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Ditto takes your opponent's Pokemon and essentially turns it against that trainer. It copies any Pokemon

Ditto should obviously be in the top 5 at least, if not the strongest. It can become any Pokemon including Arceus, Mewtwo and Rayquaza. "It has the ability to reconstitute its entire cellular structure to transform into whatever it sees." (Diamond)

Ditto should be number two because in theory it can just become a copy of the number one pokemon, also, if it is higher level than a legendary that legendary is pretty much screwed

It should be #1 because it can be Arceus

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Obviously the majority of people voting in this list have no clue as to what "strong Pokemon" actually means. Kyogre gets a 150 base power move with 100% accuracy at full healthy which hits both of the opponent's Pokemon. On top of this, the move gets further boosted by the rain (which Kyogre infinitely summons due to Drizzle) and STAB(if you don't know what that is you shouldn't even be voting in the first place). This move comes from a base 150 special attack. It's disgustingly overpowered. The only things that can survive a Water Spout from a Kyogre (let alone KO the bloody thing) are bulky Ludicolo, Palkia, Kingdra, Shedinja, specially defensive Cresselia, specially defensive Water Arceus and Pokemon with Water Absorb, Dry Skin or Storm Drain as their ability. However Kyogre gets all the tools it needs to take out these Pokemon as well. Infinite accuracy Thunder in rain and Ice Beam round off all the coverage it needs, meaning the only thing that can check Kyogre fully ...more

HOW is this #26? It's insane! With its water spout rain STAB 150 base Special Attack it does incredible amounts of damage, it's defenses are no slouch either. It also has great coverage options like Ice Beam and Thunder, I mean, are you convinced already? - lap

In sapphire it almost floods the world. How strong can you get

Primal kyogre is amazing

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23XerneasXerneas is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a legendary Fairy type Pokemon, and the mascot of Pokemon X. Classified as the Life Pokemon, Xerneas has the ability to give eternal life, which occurs when the horns on its head shine in seven life. When its life comes more.

Xerneas is a new Pokemon in kalos region and is a good example of the fairy type Pokemon as Xerneas has the power to beat yveltal however a legendary normally can't beat the enemy legendary Pokemon even though this is shown with the three legendary birds zapdos, articuno and moltres so therefore Xerneas is like zapdos, a legendary Pokemon that can beat another. That's my opinion

Let's get this straight. Max speed, max sp.A... Plus geomancy&power herb... Equals a 1-3 hit kill on anything. LITERALLY ANYTHING. Even a poison or steel type will die in 2-3 turns max. Plus, he is a badass deer who wipes the flour with like over half of the other legendaries. The only one he might not beat is steel arceus. Poison? Please poison types don't have enough attack

Do you people even play Pokemon? It clearly says STRONGEST, not coolest. Stuff like Florges and Goodra are WAY stronger than Charizard (Florges has base stat totals of 552, while Charizard has 534). So yes, flowers and giant pseudo-legendary goo dinasaurs are stronger than fire-breathing dragons. And a rainbow deer is over 3 times better than an ugly fire breathing dragon who faints when anything uses a rock move.

Xerneas made LIFE.

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Tyranitar is the biggest pimp ever... If you put a wall of gash in front of it, it simply slays each one, one at a time, saw it once have a fight with the big man... Aser, and safe to say Aser won, but tyranitar is still beast.

Seriously! Only 20. Tyranitar is such a beast. he could destroy anything and everything. shut up ditto, I know you can turn into anything but it is anything that tyranitar could crush by lifting only a finger. when he rampages, he knocks down entire mountains and buries rivers, maps also have to be redrawn after that. he is 6 foot 7 inches and he can completely change the landscape. that is the definition of a strong Pokemon right there (kyogre is almost as strong, but I have this unwritten rule about using legendary Pokemon for battling in the games). Tyranitar is and always will be my favorite Pokemon. it will never change mostly because I don't really like gen. 5 or 6 too much

Absolutely the best Pokemon with a fantastic stat spread. SO versatile!

