir is the best, but sucks he is so annoying, alakazam is way better that it. Gardevoir is idiot, so small attack that can't kill enemy in one hit unlike alakazam, the master of physic Pokemon including legendary!

Huge damage, nice moves and quite easy to raise actually in Ruby. Seriously... Wailord totally rocks! My best party in HG is Typhlosion, Lucario, Wailord Swampert, Ho Oh and Lugia. And I totally love extreme speed, easily the best move.
Wailord can take a beating. It may not have very good attack, but it can make a great opener givin the right moves. Wailord for the win
I dare you to use grass knot.

Aerodactyl is an awesome pokemon. Definitely one of the coolest looking fossil pokemon too
Aerodactyl is my favorite pokemon.
Mega Aerodactyl is underestimated. Most people go with Mega Kangaskhan, Mega Gengar, Mega Charizard... but this is not as common to see. Its immense Speed and Attack allow it to destroy common Talonflames and SLAY any Mega Charizard. Roost and Stone Edge are not to be missed in its moveset. I've taken down entire teams with Mega Aerodactyl, and most people don't suspect it. I'm somewhat surprise that it's so low on the list; it deserves higher than Luxray in my opinion.
[Newest]Aerodactyl is top ones

Disknoir is quite possibly the best ghost type pokemon. It has a great move pool (if you are strategic) and really nice stats. YEAH DUSKNOIR!
Dusknoir can take hits. On pokemon black wifi battle viewer search his name. Make the restrictions multi subway and search for dustnoir Look for the ony where the team is, draonite, infernape, dusknoir and porygon Z. This is my video where he comes up big with his defences.
Forget about dragonite aggron snorlax a lot of starters lucario and that ol' gengar with brick break shadow punch will o wisp pain split he can wipe them all out

This thing is the best Ice-type in the game bar Cloyster and Kyurem
Contains the two best Pokemon types! Why the hell is this not in first place!?!

The best pokemon ever, magma storm, explosion and lava plume they're probably the best fire moves you can have and with magmortars strength you'll be nearly invincible (except against water pokemon)
How is it not on the list it is way better than arcanine and rapidash. Best non starter fire type
He can learn thunder punch via egg or move tutor, he learns flamethrower as magmar at level 41, along with pyschic and will-o-wisp or confuse ray. Great competitive pokemon and is my main on my team.

My favorite, electric pokemon all day! One of the fastest pokemon in the whole game! Looks super cool! This kid tried to fight me on pokemon coliseum and he picked all legendaries. Stupid. I beat like half his team with jolteon.
By far the best electric type with high speed and special attack... The likes of Pikachu must bow before him!
With the right training his speed and special attack can be raised to the max, moves like thunderbolt, quick attack, pinmissile and double team makes it virtually impossible to hit you and take out the competition in a matter of seconds by far the best Electric Pokemon out there
[Newest]Jolteon is #8 on my list because any ground Pokemon with earthquake can knock it out but its very strong

Luxray is awesome! It shouldn't be here it should be number 1. It's the best.Its a beast! I mean he even looks cool! When you are battling rivals luxray is a big hand. You should totally use him.
Luxray is such a cool pokemon it abilty rivals is so cool and useful in battle. If your in a big battle luxray will give you a hand.
[Newest]How is he so low on the list?

I think Ninetales is epic because it can learn grass type moves enabling it to defeat water type Pokemon knocking out one of it's weaknesses
Ninetales can live for a thousand years and each of it's tails has different powers, it is also one of the few (don't know any others) fire/psychic types.
Ninetales is the the strongest by far because it can learn moves like fire spin solar beam hyper beam and giga impact which is so strong!
[Newest]Drought its hidden ability = awesome

It's the best Pokemon in the world! It's the evolved form of Eevee (the cutest Pokemon) and can learn almost every water type move! It can even learn other type moves when it's still an eevee and still have them when evolved! AWESOME ISN'T IT?
Vaporeon crushes everything. It is the best and easiest eeveelution to train. My level 91 vaporeon crushed a jolteon then beat a torterra before finally losing to mewtwo because of a critical hit.
Vaporeon... My favourite eevee evolution since pokemon yellow...

Think why they chose HER to be one of Cynthia's Pokemon. Plus it's SUPER elegant and cute! MY favorite Eevee evolution.
Glaceon makes me happy every time I think or look at it and it is pretty and it was the second strongest ice type Pokemon
Need help catching things like Rayquaza? This is the ice type! It can be powerful with good training!
[Newest]I love glaceon too, since it was one of may's Pokemon it has cool moves too

High special defense and Hp can fight with special attack
This think is a Water tank! Its awesome

He is like the better version of tauros
This thing is so stupid
Vote if you think this thing is umm... RETARDED

He's my team boss level 100 he evan took out a mew and Mewtwo moltres and zapdos all mega evolved
Got one on my team. Boss. Level 83. Speed is amazing.
If you don't have the right team bisharp is deadly if not though...

