Top Ten Stupidest TV Shows Ever Made


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The Top Ten

Dora the Explorer
Dora:Where is the mountain
Dora:Where is the mountain
Me:I already told you, retard
Dora:Oh There it is
Me: Thank God

Dora:Say Map
Dora:Even Louder
I hate it when people put T.V. Shows for children ages 0-5 on here, but I have to agree on this one. I hated Dora the Explorer when I was 6. I'm so glad that this isn't blasting on the T.V. Anymore.
Oh Great A Little Retarded 3 year old that hangs around a monkey and a fox who in the
right mind would enjoy that


[Newest]This is the stupidest show I've ever seen in my life makes me want to shove my head in a toilet and then flush it and then shove my head in a car door so you know and monkeys don't wear boots

2Hannah Montana
Reason this is such a bad show is because Miley Cyrus is as good of an actress as my drunken grandmother. The idea of the film is actually a good one, the biggest star in the world has a split personality ad lives the life of a normal girl. But what hurts the show is Disney Channel just being what it typically is, shows that do not gear towards a family audience (unlike their animated movies) but more a third grader who thinks life revolves around singing, laughing and friendships. This show is no different than any other show on disney channel, and Miley Cyrus has to be one of the worst actresses in history. Case Closed, I am proud that this show is gone.
She flips out because there is a one in a million chance of losing her voice...


she talks like a flappy mouthed albatross with peanut butter on the roof of its mouth, has no real comedic acting talent
[Newest]I like this show! People just don't like wholesome shows that don't always have to have killing, mystery, or even (as much) romance. Well like it or not I enjoy this show very much.

3Jersey Shore
A stupid show, with a cast of nothing but people who are collectively less intelligent than an unborn baby in the womb. The "people" on the show, I call them people out of sympathy for their lack of civility, are vile, disgusting, disease infested, orange painted Guido trash who have permanently damaged the Italian people's ethnic background and will cast a shadow of shame upon NJ natives forever. Basically, these people ARE famous for being famous. At least the Kardashians have their brilliant and still hot (yeah I <3 MILFs) mom who knows how to market their name and create a business empire out of it, that's the difference between work savvy trash and straight up trash, like the cast of Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore sucks! Oh, Snooki's poor child will have to grow up being the son of trash, my heart goes out to that kid. Think I'm too harsh, oh well, I speak the truth. As a brilliant Jack Nicholson once said, "You can't handle the truth! "


What is wrong with this list!? SOUTH PARK, MAD T.V.!? How are THEY in the Top Ten!?

This show is the cult of America's stupidity... How can anyone watch this is something I cease to understand.


It doesn't actually happens to me that I HATE a show because it is stupid but by JS I just always have the feeling of vomiting and discussed when I just hear or read the name... I needed to sit once through an episode because I couldn't change the channel or run away and I felt so raped after it.
[Newest]If you say you're from New Jersey in almost any other state, this show is the reason you're laughed at.

4Keeping Up With The Kardashians
I agree with all of you cause who would want to watch a reality show that all they talks about is what they do in their daily life and anything inappropriate. 😩 Kim should b ashamed of herself cause she thinks kanye and beauty takes care of her and her husband. But are you setting a good example of your child? Kim calls herself a "strict" mother... ? WHAT KIND OF HARD WORK DO YOU REALLY DO?! Nothing but sit around and think about herself.
The Kardashians are 99% plastic and I can't stand them. Kim is the worst. I am Armenian and they consider themselves Armenian when only their dad was Armenian. They are a shame to my culture and Kim needs a reality check. Who names their kid North West?


The Kardashians are VERY stupid and annoying, let's just be honest, it's an addictive show. It's entertaining to watch stupid drama. Everyone knows that.
[Newest]We don't need to keep up with the Kardashians... The Kardashians need to keep up with US.

5Fanboy & Chum Chum
This show is the worst it's extremely bad too it sucks my god the single worst show in the whole universe and alien planets in the 3 dimension polygon.
Goodbye nick I hope your happy with yourself for make this horrible show. This was what was going through their heads when they created this. Hey we need a new show any ideas? I have one what about a good show? No that will never work. What about a show with a skinny dude and a fat dude going around being sick dressed like superheroes. PERFECT!
I've never watched this but seriously, mighty bee is pretty messed up, they should have it
[Newest]It's your opinion people.. I love this show so much!
It's actually not an opinion, it's actually true as a matter of fact, it's retarded and makes people including YOU retarded, that's why you love it so much, it makes you and your brain retarded.


