Top 10 Strongest Pokemon

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341 Munchlax

Sitting and eating there LIKE A BOSS!

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342 Flareon V 1 Comment
343 Purrloin Purrloin V 1 Comment
344 Leafeon V 1 Comment
345 Cofagrigus
346 Swanna
347 Exploud

I just have to say something BOOM BOOM BOOM!

Definitely not the best Pokemon, but he's powerful. Why are some dumbass pokemons higher than him?

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348 Vileplume
349 Pansage

I like him because of his powerful solar beam.

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350 Sewaddle V 1 Comment
351 Unfezant

Ash used it. It got poisoned and it still fought. And won!

I have a better than normal of it that can do 120 damage

I have unfezant in my team. Kinda good.

352 Ludicolo

It has very good typing it is water and grass

This thing is so stupid and very weak shouldn't be on the list

353 Swalot

In the anime Swalot is shown to be able to eat very things very large with it's mouth. It is could probably eat any other pokemon and that is better than battling.

354 Drowzee

Only here because it can send things to sleep and stuff. Drowzees may have low attack level, but a Drowzee and a Charizard combined will OWN you!

You mean hypno? And charizard can be beat SO easily, and drowzee sucks because he hasn't evolved, even with eviolite

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355 Purugly V 2 Comments
356 Krabby V 1 Comment
357 Growlithe

My favorite Pokemon of all time, growlithe is way better than arcanine

Because it sucks? Really, arcanine isn't evem that good. Yeah, it has utility with intimidate, but attacking wise... Yeah not so much

He is so cute and he is a good police Pokemon dog he is also officer jennys Pokemon

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358 Ryperior

How is this so low; rock wrecker can make kids cry

359 Patrat V 1 Comment
360 Crustle V 2 Comments
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