With his high defense and attack, he can sweep teams as long as no fighting types are on the apposing team!

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25YveltalYveltal is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in the 6th gen, Yveltal is a legendary Dark/Flying type Pokemon, and is the mascot of Pokemon Y. It is classified as the Destruction Pokemon. Yveltal has the ability to absorb life energy, and when its life comes to an end, it steals more.

Laugh out loud this should be @ the top now! It can shoot Death rays as its signature move.

New Pokemon joins use Oblivion wing. How awesome can you get

Yveltal is one of the best Pokemon. I was using it for the first time and I was like R you CEREAL when I used oblivion wing. I beat the entire elite 4 and the champion using it only. It has 408 HP when level 100 so I think it should at least be in the top 5. WHY IS IT NUMBER 268!?!

He should be in the top5

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Remember his name. This Pokémon caused terror in the competitive scene for many years. Your team was doomed to fail if you didn't have a counter for this guy. His reign of doom was finally over after he got banned from standard battling. Oh yeah, did I mention that he is a shark? A shark that lives out of the water?

Wow. You put cynthia's prized Pokemon here?! Where is your sanity?!

One of the fastest dragon Pokemon I have ever seen.

Wrong it also helped ash

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Even at level 100 pikachu is a joke... No way he's even top 100.

Pikachu at level 10 itself is the best at level 100 no Pokemon wil be able to touch it

Pikachu is a very strong pokemon it can use thunderbolt volt tackle iron tail quick attack electro ball and agility that's a lot of good attacks pikachu is the best pokemon ever its very strong how can anyone not love pikachu?

What, WHAT. Pikachu at number 42
You guys know NOTHING about Pokemon.
Pikachu almost can destroy everything

Pikachu helped groudon beat kyogre so he should be at the top of the list

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He can shoot trough thick STEEL

Blastoise is indeed my role model. He has a mega evolution (Gen 6) and is one of the only water type starters to actually maintain the 'only water' type throughout all three of his evolutions. Also, as a Squirtle, he can learn Bite early on which can be upgraded to Crunch through the Move Relearner. Also, in Generation 6 games, this can be upgraded to Dark Pulse, a really good Dark-Type move.

Being solely a Water type, he has only two weaknesses, Grass and Electric. First of all, Blastoise can learn Earthquake, which is enough to wreck most Electric types. He can also learn Ice Beam, giving him a super-effective move against grass types.

Some people may say that Swampert is better, but no. Swampert does leave behind Electric type damage, but the sacrifice is too great. He is 4x weak against Grass types, his only, and fatal weakness.

Anyone who says Blastoise wouldn't win in a Kanto starter Battle Royale is being ignorant.

LOVE BLASTOISE. I can't believe he's not on of the top ones on this list. He was always my starter Pokemon on the first versions.. He was only outed to Feraligatr later on.

Awesome pokemon

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29Mega Rayquaza

This is the true definition of strong. 780 base stats, flying weaknesses neutralized, can hold an item in mega form with 180 attack stat, has close combat flying stab move, can have dragon dance set, and is one of the best offensive presences with mega Salamence.

First off, mega rayquaza was banned from the uber tier that was specifically made for overpowered Pokemon. Also delta stream gets rid of its flying type weakness and dragon ascend can one hit ko almost anything. Lastly it doesn't need a mega stone to mega evolve.

