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41 Primal Kyogre Primal Kyogre

Kyogre is nowhere close to better than Rayquaza even Primal Kyogre is worse than normal Rayquaza

Primal Groudon is so much better it can. Sweep an entire team with earthquake, and it also has solar beam that goes for one turn to fight of all water Pokemon.

The strongest Pokemon is primal kyogre!

No way primal groudon is way better it's only weakness is ground

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42 Keldeo Keldeo

Why is'nt Keldeo in the top 10? He can learn awesome moves like Sacred Sword, Secret Sword, and Hydro Pump! He can also change into Resolution Forme! It should at least be in the top 40!

I just think he's cool and I have him in my team

Cute and boss! My favorite type of mixture!

Keldeo EX is bull crap

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43 Primal Groudon Primal Groudon

Should be top ten easily. It can wreck ever thing. If its you first Pokemon it can take out any Pokemon. It can even learn dragon pulse. For a fire ground type it has decent speed and it can be used as a tank or an attacker. Depending on the moves you put on it.

Best of it is slower its ability desolate land can cancel primordial sea and no matter how much origin pulse no effect and a single precipice blades or earthquake or solar beam can kill primal kyogre

In my opinion Primal Groudon is very close to Mega Rayquaza. Clearly lots of people voted on preference or before ORAS came out. Mega Rayquaza is #1, Primal Groudon is #2, then Mewtwo Y, then everyone else. If you haven't played with this beast, you're missing out big time. Desolate Land is an absolutely OP ability, this dude is a beast.

Primal groudon is really the best pokemon ever!

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44 Gengar Gengar

Gengar is epic! He has insanly high special attack and speed! Although his definitely/sp. Definitely is low he'll still kick some ass!

Why isn't Gengar higher? He is a boss so for crying out loud he is the best. He will dominate any Pokemon. He was so OP that the Game Freak people had to take Gengar out of the game, so you can only get Gengar through trade.

Gengar should be higher in the list! This thing wrecks whole teams without even thinking about it! Magikarp should be kicked off and replaced by Gengar!

I love gengar but let's face it his speed and spk is outmatched by alakazam

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45 Machamp Machamp

Dynamic punch. Massive damage. Confusion. Death. That is all there is to say about Machamp

Yeah he's the most strongest pokemon with his skills seismic
Toss and dynamic punch

Machamp will do anything to get stronger those fists are always ready to battle Machamp looks like Four Arms from ben ten except four arms wears a shirt and is color red I don't like ben ten anymore no offense big ben ten fans hope you like it

Just get his ability no guard with dynamic punch and he will make sure the opponents Pokemon will become big coward

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46 Zapdos Zapdos

Zapdos should be one of the strongest Pokemon it's okay if he's in the middle of 10 to 20 but not NO. 51

He a strong Pokemon, he should be higher

He does 200 DAMAGE! How could he be number 52?! What is wrong with you guys!?

Boss pokemon vote zapdos should be in the top ten

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47 Entei Entei

The best, no one comes even close. It can kill all the other Pokemon just barking and floodind the whole planet with lava, come on it comes from a volcano!... It could beat anyone, even if it's a dog, no one can be compared to Entei.

This is the best Pokemon and my favorite it is so strong

Entei should be 1 strongest Pokemon

It my 3 favourite pokemon it was danger because her lava

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48 Snorlax

Yeah, he's fat and all and has great defense. Which makes him unstoppable but he still has weaknesses. If you train harder he wil win

Come on guys He's FAT the Father of FAT he basically eats your other Pokemon! VOTE THE FAT!

He is an all round tank with great possibilities. I personally enjoy teaching him rest and sleep talk with other abilities as such

Snorlax is a sleeping giant no one can beat him

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49 Salamence Salamence

Out of all the non-legendary pokemon, salamence is one of the strongest. Some people prefer dragonite over salamence because it can learn ice and electric moves, but salamence will hit first and hit hard. With the right moveset, salamence will take down pretty much anything you put in front of it.

Salamence has gotten me out of some tight spots and should be considered in at least the top 25

My favorite Pokemon ever. It mega evolves into a crescent winged fighter jet dragon. I don't think that sentence has been said before in the history of mankind. Salamence for the win.

Has a total of 600 in stats. Love it

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50 Articuno Articuno

What the other guy said was true all articuno needs is mind reader and sheer cold equipped with wide lens to boost accuracy even more is brutal

Best defensive stats ever. Plus mind reader and Sheer cold beats and Pokemons ass. That for sure

Articuno kicks ass. Also, it's an ice Pokemon, and these are pretty rare. Just try catching it without a Masterball (which you'll want to save for Mewtwo, maybe? )

I'm serious, why is Articuno below PIKACHU?!

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51 Arcanine

Arcanine can learn amazing high power moves like outrage, heat wave, and Extremespeed. He is the best Pokemon ever!

Straight up gangster enough said way better then charizard and should be number one!

For not being dragon or legendary he is beast and original imagine he had an evolution

I love Arcanine

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52 Shadow Lugia

This is literally the best pokemon that exists, it is so overpowered they BANNED it in competitive play and can do the most damage! I'm done reading this list if shadow lug is ranked lower than 50 pokemon including pikachu and flygon, I'm done with this jokester list

Shadow Lugia does 1000 damage which is very incredible.