6Fred: The Show
WHAT? Who diced Fred needed a T.V. show all he does is scream!
If you thought 'Fred: The Movie' was good, boy you're in for a treat here!

But if you are a normal person like me and you cannot tolerate this childish "man" (someone with a voice like that shouldn't be called a man) you should stay well away from this disaster of a television show.
Heck, He wasn't even a good YouTuber in his prime! Fred marked the beginning of the end of for Nickelodeon. People will blame SpongeBob, and, I admit after the 2004 movie, the heart of the show and the comedy abruptly died, However, it didn't kill every ounce of remaining respect for the network. After Fred, the show, we have seen Martian Martian, another comedic masterpiece... for those at psych wards. Wendell and Vinnie, basically jerry trainor trying to copy Icarly inresponsible adult, ,responcible kid routine. Rabbit Invasion basically is just watching rabbits babble and do random crap. Sanjay and Craig is just shameful. Same to be said with Breadwinners (It uses the buddy plot worse the regular show), And all of their Pathetic attempts to make another decent live action (Thundermans, Sam & Cat and haunted hathaways)
[Newest]Most annoying show ever made...

7Naked Brothers Band
The title makes me think of horny 16 year-old boys wanting to do it with 24 year-old women. It's a ripoff from Jonas Bros and Jonas Bros sucked anyway SO WHY THE FUDGE DO WE NEED A WANNA-BE BAND ANYWAY?!
Naked brothers band is the worst sho in the history of nickelodeon! Number one: The name. What kinda name is naked brothers band?! Like really. It sounds like a group of boys who sing and play instruments while naked. I am so happy its gone. Nickelodeon why would you even make a show like that?! I'm through here. Laters
[Newest]The movie was awesome, but the show sucked elephant penis

8Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
I lose brain cells just watching this show!
I've heard rumours that when foreigners think of Americans, they think Honey Boo Boo. I really hope that is not true because this show sucks
My IQ dropped significantly when I saw her loo rolling everyone.
It's purely funny to see how bratty she is though laugh out loud
[Newest]She's just a fat dumb kid

9Barney and Friends
Barney you don't have any friends so stop loving you dirty naked pervert. And I hate your song so I will sing I hate you you hate me lets go and put barney in jail with max and ruby and the wonder pets ha ha ha ha ha ha HA!
Stop saying you hate these shows. I don, t like it either because the song at the end. little kids don, t know that the show is dumb AUGGh your right.
I like you. You like me. Lets get together and kill Barney with an AK-47 and a door, no more purple dinosaur
[Newest]That is just rude

10The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange
The most annoying T.V. show ever made. Even worse than Dora


I love this annoying show
I watched the YouTube series, but it sucked on television.


The Contenders

11Dr. Phil
This show is made to get people to stop playing video games and believing in memorable charecters (1 Stupid episode) Who else gets tortured of boredom?

12The Teletubbies
those vioce boxes sound lik someone farting briefly...(bluuuuuuuuuuuuuurb "twinko twinko little star...")


When I was limitless, I watched it every now and then. However, I was quite afraid of that vaccum thing, it seriously looked like it would eat me. Then, the SUN! What sun has a BABY FACE on it? Seriously? Such a creepy show...
Used to love it, but now it's gone downhill.


[Newest]The Teletubbies may be appropriate for babies, but that doesn't mean it's good for them.


Yes! This show is racist, and incredibly stupid! The animation is horrible, the characters are even worse, and the messages and dialogue are the worst!
Hands down, the WORST.


What the hell! I love mad T.V.! Why is it on this list! This show was my Saturday Night Live replacement!
I never thought this, but when I saw the black tirade episode, the stupid factor sky rocketed, these people can't even make a parody that matches the melody of a song and have to add porn and stuff cliche stuff to be "funny"

15My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Here is another version of I love you you love me. I hate you you hate me lets make ponies get hit by buses with a bus 39 and bus 81. Ha ha ha ha ha ha HA!
Geez I don't know what's worse, bronies saying that they love this show or MLP fans getting so offensive to the haters. This is the worst hub show ever.


I'm fine if you don't like it, it's when people say the ponies shall die then that's too far.


I have an idea for an episode! How about, all the ponies DIE!
[Newest]Its deserves to be number one on this list!


