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Why the heck is Bidoof on here twice? Haha, poor Bidoof. I'm still trying to figure out why some Pokemon are on here though... especially Oshawott... spelled WRONG. Some people just over-analyze about what the Pokemon CAN'T do, and they don't pay more attention to what it CAN do.

This is my least favorite Pokemon. At least Magikarp has the excuse of being a floppy fish. Bidoof is one of the first Pokemon you see in diamond and pearl and its definitely the worst. - ScorpDevil4

What the hell, man? Is Bidoof that bad, that he has to be here THREE times? Obviously. The only good thing he's got going for him is that OP Moody ability, and there are better Pokemon that have that. We asked for a Pokemon, not a teenage excuse for a Pokemon.

My dad said Bidoof looks like a platypus made out of poop...

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Wow, let's make some new fighting types and name them after ways to hurt people. And we'll misspell the names, too. Oh, but we have to make distinctions, so let's make 'em each a different color. AND PUT THEM IN KARATE GIs!

Hey! Why don't we rip off cool Pokemon like hitmonlee and hitmonchan and replace them with creepy things that look like Ernie and Bert? That would be a good idea, wouldn't it be?

Pretty much all Human-based Pokemon are stupid. What's more is that this guy looks like he's made of Play-do and has a karate robe on.

Cause a retard in a pink dress and slippers and piece of gum with limbs are "cool"

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I think oddish is cute. I've always wanted one.

Oddish is a weirdo with a grass hairdo its like Nintendo just said 'we don't have any Pokemon without arms, ' so they made him a blue seed, then they said, 'let's give him a spiffy hairdo!

I really like odissh, it's cute now some people might complain about gloom but remember, in the anime it saved a kids life from a grimer

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Shedinja's Dex entry states "that it will steal the soul of anyone looking in the hole on its back" this makes me hate Shedinja

No way! It's immune to HEAPS of types! I know it only has 1 HP, but STILL!

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Slowpoke looks a whole lot like a zombie. On cocaine. Him and the rest of its evolutionary forms. Its eyes even bigger than those Japanese animated characters, and it looks permanently stoned.

Slowpoke is stupid my friend has the card I said throw it out he said you can sell for millions keep your old Pokemon to get cash

I have Pokemon mini-figures, and slowpoke has this tail curving towards his head. Some bottoms of my Pokemon toys, like Blastoise, have holes in them. Then, I can put Blastoise onto the Slowpoke tail, and call him SLowtank.

I beat forty a gym leader with it by the way it's physic type

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Weezing's face... Oh my god. He looks like, 'Why is life so bad?!?!?! ' and plus, what ARE those stuff coming out of him? Is it what I think it is... is he farting?!

Weeping has fart powder coming out of him - SammySpore

It just looks.. Ugh.. -.-
I think Koffing looks better. I like elegent/cute looking pokemon, but this thing..
Maybe Koffing needs another evolution?

Looks high and was alway useless farting in the cartoon was james best Pokemon though

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Simipour, I once used before, but it is so weak! Why were the elemental monkeys even Pokemon? It looks like a hippie.

I guess he is a little useless, but I like how they made them based off those three monkey things (hear speak see) - awesomeyveltal

Y does every person have to hate the monkeys, seriously their not that weak they have decent stats and huge movepools so what the crap is wrong with you people.

The ugliest thing ever

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28TyrantrumTyrantrum is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a Rock/Dragon type Pokemon, and is the evolve form of the fossil Pokemon, Tyrunt. It is classified as the Despot Pokemon. 100 million years ago, before its extinction, Tyrantrum was an invincible predator with its more.

Who put him on this list! HE IS AWESOME!

Who the heck doesn't like this guy! I mean it's a rock Dino and the only bad thing about it is that it's arm are still short

Tyrantrum is epic! Fools put him on here - FerrariDude64

Tyrantrum looks like a damn clown!

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Dumbest Pokemon ever, Lugia and Evie destroy is in every way possible... Also Craig is a terrible name, just saying


I swear whenever I see this Pokemon something just smells BAD, maybe nintendo invented smellovision, because it works for me.

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It's an ice cream cone. Pokemon is getting DESPERATE! Next they will make a cup cake that evolves into a birthday cake, and then into a wedding cake.

Jesus it's the stupidest pokemon ever invented. If I ever had one, I would have been like "GO VANILLISH! " and it would come out half eaten because I would have eaten it I agree, Pokemon is really running out of ideas

How do you manage to make ice cream fight scares me because I love ice cream

Food is not Pokemon

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Feebas blows! Excerpt it evolves into milotic

Ok, captain obvious, feebas is JUST like a magikarp, BUT MORE UGLY.

Feebas is uglier, but better than Magikarp. This is because it can live anywhere. - turtwig

How does it evolve in beautiful milotic

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In the TCG five fierce chops low attack low chance of high damage and then cannot attack next turn


He is annoying cause I have all the Pokemon guides and I have top see this

Umm uxie is the smartest Pokemon

Laugh out loud world's smartest pokemon is on the stupid pokemon list. Whoever put him on is pretty dumb cause it has an IQ over 5000 and still on the stupid list lololz think twice before putting a pokemon on.

Oh we'll it's just a game

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The most retarded looking Pokemon in history. As if every single one would carry a big wooden beam all the time? It's evolution is worse though...

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Common sense people: Snivy was one of the only smart Pokemon Ash had in the anime. Snivy definitely does NOT look stupid.

Snivy beat Pikachu. The same one the defeated legendary's, this... thing... is...BEAST or it's just a mew in disguise, which is why it looks at you like it's better than you

Really snivy is not bad mine fainted mewtwo in one attack

Snivy is BEAST he shouldn't be on here - FerrariDude64

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38JigglypuffJigglypuff, known in Japan as Purin, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Why is Jigglypuff on this list it's so cute

Its cute why you hate it :( its cute jiggly puff its cute cute I say cute

It just syngs and puts everyone to sleep so stupid and emo just baby aga

Its stupid. I mean sersly. It has weak attacks and sings and everyone that hears it goes to sleep. Jigglypuff is stupid!

Why is Jigglypuff on here D: - awesomeyveltal

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He evolves into The king of Ghost and Poison! Gengar! Take this guy off NOW!

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Garbodor is a bag of garbage! I mean seriously, a bag of garbage? What's next, a can of tomato soup named Cambello? Or maybe they might have an ice cream Pokemon. Oh wait...

I personally love Garbodor. You retards just hate it because of its design. So what is and ugly trash bag. Is one of my favorite poison types and Pokemon in general. First actually use it before you judge it. Garbodor is really strong. So yeah. Its awesome.

I literally threw up a bit when I first saw this thing. It's hideous. Can we at least recycle it instead of throwing it away?

Should be higher than Pikachu.

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