Mew could copy any kinds of moves
It's a legendary Pokemon
Mew is cute and strong

Ampharos is the best non-legendary Pokemon ever! Even more, it is the best electric type. If you want to be like an anime lead character and have a nice electric type, Ampharos is the best, instead of a weakling like a Pikachu ( Pikachu is cute but Ampharos is cuter! ). It is crazy strong when it mega evolves and can easily take out an electric type's drawback, a ground type with its grass type hidden power attack. It can learn thunder, power gem, signal beam, dragon pulse and even hyper beam. It would crush an opponent's 6 Pokemon alone.

Why isn't it on number 1 rank?
An Amazing Electric Pokemon, it deserves a top ten spot.
The best mega evolution

Froslass is mega strong. Have it hold brightpowder and use Hail and Double team to raise evasion sky high. Then, Spam Ice BeaBlizzard and shadow ball to destroy almost all opponents!
Froslass is amazing and has incredibly strong moves and I would easily use a froslass in a battle its got great moves like ice beam, shadow ball
Frosslass is AMAZING! She has awesome power and a diverse move pool. There are a lot of different move sets and strategies you can use to build up her strengths and account for her weaknesses. All-around she's one of the best ice types out there!
[Newest]One of my favourite pokemon and strong with its ice moves if rather lacking in health

It's way stronger than Yveltal, not in stats, but in typing and attacks. If you use Geomancy even without Power Herb, you will sweep literally everything in your way. Plus, if it faints it doesn't destroy the whole universe.
Yeah it should have been on 1st position after all it's a legendary and a fairy type that has more hp on level 58 than a level 69 delphox
This is a no legendary list so it shouldn't even be on here in the first place

Altaria is one of thevbest he needs to be at least top 15. He is an amazing dragon type and very powerful. He can also be really anmoying if your the one battleing him he has a good move pool and is a really fast and he learns dragon dance.
Altaria belongs top 20, he's good but someone brings Azumarill and sianaro Altaria

Useful for people who are all about poison types.
Crobat is beyond awesome as a Pokemon. Favorite of all time

Heracross is a seriously tough pokemon, not only it was the strongest bug pokemon untill volcarona came in generation V but also it can learn fighting, and flying type moves as well, not to forget the huge pool of moves it can learn..
Oh Man Love Heracross he pretty much defeated half of the elite 4 for me in emerald!
Pure powerhouse and the first bug type to be powerful

Braviary is a brave and strong and powerful bird Pokemon. It uses brave bird. Plus when it gets more scars, it is surely to be a rageful Pokemon.
My braviary quickly replaced my 1st flying type Pokemon unfezant, and that was a great choice!
Braviary is my fovourite Pokemon

The most beautiful and the most hard to get! But once you get it you are in it to win it! Stunning movepool and defensive capabilities!
By far a great pokemon. One of my all time favorite. Combine it with Iron Tail, Recover, Ice Beam and Hydro Pump and you are set.
Milotic is a tank with balanced attacks. Dragon Pulse Hydro Pump Aqua Ring and Ice Beam makes it extremely hard to kill along with Leftovers to combine with Aqua RIng
[Newest]This Pokemon is tough it is fast and has great attack it could destroy anything in its path plus if it knows dragon tale it can tell you an enemies team

It has wonder guard end of discussion.
If you are playing an older game, then a bug caused a Shedinja with a focus sash to be immortal...
Best pût lum Berry on him and whit is ability hé is a boss

Dude cradily is the best my cradiky can beat ANYTHING it can take down 6 arceus by itself
Heres the moveset
Barrier (breed)
Amnesia (breed)
Recover (breed)
And toxic
When you have this with trick room it can take down anything
Its sad thought the only thing is that steel types screw it up
Its ability suction cups also doesn't allow the opponent to use roar
Basically a cradily ev trained in defense and special defense and take down anything
It should be beter than 11th

Rotom is awesome. He has a very high base attack and is very efficient. If you can get him to learn thunder, ominous wind, shadow ball, and thunderbolt he can take down anyone in his path. My level 29 rotom took down a level 52 staraptor.
All its forms are great in battle and have amazing type combos!
Rotom has a great combination of ghost type and electric pokemom.

I guess this Pokemon is much stronger than it looks. With his ice beam, surf, sheer cold and blizzard you r all seat and can easily beat any dragon Pokemon with one hit. Besides he can be easily be level up which makes it special
Walrein is a water and ice type and noting could beat a ice and water type only a fire and electric type and there is no fire and electric type Pokemon
This guy with defense curl and ice ball ends up hitting you with a base power of 960 and with ice body he can just heal in the rain.

