Strongest PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Characters


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21Fat Princess

Fat Princess is one of the best characters in the game. People are obviously turned off from her because, well, she's a fat Princess. GIVE HER A CHANCE!

Fat Princess is the best character! Second is Dante, and third is Big Daddy! - SexySiren666

Her level 3 is awesome! You don't have to do the killing lots of bombs come and do it for you!

She's my main and best character - SexySiren666

22Isaac Clarke
23Sir Daniel Fortesque

Has some great confirms, he actually takes skill to use unlike Kratos, Dante, and Raiden. Screw those guys. Sir Dan fo life,
I have a Red 58 belt with him and I have a rank 1 Kratos SCREW KRATOS!


Slow moving, Steady lighting, great level 3. Zeus is not as great as Kratos but he has his own perks, such as having a level 3 that no one can escape from and a stunning move that shocks people into immobility. - MrCookEE

Love... Yes he's slow... But unstoppable with his lightning and charge moves...

Zeus his charged attacks are just incredible, with 2 easy hits you get 71 ap!

Zeus should be higher level 3 is awesome!

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