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481 Wooper
482 Kricketot
483 Absol

He helps humans no matter what he warns us about danger wether we listen to not he should be number one

I agree if my absol makes it you can read my story on here

I know you al will overlook this... I got a used Pokemon black a while ago and this game wasn't good I was wondering around NOTE I didn't know what Pokemon was then... And I made it to the disaster chasm and I got into a battle it was an absol and she was glorious and sparkly NOTE I later found out they were rare and called shinies the guy who had the game before me didn't leave me a Pokemon higher than level 37 after fainting almost all of my Pokemon I caught her I named her echosongand she grew up to level 96 when I got Pokemon Y for Christmas please people in Pokemon y I caught an absol in echosongs honor I named him echoingvoice he is level 100 now whith absolute and he has all of his hearts PS. is it normal for Pokemon to say afer a battler I LOVE YOU, I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT, AND SWEET JOBS and also I can pet him during the battle

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484 Hypno

I have a drowzee in red and I love it so this one can only be better

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485 Piplup Piplup

Piplup is strong but oshawott is stronger

On pokepark 2 I could not defeat piplup for 3 try's! I think he is strong.

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486 Aipom
487 Agumon

Let's all be real for a sec. - Digimon was terrible.

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488 Rotom Rotom

You have the best moves and turn into the best shapes

Rotom is are great Pokémon they can change into 5 other forms and they can learn amazing moves.

HOW Does a water type get willowisp, its only weak to grass, a more uncommen attack type Its bulky too.. This means unless you have a GOOD STRONG Grass type, you will be wrecked, but even then, willowisp will cripple those.

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489 Sunkern

It's one of the only Pokémon to be capable of reaching the maximum of five stars in all it's Pokéathlon stats.

490 Caterpie Caterpie

Too overpowered. I see this Pokemon too much while competitive battling. It total stats are more than 900. Sure to be in number 1.

Caterpie can take down arceus anytime

Caterpie is like the best, I had 1 in pokemon yellow (gen 1 best gen) and I got him to level 100 and beat mew2.

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491 Feebas

The only thing that beats this evil beast fish is the all powerful magikarp.

It's amazingly powerful, but magikarp comes on top.

Even though he isn't all that strong he is still better than magikarp since he can learn TM moves and when he evolves into Milotic watch out baby boy

Feebas...the grand

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492 Unown

Unown alone is pretty powerless, or so it seems. It has to control its own power. It essentially created Arceus, so it's pretty powerful. Hidden power can do ANYTHING if the unown wants to use it that way

You know why it's called unown, because you want to UN-OWN IT! ok I will stop... - CoolKidsClub

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493 Pichu Pichu

I like him because he can learn volt tackle when he hatches. He can evolve to pikachu and then raichu. Reason why no vote for pikachu because it is better to have a hatched Pichu than having a not so much move Pikachu. Yay for Pichu!

Poor Pichu... he's nowhere near the best, but I think he should be between one hundred and two hundred because he is cute, evolves into a decent Pokémon, Pikachu, and then Raichu. - SapphireShiverpool

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494 Skitty Skitty

It is the 1st high jumper

It is the fastest Pokemon in level 50

Um your kinda wrong by like you know 350 Pokemon

Really? , you know, better than Arceus, Mew, Mewtwo, just Skitty. Wow.

There should be more pokemon right.

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495 Meganium

Meganium was my first Pokemon (well it evolved from a chikorita) and it can easily KO a Crobat in one hit! Frenzy plant rules!

Most underrated Grass starter

Chikorita is upper than Meganium how?

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