Strongest WWE Wrestlers of 2013


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The Top Ten

John Cena
John cena picked up big show with eaz un like brock and he can beat the world strongest man mark henry in arm wrestling
He never arm wrestled against Mark Henry he can big show with ease unlike John Cena whenever he tries to lift big show most of times he doesn't.


The strongest in 2008. Everybody says john cena but he needs to improve to become powerful as brock.


John Cena lifted Mark Henry in Money In The Bank 2013 he is best he gave AA to mark henry then mark henry gave world's strongest slam but cena kicked out in 2 count he is best.
[Newest]John Cena is the best super star

2Brock Lesnar
There is not any match of brock in which he has not shown his extreme power, you may be fan of any one but you know brock is powerful the n every one
The great ufc champion. He is no match with ryback but however he is strong.


Brock lesnar is far much stronger than any wwe wrestler, he can't be compered what anyone!
[Newest]He is stronger man in this planet.

3The Rock
He should be in the top because he had beaten cena, ryback, brock he is the strongest wrestler he also bet taker kane
Because The Rock has beaten the best in the world cm punk 2 time and will face john cena at wrestlemania 29..
He is the greatest and he rocks. If you smell what the rock is cookin...


[Newest]I like you rock

He is the strongest in the wwe history. He is a power house. He can easily shell shock everyone. He is as strong as Bill goldberg. Ryback rocks


Ryback should be at the top of the list!
[Newest]Ryback is powerful but not above of cena

I Like undertakers finishing move and signature move and he beat everyone in the wrestlemanias he should be at the number 1 and I like his tattoes and his superb moves so he should at the number 1
Undertaker should be 1
Its pretty sure that undertaker should be first as he is defeated very less times but he was defeated against brock in wrestle mania because he is too old for wrestling but I love him
[Newest]Undertaker is my favourite wrestler he is very very strong man

6Randy Orton
I love rko n randy Orton. He is my best n super favorite super star in wwe. He is the best in wwe n I like his pose at the corner of the ring. And I like is tattoos his tattoos is superb that skulls are awesome... Last but not least I love you randy...
The viper should wwe champ
The viper is fast and strong. I like his rko.


[Newest]The real best in the world is only one and in this the killer randy orton, not cena and not lesner.

He should be at the top 2. No one can beat him in arm wrestling.


This Irish dude is strong as he lifted mark Henry like easy
Sheamus is the best he always win in every match so he should be the second greatest wrestler
[Newest]He was the wwe champion, United States champion, and world heavyweight champion he deserves to be at least top 5. And plus he beat John Cena and everybody knows John Cena is a great wrestler but sheamus is better. ☺️

8Mark Henry
Mark henry is by far the strongest, did you see that he pulled 2 tractor trailers (over 55 tons) and has been lifting weights since the age of 10


Mark henry is stronger than everyone in the buisness
He's the world strongest man so duh he would be the strongest read his title
[Newest]Mark Henry is my favourite even if he's wrestling or not

9CM Punk
Cm punk is the best guy among all the wrestlers... He only plays with the best wrestlers like john cena, The rock, the undertaker, chris Jericho etc. He wl be the best guy all the time...
Cm punk is amazing and very talented unlike the others. He has the best skills on the mike and in the ring. No one can beat him because he's the best in the world
CM Punk os the best in the world. He has held the championship for almost 2 years continuosly. He beat Jericho in Wrestlemania too. He is the Cult Of Personality. I I mean we repeat HE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD.
[Newest]Cena is the best

10Triple H
He is one of the best wrestlers of the world
Triple H is the best in the world!
The game... And the game not over
[Newest]Triple h should be number 1

The Contenders

11Daniel Bryan
He should be on top because he beated cena in summerslam and he become wwe champion. Yes yes yes yes yesa yes yes yes
He s biggest wwe champ
He is now the strongest champion - yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
[Newest]Used to be no no no now yes yes yes

12Big E Langston
I see guys like Undertaker, Randy Orton and Triple H higher on the list, and its a mistake. While they are better superstars, Big E is stronger, and that's what this list is about.
The black monster have ended everyone in the ring.


13Antonio Cesaro
He is a beast because he picked up Brodus
Clay. 2. Times
Pound for Pound the strongest for sure!
Strongest right? Why isn't Antonio Cesaro higher?

14The Great Khali
He is a strong wrestler in wwe
He Can win his matchs easily
He should be on top in worst wrestlers
Khali is dad of all wrestler he is a outstanding wrestler he is vary strong
[Newest]He is the best wrestler in the world

15Big Show
Big Show is a big fatty

I am scared of him. He is tall strong and can face hardships with courage


The big red monster... Devils favourite demon... And undertakers half brother ofcource.
Brock Lesnar could beat everyone (even Big Show) in the locker room at arm wrestling - EXCEPT KANE
[Newest]Look back his history, truly the strongest of all!

17Rey Mysterio
The best. Respect the mask
Small man but very daring and quick. He can beat even the Undertaker, Big Show And John Cena.
He is one of my favourite wrestler
[Newest]I know that rey is fast he is one of my best but he is not the strongest so he should not be in this list he should be at the fastest WWE wrestlers

18Roman Reigns
I love his superman punch and spear, they are fantastic and fabulous.

He will beat brock at wrestlemania he beat rollings,29 people and bryan
I love roman reigns looks and personality:-) :-) :-)

19Dave Batista
He's the most powerful in WWE he can defeat anybody in WWE
He's the only one who beated Brock Lesnar in OVW and he'd broke Goldberg's leg
Batista is the best the strongest and he is THE ANIMAL!
In OVW Batista defeat Brock Lesnar many times

20Justin Gabriel
He is a awesome high flyer dude and and like his finisher move
He is not strong

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