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Marcellas doesn't use the veto - Big Brother 3
In the final 5, when Marcellas was nominated, he won the veto, and thinking he had a deal with Danielle, didn't use it on himself, and was evicted that week.


Let's all keep in mind that the Power of Veto was this brand new power that came out in BB3. Marcellas was the first person to show America that if you want to win this game, the first rule is to trust no one. Ever since, players have seen the brutality of a "backdoor" and how detrimental the Veto actually is.


2Lawon volunteers to be nominated/evicted - Season 13
Sounds as dumb as it sounds. It was fun to watch though.
Daniele must be the luckiest BB player in the world to see this repeat but worse than Dustin. Poor Lawon. He wasn't going to win anyhow but it was a boneheaded game move.
Super Power! What the ____.

3Dustin volunteers as a pawn - Big Brother 8
When Dick and Daniele were nominated against each other, Dick won the veto and used it on Daniele. He volunteered to be a pawn, and was sent home thanks to America's player.


4Howie nominates James and Sarah - Season 6
When Howie was HoH, Maggie convinced him that his ally James was going to betray them (which was not true), so Howie nominated James and his girlfriend Sarah. When James won the veto, Sarah was evicted, only making their alliance even smaller.


5Mike tries to make Dick lose PoV - Big Brother 8
In a veto competition, Mike was told if he tried to make Dick lose the challenge, he would be nominated, but he did, and he was evicted.


He challenged dick who could easily put him out of the house. Just purely bad gameplay.
The worst part was that he was safe that week

6Kaysar gives Jennifer HoH - Big Brother 6
When Kaysar was voted back into the house by America, he had the power to win HoH. Instead, he made a deal with Jennifer, saying everybody would work together to get James out, but he was evicted that week instead.


7Ollie makes a deal with Dan - Season 10
When Ollie's allies were all gone, he could have won HoH, but instead make a stupid deal with Dan, asking for his safety, Michelle's safety, the choice of one nominee, and the replacement nominee if the veto was used. He thought Dan would go through with it, but instead he backdoored Michelle, followed by Ollie himself.


8Brian makes too many alliances too fast - Big Brother 10
In the first week, Brian made an alliance with almost everyone, but he was caught, and sent home the first week.


9Dan nominates Joe for eviction - Season 14
Why evict the only guy you could ever beat in the finals?
Haha looks like people don't want to admit dan made mistakes and this was a $500,000 mistakes
Overrated player. deserved to lose. should have lost to Joe in the finals


10Danielle uses the POV on Dan in final 4 - Big Brother 14
Danielle thought that it would be in her and Shane's best interest if she used the veto on Dan to vote out Ian when, in reality, Dan was planning on evicting Shane all along.
An unnecessary move on a mastermind of the game and she acts like she didn't bring this on herself. Dan made his game on blindsides and you gave him another on a silver platter.
Had Danielle not taken Dan off of the block she would have definitely made it to the final 2 and even won if she was against Dan

The Contenders

11Jeff backdoors Russell - Season 11
Jeff as always is stupid to fall for anything, the man goes with 2 desperate players who have nothing to lose, unless then going with
With a solid man who respected throughout the game. And the worst thing
About it is that he did not have the guts to say that he GOT GOT when he was talking to Julie Cheng the week after, JEFF YOUR A STUPID PLAYER.
Talking to Julie Cheng the week after.
Jeff let Kevin and Natalie convince him to nominate Russell, thinking he was going to betray him, which was not true. Then the next week, Jeff himself was sent packing.


I think that jeff was stupid when he did that and good thing he was evicted the next week. I wanted russel to win the game.
[Newest]Jeff said that Russell got got but next week he got got

12Frank keeps Dan after he would have been evicted - Big Brother 14
That was stupid by not getting the best player ever out who wanted to get him out
And the next week frank goes home and dan wins the HOH

13Adria nominates Will - Season 5

14Ryan evicts Sheila in the final 3 - Big Brother 9

15Kail campaigns to Danielle to vote her dad out Big Brother 8

16Jessie tries to get Amanda out too early - Season 15

17Cody taking Derrick to the final 2 over Victoria
Cody made weak moves throughout the game and played Derricks game. He was pretty much dragged to final 2 underneath Derricks protection. Sad sad player
I could argue Victoria could have actually won, she played a flawless floater/pawn game.


Cost him the title and 500,000 dollars. Cody is stupid. But glad derrick won bb16 because Cody definitely didn't deserve to win.

