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Marcellas doesn't use the veto - Big Brother 3
In the final 5, when Marcellas was nominated, he won the veto, and thinking he had a deal with Danielle, didn't use it on himself, and was evicted that week.


2Lawon volunteers to be nominated/evicted - Season 13
Ok first of all, why in the world would you want to be nominated and evicted? This is Big Brother, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED>
Marcellas eat your heart out there's a new dumbest move in BB history
Super Power! What the ____.

3Dustin volunteers as a pawn - Big Brother 8
When Dick and Daniele were nominated against each other, Dick won the veto and used it on Daniele. He volunteered to be a pawn, and was sent home thanks to America's player.


4Mike tries to make Dick lose PoV - Big Brother 8

In a veto competition, Mike was told if he tried to make Dick lose the challenge, he would be nominated, but he did, and he was evicted.


5Howie nominates James and Sarah - Season 6

The sov 6 was a very strong alliance and could have made it very far in the game if Howie trusted james as oppose to the other side the friendship was just trying to manipulate Howie to doing there dirty work.

When Howie was HoH, Maggie convinced him that his ally James was going to betray them(which was not true), so Howie nominated James and his girlfriend Sarah. When James won the veto, Sarah was evicted, only making their alliance even smaller.


6Kaysar gives Jennifer HoH - Big Brother 6

When Kaysar was voted back into the house by America, he had the power to win HoH. Instead, he made a deal with Jennifer, saying everybody would work together to get James out, but he was evicted that week instead.


7Ollie makes a deal with Dan - Season 10

When Ollie's allies were all gone, he could have won HoH, but instead make a stupid deal with Dan, asking for his safety, Michelle's safety, the choice of one nominee, and the replacement nominee if the veto was used. He thought Dan would go through with it, but instead he backdoored Michelle, followed by Ollie himself.


8Brian makes too many alliances too fast - Big Brother 10

In the first week, Brian made an alliance with almost everyone, but he was caught, and sent home the first week.


9Jeff backdoors Russell - Season 11

I think that jeff was stupid when he did that and good thing he was evicted the next week. I wanted russel to win the game.

Jeff let Kevin and Natalie convince him to nominate Russell, thinking he was going to betray him, which was not true. Then the next week, Jeff himself was sent packing.


10Dan nominates Joe for eviction - Season 14
Why evict the only guy you could ever beat in the finals?
Haha looks like people don't want to admit dan made mistakes and this was a $500,000 mistakes

The Contenders

11Danielle uses the POV on Dan in final 4 - Big Brother 14
An unnecessary move on a mastermind of the game and she acts like she didn't bring this on herself. Dan made his game on blindsides and you gave him another on a silver platter.
Danielle thought that it would be in her and Shane's best interest if she used the veto on Dan to vote out Ian when, in reality, Dan was planning on evicting Shane all along.
Stupidest move ever Danielle probably would have won if it wasn't for that move she defentily would have gotten final 2

12Adria nominates Will - Season 5

13Frank keeps Dan after he would have been evicted - Big Brother 14
That was stupid by not getting the best player ever out who wanted to get him out
And the next week frank goes home and dan wins the HOH

14Ryan evicts Sheila in the final 3 - Big Brother 9

15Jessie tries to get Amanda out too early - Season 15

16Zach doesn't split up the Donatos - Big Brother 8

17Dana nominates Alison and Jack - Season 4

18Jerry doesn't nominate Memphis and Dan at the final 5 - Big Brother 10

19Jessie arrogance when he was on the block during week 3 and 4 - Season 10

20Dan's swearing/gameplay - Season 14
If he never had done that he could have won Big Brother twice. Just look at Alison who played way too aggressive. You need to be careful about how you treat others in your game-play and that coasted him 500,000.

21Jen annoys the house week one - Season 8

22Kail campaigns to Danielle to vote her dad out Big Brother 8

23Janelle puts up Diane instead of Will - Season 7

24Chilltown Doesn't Get Rid of Janelle at the Final 8 (Season 7)

25Frank makes a final two deal with Dan - Big Brother 14
Frank had gotten burned so many times, but he trusted Dan one to many times

26Natalie drops both of her HOH competition - Big Brother 11

27Jen threatens Amber before the veto competition Big Brother 8

28Willie argues with a nominated Frank - Season 14

29Natalie drops both of her HOH competition - Big Brother 9

30Dan Flipping Without Logical Reasoning. (Season 14)

31Diane tells Drew that he can't beat her in the final 2 - Season 5

32Dan doesn't evict Ian over Shane at the final four - Season 14

33James tries to play all sides - Big Brother 6

34Zach doesn't use the POV in the final 5 - Big Brother 8

35Peter doesn't save Topaz - Big Brother Canada 1
Peter could have saved Topaz, Andrew would have been put on the block and they could have both voted for Andrew to leave. Topaz and Peter then could have convinced Talla that Jillian and Emmet were to close and they would have had a 3 to 1 shot at HOH. But no, Peter leaves Topaz on the block next to Talla. Jillian, Andrew, and Peter vote Topaz out. Jillian wins HOH, she puts Peter and Andrew on the block. Andrew wins point of view. Andrew and Emmet vote Peter out. If Peter had used the veto then they would have targeted Topaz and she would be out and Peter would be in the house instead of Andrew.

36Diane falls for Drew - Season 5

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