Top 10 Strongest Sonic Characters

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What else is cooler than a giant water monster nothing

Chaos is a cool nasty monster! He is a water monster!


Come on! He can turn invisible and throw razor sharp shurikans! He can kill anyone!

He's Actally my 3rd favorite but come on unless he has a super form he has to be on number 9 - UltraHyperSonic

24E-123 Omega

He has minigun, flamethrower, grenade launcher hands that's all I have to say

25Dr. Eggman

I hate him! He is fat, grosses me out, Amy and Shadow used to work for him (thankfully, they quit), and then he goes insane! Worst bad guy EV-ER!

Sonic Adventure ruined him. Sonic '06 made me despise Dr. Eggman more than ever. Sonic Boom made me more impressed with Eggman. I do love Classic Eggman, though.

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26Amy Rose

She uses a piko - piko hammer which is so cool and that makes her very strong. She may appear as a kind - hearted girl but when you make her real Mac she uses her hammer to try and squish you.

Amy Rose may seem nice on the outside but make her lose her temper and she'll most likely smash you with her big hammer.


A chao is a cute thing, until it becomes... Chaotic

30Manic the Hedgehog
31Metal Sonic

Metal is a copy of sonic but is surpose to be stonger than sonic. In his metal overlord form he is stonger than super sonic, super knuckles, and super tails. ( knuckles and tails have super shields)

32Hyper Knuckles

Colossal Strength, Invincible, Super Sonic Speed. Truly Knuckles in his enhanced Super Knuckles form. He is truly the most over powered character.

33Hyper Shadic
34Cream the Rabbit

Why does no one like her? She is so adorable with Cheese!

35Emerl the Gizoid
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