18Zach doesn't split up the Donatos - Big Brother 8
After Jessica gets evicted, we're down to the Final 5. Dick is HOH. America's Player Eric and Jameka are on the block. Zach wins the point of view, which at the Final 5 is supremely important. You can take a player off of the block, the one remaining non-HOH and non-point of view winner must go up in his or her place, and if you make a deal like, "Hey, I'll take you off the block if you agree to vote out the replacement nominee," you two have all the power and the HOH becomes meaningless as he wouldn't vote unless there were a 1-1 tiebreaker. Instead, Zach kept nominations the same, and then when he wins HOH the next week in Final Four (where the point of view is really the more powerful position), he decides to go after the Donatos, uselessly, I might add. Some have speculated that the producers "wouldn't let" Zach use it as they knew it would ruin their All-Donato Final 2 fantasy. Just as Eric wasn't allowed to use the veto to backdoor one of the Donatos the previous week, ruining both his and Jessica's game. The producers claim they didn't have enough time to see what America wanted, but then the next week they tell Eric whomever is called upon to lead the houseguests back into the house is America's target. ' rigged season.

19Jessie arrogance when he was on the block during week 3 and 4 - Season 10

20Dan's swearing/gameplay - Season 14
If he never had done that he could have won Big Brother twice. Just look at Alison who played way too aggressive. You need to be careful about how you treat others in your game-play and that coasted him 500,000.
I respect lying in the game I don't respect swearing on your dead grandfathers gold cross religion etc. around 5 times

21Dana nominates Alison and Jack - Season 4

22Frank makes a final two deal with Dan - Big Brother 14
Frank had gotten burned so many times, but he trusted Dan one to many times

23Jerry doesn't nominate Memphis and Dan at the final 5 - Big Brother 10

24Natalie drops both of her HOH competition - Big Brother 11

25Jen annoys the house week one - Season 8

26Janelle puts up Diane instead of Will - Season 7

27Chilltown Doesn't Get Rid of Janelle at the Final 8 (Season 7)

28Joey Exposes the el Cuatro Alliance - Season 16
Such a stupid idea. Making failed alliances isn't hated on. Making an alliance of four non-competitors that are afraid of the power-hungry men in the house in Week 1, then EXPOSING the alliance to the power-holder instead of lying about it is what gets the criticism. Really, had she actually ever seen the show?


29Frankie doesn't veto Christine in the final 6 - Big Brother 16

30Christine plays for the boys instead of the girls and for herself - Season 16
She was an idiot like most of the season 16 cast. Nicole, Donny, and Zach were the only ones who weren't afraid to make any move.


31Devin Exposes His All Boys Alliance- Season 16

32Jen threatens Amber before the veto competition Big Brother 8

33Willie argues with a nominated Frank - Season 14

34Natalie drops both of her HOH competition - Big Brother 9

35Dan Flipping Without Logical Reasoning. (Season 14)

36Diane tells Drew that he can't beat her in the final 2 - Season 5

37Dan doesn't evict Ian over Shane at the final four - Season 14

38James tries to play all sides - Big Brother 6

39Zach doesn't use the POV in the final 5 - Big Brother 8

40Peter doesn't save Topaz - Big Brother Canada 1
Peter could have saved Topaz, Andrew would have been put on the block and they could have both voted for Andrew to leave. Topaz and Peter then could have convinced Talla that Jillian and Emmet were to close and they would have had a 3 to 1 shot at HOH. But no, Peter leaves Topaz on the block next to Talla. Jillian, Andrew, and Peter vote Topaz out. Jillian wins HOH, she puts Peter and Andrew on the block. Andrew wins point of view. Andrew and Emmet vote Peter out. If Peter had used the veto then they would have targeted Topaz and she would be out and Peter would be in the house instead of Andrew.

41Alison evicts Erika over Jun - Season 4

42Jee nominates a fellow "Ex" for eviction - Season 4

43Porsche Briggs opens pandora's box on BB13

44The entire BB16 house wanting to get Brittany out - Season 16
Haha yeah this was very confusing.. Sadly I liked Brittany I don't know why they all wanted her out. Probably because she said she would make a big move and they were intimidated by her fierce-ness

45Amber tries to get Zach out - Big Brother 16

46Devin Nominates Zach - Big Brother 16

47McCrae Nominates Elissa In the Final 6 - Big Brother 15

48Spencer Nominates Judd In the Final 5 - Big Brother 15

49Aaryn Makes Inappropriate Comments - Big Brother 15

50Helen Throws Jessie Under the Bus - Big Brother 15

51Britney Trusts Lane - Big Brother 11

52Ronnie Attempts to Backdoor Russell - Big Brother 11

53The girls refuses to take Joey's all women's alliance offer - Season 16

54Jameka gives up 5 HoHs to win the veto when she was not a target - Season 8

55Nicole evicts Monica at the final 3 instead of Dr. Will - Season 2

56Caleb renominates Victoria instead of making a big move - Big Brother 16

57Caleb doesn't participate in the Battle of The Block - Big Brother 16
That would be the EASIEST challenge ever to throw, you could have pretended not to pay attention. If he did participate, then Frankie would have gone home. End of story.


58Diane falls for Drew - Season 5

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