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In the anime Swalot is shown to be able to eat very things very large with it's mouth. It is could probably eat any other pokemon and that is better than battling.


Only here because it can send things to sleep and stuff. Drowzees may have low attack level, but a Drowzee and a Charizard combined will OWN you!

You mean hypno? And charizard can be beat SO easily, and drowzee sucks because he hasn't evolved, even with eviolite

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Goomy Might Be The Weakest Dragon Pokemon But Goomy Kicks Butt Good! Have You Seen Ashes Goomy? It's So Sad The It Evolved Into Goodra And Left Ash, I Had So Much Tears In My Eyes

It's so cute I wanna eat it. <3 But seriously though, weakest dragon Pokemon...till it evolves into goodra! (But this is about Goomy, so yea, it's fine where it is- spot#340).

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My favorite Pokemon of all time, growlithe is way better than arcanine

Because it sucks? Really, arcanine isn't evem that good. Yeah, it has utility with intimidate, but attacking wise... Yeah not so much

He is so cute and he is a good police Pokemon dog he is also officer jennys Pokemon

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How is this so low; rock wrecker can make kids cry

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Ashes palpi toad is underrated


This monster has huge power as it's hidden ability. Attach a choice band to it and it has a higher attack stat than a Mega Mawile could have. Just give it a move that can hit any type and you'll have an unstoppable rabbit

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Such Godcat
Much Psychic
Wow Meowstic
So cute/cool

The Creator
The Destroyer

Meowstic is my favorite Pokemon!

Best Pokemon That Ever Existed, Other Then Noivern...

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He is a really strong ice bear he really should be high


He is so cool he's my favorite Pokemon I love him so much he is in Pokemon amie


Togepi is not better than togekiss (if he's on this list)

My TOGEPI hellped me get all the. Badges and beat the eleat four with his psychic powers

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He is rook type and very strong Pokemon

The most powerful steel and rock Pokemon

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Trubbish is acute Pokemon in the world and powerful Pokemon in the worls

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