This guy should be at first place whoever created this site never played with mega rayquaza. I wrecked the Pokemon league and champion with level 80 rayquaza mega

It is the best and it's mega evolution who ever doesn't think that is there opinion

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What, scizor is just one of the most perfect pokémon ever!
Bug/steel type, only week to fire, can learn almost every high priority move and has Technician! Even with is lost of speed (compared to his pre-evo), he can strike first with a hell of an attack power... And if he uses swords dance, baby he is invincible. Ever tried to use a 1hp scizor with 3 stages of swords dance and the reversal (I think it is this one) attack? And if you had one stage agility to him, he is indestructible. And believe me, with a speed team like ninjask, furret and others with agility, swords dance and baton pass, a technician scizor with, reversal, quick attack, bullet punch and pursuit/swords dance, and with that item that, if he is attack by a fire move (with full hp), it can survive with 1hp, congratulations, you win the game. (best strategy, ninjask/furret/other, one agility and one swords dance, with substitute for support, then baton pass (with substitute), one swords dance with scizor (opponent ...more

I feel this Pokemon DESERVES a higher rating.

He/she is the only one that makes razor wind worth while

Scizor is the best! Everybody says Charizard is the best, but scizor could defeat Charizard any day!

He is awesome I used him in showdown

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I mean come on with a name like regigigas it has to be the best. I'm sure they meant it to be regi kick-ass

Look at it's effect, half the attack and speed for the first 5 turns makes it one of the worst Pokemon ever!

Dude, the reason that regigigas has slow start is that it's so incredibly powerful that it takes it that long just to finish its warm-ups. Think of it this way: its attacks and speed aren't half-power in the beginning, they are double power after Slow Start wares off.

Regigigas is my strongest Pokemon in Pokemon diamond it help me defeat four elite that very strong

The weakest legendary ever

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Typhlosion is clealy the best. I remember cruising through sprout tower and creaming Bugsy and the other gym leaders. Cyndaquil was my very first pokemon and I remember every few minutes I'd yell to my bro, "It's level ten! It's level ten! Now it's level eleven! I was so psyched when I heard HG and SS were coming out! No other pokemon will ever compare to the memories us Typhlosion fans have with our pokemon!

LMAO typhlosion that knows flamethrower is one of the most powerful Pokemon there is... Why it's all the way down here I have no idea... Mewtwo and (maybe) charizard are the only ones who are better

Why Typhlosion is down here I can't imagine, it is tonnes stronger then darkrai or Mewtwo or any of them... Exept Giratina. Its' eruption is like the best move in the game along with waterspout

They are so cool

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Hydriegon is really awesome! It can learn some really cool moves and has type coverage of 16 of the 17 types. It's also both my favorite types. Dark and Dragon.

Hydreigon is my man! He is an awesome sweeper! I recommend him to those who prefer strong attacking Pokemon that can take the foe's attacks.

Why isn't this beast even on the list? It's got boss special attack that can KO anything!

There is 18 types

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34LucarioLucario is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Lucario first appeared as a central character in the film Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, and later appeared in the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and subsequent sequels, also appearing more.

Lucario is the best hands down. It's the coolest non-legendary pokemon ever created and even has a movie named after it. It may have many weaknesses but it has great move-set to back itself up. It can use its aura powers to locate anything and even battle while completely blinded as shown in the movie. Aura Sphere might not be it's signature move but it is just as powerful and it never misses! How cool is that? Plus Dragon types move don't even effect Lucario in a harmful way. Instead, it learns Dragon Pulse which it can use to counter any dragon type moves! I've heard many people say it's bad because it has many weakness but Lucario can almost always learn the very move needed to cover that weakness. Besides, Lucario being a fighting type means that it has a great attack stat and being a steel type it has a decent amount of defense too! To me that's like the best as you can get because they are like they core ingredients needed to make a strong and reliable pokemon! Now I'll show ...more - Legendary-Lucario99

He's like the badass of Pokemon. He's the kind of guy you know is tough. He could beat zoroark any day