16Yo Gabba Gabba!
They have one episode completely based on "sharing", and the entire time, all they are saying is "SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! SHARING IS FUN! FUN IS SHARING! IT'S MORE FUN WHEN YOU SHARE! " It's like hypnotising a kid with this stupidity.
AHH! I hate this show. Sometimes I wonder what loser came up with this show. The monsters are weird and the guy with the orange wig is even weirder. The only one I kinda like is the blue thing, only because she/he lives in ice and is the best looking out of all of them. The voices are stupid and the storylines get stupid. I HATE THE SHOW!
This show is stupid. I only like the blue cat thing because it looks like a cat (I love cats) and it is the best looking out of all of them. And it lives on ice.


17Go! Diego Go!
Uh no this is actually created by the same people who did dora the explorer
This is only a copy of Dora the Explorer. Which is already really bad.
you learn something at least but its full of crap!
[Newest]Stupid. Kids will grow up dumb as box of rocks.

18Sanjay and Craig
The show is disgusting. Is this what children find amusing now?
It's honestly a complete rip-off of Regular Show
What? This show is AMAZING better than that retarded my little pony
Worse than My Little Pony, it's bathroom humor makes your brain retarded and Nick should only put shows that are appropriate for their ages, this show is not appropriate.


19Toddlers & Tiaras
Ridiculous show. Those poor little girls get hate from what their ridiculous parents put them in


Nothing more than child abuse recorded on camera.
Another stupid-ass show that should never had even been made, however, its spin-off is far, far worse...
[Newest]This got 1.8/10 on imdb

Two ducks delivering bread to retards & twerking, what was Nick thinking?
Bread delivery service nicely done nick (sarcasm)
This deserves to be at the top of the list.


21Big Brother
What only 27 it should be number 1


I can not belive this is not on the list it is the worst stupids show out
Maybe it might go to number 1


22Uncle Grandpa
This is the dumbest show in the world
I feel as if there is no point to this show and it is just a crappy waste of time. And I think my feelings are correct.
I figure that the writers are either always high or they're not trying at all.
[Newest]Pizza Steve is awesome though! "🍕

Not the best show or actors

24King of the Hill
if I was on the show, I would kill
every body on there (except john
What the hell? This is one of my favorite shows ever! It has very sophisticated humor
I'm pissed off that king of the hill is on this list its obviously the best show ever
[Newest]Boring not funny at all

25A.N.T. Farm
Disney thinks they can be 'diverse' by throwing in a few kids of a different race here and there to shut up the people who say Disney is racist. No. It's seriously not important. FIND KIDS WHO CAN SING BEFORE YOU MAKE THE MAIN GIRL A SCREECHING WENCH. The 13 YEAR OLDS on this show wear things to make them look 17, have the latest smartphones, say I LOVE YOU, and are allowed to dye their hair and go everywhere by themselves. It's completely unrealistic and crappy.
I hate this rip-off of Victorious
Probably the stupidest show on Disney. This and Jessie.

26Adventure Time
This is just stupid. Its annoying and weird. Why isn't it Canceled? This should be 1 not 35. The Animation, It needs to go away now!
There are too many stupid, annoying, boring, meaningless, disturbing... Shows on T.V.. But Adventure Time is even worse than Fanboy & Chum Chum - the show which is unbeatable!
All I can say is I despise it more than anything. In the Universe.
[Newest]Why is this below my little pony?

27Avatar: the Last Airbender
This is the best show ever! Why would someone put this on the worst shows? I had to vote it down so I can comment on how good this show is. This has all the components to a awesome show. It has protagonist, antagonist, drama, romance, action, comedy, a good story plot, and a surprise ending.
Anyone who voted for this that hates this show is a ----- -- --- ---- -----!
I love this show how dare. You put this on this list
[Newest]What! This was the best show ever!

28Family Guy
Stupidest show on earth. How is it funny? There is such a thing as "too much" stupid. This show needs to be cancelled.
Just retarded and cruel. I don't get why people think it's funny.
The world things about society broadcast all over the country for people to laugh at... Writers should be ashamed of themselves.
[Newest]Sick, twisted, disgusting and incorrect! This show deserves to be on this list!

29Sesame Street
Ok, that's about as far as I can stand... Seriously, OF COURSE these shows like Dora, Diego, Sesame Street and stuff suck, you know why? Because they were made for LITTLE KIDS Jesus...
Sesame Street should not be on this list. It helps kids get ready for school. Why is it here? I'm 11 and I love it.


