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Unown alone is pretty powerless, or so it seems. It has to control its own power. It essentially created Arceus, so it's pretty powerful. Hidden power can do ANYTHING if the unown wants to use it that way

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I like him because he can learn volt tackle when he hatches. He can evolve to pikachu and then raichu. Reason why no vote for pikachu because it is better to have a hatched Pichu than having a not so much move Pikachu. Yay for Pichu!

Poor Pichu... he's nowhere near the best, but I think he should be between one hundred and two hundred because he is cute, evolves into a decent Pokémon, Pikachu, and then Raichu. - SapphireShiverpool

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Meganium was my first Pokemon (well it evolved from a chikorita) and it can easily KO a Crobat in one hit! Frenzy plant rules!

Most underrated Grass starter

Chikorita is upper than Meganium how?

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It is the 1st high jumper

It is the fastest Pokemon in level 50

Um your kinda wrong by like you know 350 Pokemon

Really? , you know, better than Arceus, Mew, Mewtwo, just Skitty. Wow.

There should be more pokemon right.

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