Shadow blast has 80 power which is op and this creature has 110 base special attack

Cool, but Shadow Lucia Isn't real...

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53 Smeargle

1. Use sketch in double battle on your own strong pokemon (such as bringing out victini)
2. Make sure your strong pokemon uses an OVERPOWERED move ( in my example ill use victini and make sure you use something like V- create)
3. Smergle sketches the OP move and learns untamed forgets sketch.
4. After battle, go to move tutor to let smergle relearn sketch.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 except use a different pokemon and move.
6. After doing steps 1-4 four times, your smergle should have 4 OVERPOWERED moves (eg. V-create, psystrike, roar of time, and sacred fire).
7. Congrats you have a smergle than knows OP moves

Smeargle can lean anything but shadow moves and chatter

Smeargle can't copy shadow moves and chatter

NO, follow MINE, ok class. Let this lovely Smeargle sketch how to learn hypnosis, dream eater, guillontine, and mind reader or lock on. Any other move sets are fine.

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54 Samurott Samurott

Is the strongest it can beat any pokemon if trained hard and has the ultimate power. It can only be handle by the strong trainer

I was going to put magikarp but SOMEBODY already took now I'm showing deadly samurott!.he's better than serperior and owns emboar! He is without a doubt a total and utter boss! Watch out other Pokemon SAMUROTT IS COMING FOR YOU! Also catch a magikarp while your hiding from samurott its awesome.enough said.

Samurott is top. I've got one at level 100.

This pokemon helped me through the gen 5 games!

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55 Hoopa Hoopa

Hoopa should be ranked much higher on the list, I beat the pokemon league without having to waste any potions because of it.

With hoopa s rings of power he can bring multiple versions of every Pokemon to beat Arceus

Best Pokemon ever if it fight with arceus hoopa could summon hundred of arceus of other dimensions

He defeated such big amount of legendaries in the movie. He should be like 3rd of 4th.

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56 Espeon

Has most sp. attack of all eevees evolutions and can more or less oneshot any opponent in gold crystal and silver - hurlhurl

I don't know about anyone else, but based on personal experience umbreon is definitely the strongest eevee evolution.

Umbreon is way better! A dark Pokemon that is cute! The perfect combination!

Looks like a combination of raisin and slug but is good

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57 Jirachi Jirachi

Jirachi is a strong Pokemon because it has this one ability where iron head's flinch is boosted from 30 percent chance of flinch to 60 percent which most of time will give your opponent a flinch. Jirachi also has thunder wave and/or toxic to help out if flinch doesn't work. Wish is also good to have if your running out of hp for any Pokemon and is very effective if your stalling out the enemy Pokemon.

If he can grant wishes than he can make someone wish for his victory. He can also fight in his sleep!

This is good. Forget Charizard; he doesn't last long. But Jirachi is amazing. She is quite strong too.

This Pokemon is cute and can kick as

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58 Blaziken Blaziken Blaziken, known in Japan as Bashāmo, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Blaziken is a chicken. That is impossible to cook. Which means it's invincible.

How is blaziken 50 it learn mirror move, flare blitz, blast burn, overheat. He can beat all dragon type legendary pokemon easily. The legends will use dragon type moves on him, move reflected by mirror move, legend dead. But for kyurem flare blitze, ta-the all dragon type legends dead. IT SHOULD BE NO. 1 NOT 50

Blaziken kicks butt, plain and simple it can learna lot super strong moves

Yo mama's so fat, it took 5 blaze kicks to one shot her!

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59 Latios Latios

You can hack him so he can have the ability wonder guard. He is one of the two only Pokemon who is psychic and dragon. His recover pisses people off. He is just cool looking

Latios and Latias are really cool they're LEGENDARY I wish they were with lugia in the top 10 They should be number 1

He is wonderful and a legendary!

Latios is crazy awesome it and its mega both are insanely strong and cool looking.

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60 Metagross Metagross

Why isn't he in the top ten he is like at least 9th he has epic defense too

Mettagross is the ultimate non-legendary Pokemon when it comes to both defense and attack.

Firstly metagross is THE SRTONGEST STEEL Pokemon and steel Pokemon are the most superior in terms of defense.

Secondly metagross is also a psychic Pokemon because of which even though steel Pokemon are weak against the fighting variety, metagross is pretty srong against fighting Pokemon and this leaves it with practically no weakness.

Thirdly metagross is capable of multitype attaks. Even though it is not a flying Pokemon, it can float in the air and with some of the strongest attacks in the Pokemon world like meteor mash and earthquake, AN EXPERIENCED METAGROSS IS CAPBLE OF BRINGING DOWN PRACTICALLY ANY AND EVERY LEGENDARY Pokemon IN THE POKEDEX.

Metagross is good, it can learn strong attacks like earthquake, plus it has a strong signature move called meteor mash, this Pokemon is strong, it can't easily faint, in emerald I battled against steven's metagross against my rayquaza even I hit it with flamethrower it did not faint

Metagross should be in top ten

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