I didn't even like it when I was lil and my room still had stickers of Elmo and big bird even cookie monster

30Two and a Half Men
The reason this show is so popular is to the fact of the sex obsessed generation we live in. This show rarely ever has any jokes that do not involve how one guy can get laid and the other one can not, which is funny but after eight seasons the writers need to learn that people have sex in life weather than life happens in sex. Charlie Sheen is funny, although he is just acting like himself. Once he left the show had nothing, as sheen was the only likable thing in it.
Two and a Half Men is actually one of the best T.V. shows of the 21st century. It's creative, witty and hilarious, the cast is great, the humor is okay (even though it's kinda "inappropriate" but it's not a kid show anyway), the storylines are always different. It has more seasons than F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

WHAT! Friends is awesome and there will never be another show like it ever
There is a distinction between people who like Friends or Seinfeld, the former implying stupidity and the latter implying intelligence.

32Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job
annoying, stupid, and not so awesome.
The best show ever made
Asinine. How this keeps getting funded escapes me.

33Angry Birds Toons
Why is it in this list? It was pretty funny.
The first time I watched it I cringed

34The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
Thanks for saying no offense
No offense if you like this show, but I'm glad it got cancelled.
Why did it get cancelled?
[Newest]No I loved this show

Stupid. Go away NBC

36Jerry Springer

37Robot Chicken

3848 Hours

This "fake" ninja show is just another children version of Austin Powers mean for gay which is not funny. The main character is an yellow hair obnoxious George W. Bush who only dream is to be an mafia boss and prove that he is the most important jerk in the world, the main heroine is an pink hair damsel in distress and finally his rival/gay partner is an emo punk who only think of revenge.

More important, it is just another rip-off from Dragon ball where DBZ fans knew where the Naruto characters are based of and nothing is original. Unless you are looking for soft-porn and are sexist and didn't mind retard storyline like I chase my gay partner, my gay partner run away and I chase him again, do switch to Tom and Jerry instead which will worth your 15 min watching and laughter!
If you voted for this your just really sad


41Marvin Marvin
This should go higher, it sucked and everyone H8ED IT.

42How I Met Your Mother
Barney is annoying, Fred is desperate and passive. Robin is the only good looking thing on the show. And the story line is a facebook thread.
Yes, this is the most asinine show ever! I can't believe it has stayed on as long as it has. I don't believe that anyone with an IQ beyond double digits could like the show.

43The Big Bang Theory
This show is amazing! How did it get on the list?!?!?

Worst sketch show ever made.



46School Days
Damn this anime to hell.

47Harvey Beaks
Harvey Beaks is actually a decent show, it's better than Sanjay & Craig and Breadwinners, 3/5.


48Criminal Minds
This show rocks. Haters gonna hate...

49Yo Momma

50Tenkai Knights

51Gossip Girls
This show tries to make snobbish people "role models" for the younger generations. It's just disgusting, that show is crap! It's not about friendship, it's about hate. Nobody loves nobody in that show.
My favorite show and I do not look up to it I like it because it can get me imagining how what happens when your handed a lot of money what you will do with it and how being born into something can really reflect how you will out in the real world however not many people think of it the way I do and makes other teens just want more drugs and money
I hate it so badly.
Just a rip-off of Pretty Little Liars that was bad enought

52Sex and the City
Just by the name, I can tell this is a bad show.

53Star vs. the Forces of Evil

54The Mighty B!

55Full House
Why would anybody put this on the list? Clearly it is one of the best sitcoms ever made, and one that I can watch a full episode of without getting bored. There are tons of worse shows out there than this.
I love Full House its an awesome show that teaches kids good morals and stuff
Why is full house on this list! Full House is awesome!
[Newest]This is the best show ever made! How is on the list!

56The Proud Family
I hate proud family its horrible they're mean they fight the day this show came out was the worst day in T.V.T.V. was fun until this boring cartoon came when it got cancelled I was glad because I hate proud family
I love prous family you guys suck for hating on it you have no souls

57South Park
I think that's one of the best shows ever on T.V.. It all has a great story behind each episode.. I loved it for a long time now.. Haters gonna hate..
Look how they walk.


South Park is better than Family Guy.

58The Problem Solverz
Oh My God! I absolutely loathe this show so much, I just want to kill Paper Rad for this.
Worst Show EVER! This show also feels like a Gumby rip-off!