Tolerate his a water fight wich makes it a total boss against rock types and his combination of hypnosis and focus punch is EPIC
Poliwrath is just boss. By the way, why is arceus, palkia, azelf, uxie, and mesprit on this list?!?! What HAPPENED?!

85Mega Ampharos
How could this godly haired giraffe not be number 1? He is really strong and can use some really powerful moves. Plus, his shampoo adverts are beast.
Yeah ampharos is awesome decently my favorite pokemon for sure his static body is good at paralyzing also if you get one with Pokerus it'll be even better

Serperior is a very good pokemon. I battled my friend with wireless connection and My serperior beat his zekrom with about 7 hits.
I beat the entire Elite four with one Pokemon, and that Pokemon was Serperior. Most of its moves can knock a Pokemon out in one hit and it has a lot of life.
I think serperior is in the top ten and an amazing pokemon
[Newest]Wow, all the way down here? All people are doing is voting the popular ones...

This guy can easily take down opponents, just imagine if he walks up to any Pokemon's ear and screams in it,
This Pokemon is so underrated in my opinion I use it in Emerald and it destroyed a lot of Pokemon and it learns hyper beam.
If all else fails, Explous can just scream at you until you die

Chesnaught is amazing with its move set and stats. Against psychic, uses bite; against fire, uses rollout; against flying, uses rollout; against bug, uses rollout; against ice, uses rollout. It has defenses for everything!

Level 92 beast knows cross poison, dig, x-scissor, and poison fang beat that
Kickass Pokémon with Cross Poison, Ice Fang, Toxic Spikes and Crunch. Only one weakness!

It's really awesome with thunder wave and ice beam powder snow can do well too
Yeah go metronome and it can learn thunderbolt⚡️⚡️⚡️

Starmie should be a bit further up this list, for me, it's proven to be one of the best. When it has the moveset of...
Surf, Psychic, Doubleteam, and Recover, it deems itself to be merely impossible to defeat. On top of that, its stats are incredibly balanced, for any sort of opponent.
Surf, Thunderbolt, Psychic and Ice Beam = Sweep!
Fast and great Special Attack
Always on my team and it has never let me down

Amazing speed so he can take out Pokemon before they even have a chance to attack, and if you're in a tight spot in which you know he has no chance, bow out with u-turn, or use final gambit and take one for the team.
This thing is fast as balls. Damn.

93Mega Charizard Y
Mega Charizard Y is a nightmare. It can kill grass, water, fighting, ground, ice, bug, steel, rock, and dragon using flamethrower, solorbeam, dragon claw and fly/air slash. Also he can learn earthquake killing fire, electric, and poison.
BEAST it's the evovled version from charizard which is number 2

My Hawlucha has literally never lost a battle. I don't think it should be in the top ten, but for god's sake! 96! Who chose this crap? At least 20 for an accurate portrayal.

I like leafeon too it has cool moves for gym battle and Pokemon contest, and it is my favorite eeveelution!

One of the best special sweepers ever! Awesome move-set available with quiver dance and either sleep powder or teeter dance, and of course petal dance (with ability - own tempo)! I took down the elite four in pokemon black AND white using basically only her except on the champion because of his overwhelming use of bug type pokemon.
My Lilligant is so BADASS she is my top Pokemon and is level 83 she could beat all the elite four especially with the help of own tempo that is great for petal dance
Lilligant is awesome! Period!

WHY is Tyrantrum down HERE, strong Pokemon just give it the elemental crunches and Iron Jaw and go sweep about 18 on my list
This is the strongest Pokemon in the 6th gen. not only is it powerful but it looks cool also
I agree. I have it on my team and it wrecks!

He's a fire type and fire types are cool

At least put scolipede in the top 50! He is powerful!
Seriously! Nidoqueen should be on here too!

It has the highest stat total of all non legend or psudeo legends I beat the entire sinnoh league and 6-8 gym with it and it learns sky attack aura sphere air slash and with serene grace it has 60% flinch ability. This is a awesome pokemon 7th at least screw charizard weak in game
It has good special attack and is capable of taking hits from attacks
Why is togekiss this low? My togekiss in X is an absolute beast; Fairy type did him well. With dazzling gleam it took out a latias 20 levels higher in one hit and almost KO'd a Kyurem of my friend's as well. Just load it with wish, dazzling gleam, and a couple other physical attacks and go wreck.
[Newest]This is my second-best Pokemon in my entire game! (Heartgold) (Typhlosion = first) Amazingly strong especially with Extrasensory, Wish, Last Resort, and Yawn.

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