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Delphox is the best Pokemon ever for me it can defeat Pokemon in ONE MOVE!

Delphox: The most underrated Pokemon yet to be discovered.

Delphox the over powered starter Pokemon, come on Nintendo

Delphox looks like a flaming ancient fire fox

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Poison pokemon will rule the earth

Is a great looking pokemon with a great personality
,should be in the top ten! No doubt about it.

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264Mega Magikarp

It's like the best magikarp ever

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265Mega Gyarados

Mega Gyarados is a BEAST. Pop on a Dragon Dance and it will slaughter every single Pokemon in it's way. Definitely got more power than arceus to be honest.

Lol Mega Gyarados 356, Gyarados 39, MAGIKARP 18

Probably the most powerful pokemon in the game!

He is awesome

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266Mega Absol

This guy is sick, its attack is pretty high, and it gets better with swords dance

Mega evolutions shouldn't be at such a low level.

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267AbraV1 Comment
268Mega Blaziken

Blaziken is awesome how is mega 280

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269Ultimate Greninja

With its ability protean it can change into any type like arceus and arceus is a joke to ultimate greninja just one
Ultimate space hole fury and the universe and everything else will explode not even pieces would be left

Ultimate greninja is way stronger than greninja.Why is greninja 75 and ultimate greninja 419.

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270Mr. Mime

Just because he looks creepy doesn't means he's weak...

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Riakou is my favourite pokemon. His thunder ROAR IS THE BEST ATTACK EVER,let alone he has a lightning tail and thundercloud cape! Also just love tigers, especially saber-toothes. guess what, glaceon fan? I would take Raikou as my pet!

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Powerful and irresistible lightning attacks

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273Turtwig GLV1 Comment
274Mega MewV9 Comments

Three words that define this pokemon's versatility in teams, Skill Swap and Contray.

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277StantlerV1 Comment

Pachirisu really should be in at least the top 50!

HELLO PEOPLE. WAKE UP! people can't accept the fact that pik clones are usefull. look at super fang, does half damage! explosion of the cutermetre and kick butt moves! I mean seriously, it did win with sejun park!

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279OmastarV4 Comments

Because it can use so many different types of attacks, such as blizzard, thunder, flamethrower and many other powerful moves.Simply an awesome Pokemon, and often greatly under-estimated.

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