Who did this Mad is considered a legend in my book

60WWE Raw
Who put this here? And, also I love WWE

61One Tree Hill

Ok, let me just ask, why is the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is on the list, I might as well consider list. I'm a big fan of pokemon when I was younger, but, I realize that pokemon as a T.V. show, not as a video game, has a very stupid characters. Ash was ever been so lucky, and team rocket I think is the most immortal among all supernatural and naturals.
Pokemon was the main reason why I acted weird when I was little. Pokemon is just the stupidest thing in the world. The creator of the show actually has a mental condition which is probably why Pokemon is so weird
For crying out loud, can somebody cancelled this anime trash? That pokemon master-wannabe won't shut up and those pokemon creatures are getting old! Pikachu, I choose you and Ash to burn in hell!

63Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

64Incredible Crew

65Zeke And Luther
This show gives me homicidal urges. I wonder if those douche bags will ever get laid.
It was better than the new stuff on Disney Channel we have today.

66Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy sucks the few remaining brain cells from people who watch it...
Your a moron! Blah!
That is a good show


68Nick Studio 10
Think About It Their Faces are Ugly, their acting is terrible, and their skits are unfunny, Kill them.
Too much interruptions, and it even ruined Nick, a 30% drop in ratings increased the downhill path.

69Duck Dynasty
Duck Dynasty was popular mostly because of how "shocking" people found it. However, I don't find such hateful programming shocking, merely distasteful.

70Zack and Cody
Too stereotypical to be underrated.

71The Hills
They use the word "like" 4 times in one sentence! So annoying!



73Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
I'm lucky I've never seen this show. But my vote goes to this because any show with this name deserves my vote.
Spoiler:Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo died in his anime.

Still a better show than johnny test of adventure time

75Blue's Clues
Why this? I liked this was I was a kid! Take it off!
Reputation help kids learn.
No one cares about your childhood shows you loser go die in a fire


77Wonder Pets
Stop hating these kind of shows. Its not all that bad. Whats not to love about it? Well done show!
! My little bro hates this show! Stop with the profane
singing and save the stupid animal already!

78The Only Way is Essex

I hate that elderly teacher with the yellow dress with pink flowers on it! Mrs Brinks from Angela Anaconda is much way better!

80Johnny Test
This should be in the tens spot

81Invader Zim
Invader Zim was one of the best shows ever made, nothing today ever compares in cartoon terms, the only thing stupid was that it was a bit too violent for little kids.

82How to Rock

83Upin & Ipin

8464 Zoo Lane

It just generally makes you want to shoot the T.V.. Ads always say that it'll change forever. The only good way in which it will change forever is if it's cancelled and banned from the global media.

86Melissa & Joey
Take this off the list!

87Ghost Adventures
How is this show stupid? I love this show!
Dumb it ain't even true 😩

I used to like it until they were a new cast (season 4)

89The X Factor (US)
Demi Lovato should not be a judge. She can barely hold a note herself.

90In the Night Garden

91Big Time Rush

92Every Witch Way
It deserves to be off this list, it's better than the other new ones we have today as a matter of fact, there is a real plot that's not predictable, there's no laugh track, it's clear & sharp, it uses drama in the right way without making it stupid, and it has good morals that teach you the right things, other shows today don't have good lessons since those good shows were cancelled recently and replaced with trash.
Don't put this show on the list, it's the last time that Nickelodeon could ever make such a classic, it beats the hell out of the other shows put together, you will be charmed.
Every Witch Way is an awesome show and, by far, the last decent show on Nickelodeon, it is an adaptation of a show called Grachi (that show is good too), but that's not the reason why it's so good, it has a real plot as well as really high quality and good lessons along with as good role models, and the acting is good compared to the acting on the other shows.
It's true, it is an awesome show in terms of the modern days, and you should love both the old classics and Every Witch Way all together.

93React To That
This new show hasn't been made, but I'm putting this show on the list because it will be made on January 1, 2015 and it will be another crappy show based off of YouTube just like Fred, AwesomenessTV and Breadwinners, please accept voting this up.
React To That is one of the dumbest shows on Nick, as well as television, it got imported from YouTube, like Fred, AwesomenessTV and Breadwinners, it may even contain hints of innuendo, like the fart video, very bad, and there's no comedy in it, and it ruined Every Witch Way becuase some of its' actors were on it.

94My Mother the Car
Cars don't talk, that is crazy.



97Twin Peaks

98Dogs In the City


100Eye for an Eye

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