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381ReggieV4 Comments

It has cannons for arms! It took out rhyperior with one hit!

How is a magmar ahead of this beast? It's better then charizard BEFORE you DISLIKE think about, charizard barely made it out with magmortars pre-evelution, so imagine what magmoratar would do to charizard

Magmaroter is 364?
Absolutely RIP Pokemon 1995-2016
Magmatoter evolves from the original original one
Arceus created Magmar and then Magmar traveled in time and created Arceus, which created him later - ABBCC

383KangaskhanV1 Comment
384CinccinoV2 Comments

He my favourite pokemon, he is so cute

V2 Comments
386PonytaV1 Comment

Dellcaty is so so cute and is quiet powerful

I am being honest it is adorable but when it was level 100 and I faced a level 29 Pokemon my first attack did not beat it😢. Game Freak MAKE IT MORE POWERFUL. Delcatty is still my favorite Pokemon besides Blaziken though.

388Mega MawileV4 Comments

Golem is one of the heaviest Pokemon ever. It also has a powerful rock wrecker move


I have a Plusle and it can kill a Gengar in just a couple of hits!

You said a couple

391MinunV1 Comment

Fire kick isn't a thing, can't learn fore punch, and the others aren't very excluding flamethrower.

Bulpix is a fire type. IT is one of the cuttest Pokemon it has moves like flame thrower, flame wheel, fire tornado, flare bllids and fire punch/kick

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393FlabebeV1 Comment
394HariyamaV1 Comment

Better than the last 25

396AmpharosAmpharos "the light Pokemon": an electric type which evolves from Flaaffy starting at level 30, it is the final evolution of Mareep . Ampharos also has a mega evolution which is dual dragon/electric type .

I have had an unexplained special connection for Ampharos, and I have no idea why. It took down the whole elite for and champion for my Alpha Sapphire game : Boss.
And guess what? It has a mega? No way, it also can learn Dragon Pulse, what the heck! It may be kinda slow, but it has other great stats to cover that up. He is a tank, but with awesome special attack too.

Doesn't even look like a Pokemon it looks more like a dog in a Pikachu costume

Good electric type can be found early in games.

I agree it looks like the same as pikachu

V1 Comment

Super fast awesome flying Pokemon

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398GigalithV1 Comment
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