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381 Lairon

No it can't look at it's attack compared to their defenses. Good luck.

Has amazing attacks. Can beat zekrom and ariceus with on amazing move

382 Slugma

Slugmas pokedex says he's HOTTER THAN THE SUN and he's all so rock and fire I know that means slugma is terrible on water Pokemon. But he's HOTTER THAN THE SUN!

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383 Tentaquil
384 Litwick Litwick

Id say best ghost Pokemon but if I'm wrong its because I don't know Pokemon that well

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385 Druddigon

Druddigon should be the strongest Pokemon in history he is so awosome

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386 Castform Castform

He can change elements- I mean types- AND you get him a level 25!

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387 Wynaut

Hey blabber mouth under me be quite and you spelled because wrong genius

You spelled quiet wrong genius

He can block all attacks and is hard to catch becase he's only found in safari zone

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388 Klinklang V 2 Comments
389 Donphan V 1 Comment
390 Azumarill V 2 Comments
391 Reggie V 4 Comments
392 Magmortar

It has cannons for arms! It took out rhyperior with one hit!

How is a magmar ahead of this beast? It's better then charizard BEFORE you DISLIKE think about, charizard barely made it out with magmortars pre-evelution, so imagine what magmoratar would do to charizard

Magmaroter is 364?
Absolutely RIP Pokemon 1995-2016
Magmatoter evolves from the original original one
Arceus created Magmar and then Magmar traveled in time and created Arceus, which created him later - ABBCC

393 Kangaskhan V 1 Comment
394 Cinccino V 2 Comments
395 Froakie Froakie

He my favourite pokemon, he is so cute

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396 Ponyta V 1 Comment
397 Delcatty

Dellcaty is so so cute and is quiet powerful

I am being honest it is adorable but when it was level 100 and I faced a level 29 Pokemon my first attack did not beat it😢. Game Freak MAKE IT MORE POWERFUL. Delcatty is still my favorite Pokemon besides Blaziken though.

398 Mega Mawile

With its ability and the right set of moves, it can be a sweeping machine! Literally since its part steel type ^^ Just be wary of fire and ground moves. With a counter to that, it can demolish anything

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399 Golem

Golem is one of the heaviest Pokemon ever. It also has a powerful rock wrecker move

400 Plusle

I have a Plusle and it can kill a Gengar in just a couple of hits!

You said a couple

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