Lucario is just so awesome! It was the first Pokemon to Mega Evolve! Come on people, there must be a deeper reason towards this than meets the eye! Why would Lucario of all Pokemon be chosen to be the first Pokemon to Mega Evolve? Because, Lucario is really a strong, cool, skilful, resilient, dependable, tough and the most epic Pokemon has to offer! Hands down! Lucario has incredible overall stats and has a wide variety of move pools that can cover all it's weaknesses! Not only that, but it's completely resistant to poison types! That just puts a whole type out of Lucario's reach! Okay, so Lucario has a bunch of weaknesses but again given Lucario knows the correct counter moves, Lucario can surpass and overcome those weaknesses with ease! Great moves such as, Extreme Speed (gives Lucario top priority in any battle! ), Close Combat (an awesome power packed move that harshly lowers defense and special defense which it makes up for as it is a steel type anyways! ), Aura Sphere (a 90 ...more

Amazing pokemon

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Zoroark is like the Unova version of Mewtwo and Lucario. If you had any stronger Pokemon on your team, Zoroark will copy them and there you have it, BANG, two good Pokemon. Zoroark, in my opinion, is one of the best. If Arceus is the best, Zoroark can just copy him.

It can create illusions of anything including legendary Pokemon! It is the best! It even lasted in a fight against the beast trio!

He can turn into another Pokemon in yo party and confuse your opponent with it's dark moves like night daze and foul play. He's my favorite Pokemon in all regions so I have to vote for this illusion fox Pokemon!

Zoroark is really weak

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It is the best starter. It can beat any Pokemon with earthquake. Its ground moves can defeat infernape and it's grass moves can defeat empoleon.

"It can beat any Pokémon with earthquake"

Clearly, you have no idea what a 'flying type' is - osome_oli

He's the bomb in any thing better then charizard tortera should be number 1 in top 10 frenzy plant and with leaf storm along with earthquke so he's the number 1 best Pokemon

I have this pokemon and it destroys everything in sight. I have only trained it over 5 days and it is around level 80 or higher. I have raised and seen it kick ass all the time. I never leave my torterra because it my best friend at the moment. If someone gets one and train hard, they too can beat anyone

Torterra should be replaced with a different starter and made a legendary pokemon. He is badass!

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Infernape should be a top pokemon due its shape and fighting skills that's a true pokemon rocks forever. He can also beat blaziken which have destroyed charizard in anime series. With its attacks like Flare Blitz, Close Combat, Flamethrower and any another attack, it can beat arceus, dialga, palkia, darkrai very easily

Infernape is the best Pokemon ever. It has many good qualities. It has the best HP, Attack, Defense and Speed. That is Why Infernape is my best Pokemon. Bye

As soon as I saw Chimchar I picked it and now it is a Hectic level 100 legendary! Infernape cannot be beaten, it topples over Torterra and Empoleon. Everyone I know who plays Pokemon picked it over the others

Infernape is way better than 37th in my a pinion he's in the top ten!

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Victini is really strong and his moves are the best! Fire and psychic is a great combination plus Victini has three signature moves that are all really strong especially V-create which is the strongest fire type move! - sharkfin1997

Victini is an awesome Pokemon and is move v create does 180 damage and he can also learn zekrom and reshirams special attacks. He is definitely the strongest Pokemon in the game

Victini has the power of zekrom and reshiram is most powerful moves and v-create fusion bolt and fusion flare and has a move that's awesome called over heat it shoul be at least number 7

The best pokemon forever

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Gyarados is one of the coolest shiny Pokemon outstandind attack it can learn real strong moves like earthquake thunder hyper beam but my most favorite combination is dragon dance earthquake hydro pump and ice fang and its speed makes it unstoppable

With Dragon Dance he was a great help for the Johto Elite Four. Thank you!
Other strong ones: Ampharos, Magnezone, the final evolutions of the starters..

And by the way, Gyarados can't take electric moves at all, even though he has decent special defense. A 4 Times weakness to Electric, let's get real.

Attacks so quick just like lightning strikes

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40Primal Kyogre

Kyogre is nowhere close to better than Rayquaza even Primal Kyogre is worse than normal Rayquaza

Primal Groudon is so much better it can. Sweep an entire team with earthquake, and it also has solar beam that goes for one turn to fight of all water Pokemon.

The strongest Pokemon is primal kyogre!

He is the best

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