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Why's hydreigon on this list. Its stats are very high in the special attack. Also, the heads on its arms make for a dark type look

This is like a Hydra. Its super epic looking. - FerrariDude64

Really!? Heads that look like sock puppets for heads!? This really should be #1. I'm lim, by the way.

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I heard stories of people going full rage when battling Whitney's Miltank. I can't imagine cow being hard to kill.

A gym trainer has this with milk or whatever the battle becomes super long because it keeps healing it self almost to full health

I was lucky to defeat Whitney the first time, I had a fighting type

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Pokcreater:lets make a emo baby with a dress. Great job gamfreak making emo babies worst pokemon ever

The goth pokemon? What? One of the many pokemon that made gen 5 suck compared to others. Suprised garbador's not on this list, when I saw that I was done. Goths, garbage, and even flying psychic heart nosed- bats, oh and don't forget about the Lamp Pokemon. Take Mr. Mime, Staryu, Uxie, and majikarp off the list. And tell someone this is the list is the top ten stupidest pokemon, I'm sick of seeing CHARIZARD THE BEST" if you wanna type that type it on some other top ten. - Nikokomomo


Okay, who put Alakazam and Gengar on the list, because those two are boss.

That aside, Dunsparce is a seriously awful Pokemon. Unlike most of the Pokemon ranked above it, it doesn't evolve into something worth using, and it's movepool is positively pathetic. It's really ugly too.

What! It just sits in caves and doesn't have any good attacks in the game and those little wings only lift them up like 2 or 3 inches of the ground.

What is this thing, what the point of this thing having Serena Grace?

I hate you not dunsparce

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Hello..? Uxie is the being of knowledge!

Overrated overrated overrated and even more overrated too overrated enough to be in this list

TAKE HER OF THE LIST seriously the smartest pokemon on the dumbest pokemon list this nonsense

Please add yourself if you add more innocent pokemon to the list

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Seriously this a fish/tadpole that shoots electricity and looks like a derp.

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Beautiful a Pokemon that can't move or attack therefore a metapod that is yellow wow the creators of Pokemon are so original.

They should have just stuck with kakuna having arms


Oh but it's so cute!, how dare you, this should be in the list of the Pokemon that someone thought were stupid but are the cutest

What were they thinking when they made Pichu? How about we take Pikachu, make it smaller and more annoying, and when you fight it you want to bang your head against the wall. I think that is what they were thinking.

Why can't Pikachu be one of the Pokemon that needs to hold incense to make the baby mon? At least then we could chose whether or not we have to put up with this horrid little beast.

Pichu= Machu Pichu

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50FoongusV2 Comments

Whenever you go into tall grass this dude shows up and keeps on coming it is truly the worst Pokemon that only knows string shot and tackle - bahramkhan

It's such a stupid Pokemon based on a caterpillar that only knows string shot and tackle

Magikarp is stupider but I voted for Caterpie because he deserves more hate then this. - SamTheAwesome

Why is Hydreigon higher then Caterpie!?

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Why is Lugia up here? He is so epic

LUGIS IS AWESOME. His name, His EX and his attacksm and design says it all! - FerrariDude64

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Finally the bird ran over by a car

My friend loves him I can't wait to tell him

To be honest I love this guy because he's so hilariously dorky looking! But honestly why is it weak to water when it lives in water(face palm) that's gamefreak logic for you. They should have given it storm drain/water absorb/dry skin.

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What? How did this get here? It's pretty powerful!

He can use himself as camoflauge I wish they had an attack with him that was camoflauge. - FerrariDude64

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Who the hell put Wartortle here? Seriously? Wartortle is the greatest Pokemon in the history of everything. Are you guys stupid or something? I'm being serious right now, Wartortle is my favorite Pokemon. Hands down.

Wartortle is the BEST Pokemon ever, whoever said Wartortle sucks probably got dropped on their head when they were a baby! Wartortle is a really cute ^^ awesome Pokemon truely

People who ever said wartortle is bad he should be on the top ten not bottom ten

He is too awesome to be here

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It sounds annoying and only has one "attack. " I don't even understand why it is used in battle. And it took me hours to understand the tail, which is like a balloon that can hold things. And what happened to the post office? Don't just make a whole Pokemon for delivering presents.

Why isn't this even mentioned? This 2nd gen pokemon is completely horrible. God awful stats, ridiculously bad move set, and the only exclusive move it has HEALS the opponent. This will die in one hit no matter what, pass on this completely. - Akai

It gives you presents that blow up. It's like Santa Clause's evil pet or something.

His stats are bad, but present always cracks me up - awesomeyveltal


Love Pidgeotto. Awesome Pokemon.
Only problem with it is IT'S. NOT.A. PIGEON!
It's obviously based of an osprey, why not call it something along those lines? Even naming after eagles or hawks would have been better than pigeons.

Pidgeotto is awesome. Who ever put pidgeotto on here is stupid.

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60MewMew is one of the fictional species of creatures from Nintendo's and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri.

Whoever likes Mewtwo better than Mew needs to think about it. I mean hello, Mewtwo wouldn't exist without Mew - awesomeyveltal

Mew is kind it/'s all about having a great time unlike you

He's a fudging cute he is amazing he is a boss he kills a lot of pokem

Mew pretty cool

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