Top Ten Stupidest Yet Really Fun Video Games


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It was such a stupid game! You were a superhero who loved Pepsi and had to reach the end of the level just to get a can of Pepsi. Your life was the Pepsi logo, your coulours were the Pepsi ones and your superpower consisted on never getting tired of running. I couldn't understand why Pepsiman grabbed up to 100 cans of Pepsi but he only wanted that one on the end of the level. And the stupidest but funny part was the fat Pepsi and chips lover guy who narrated the game. So stupid yet so fun! - keyson

2Duck Hunt

Yeah, you might have got annoyed with the dog's laugh to the point you shot at him, but the game was so fun yet so simple! Let's agree we are talking of 1985... - keyson

3Rogue Trip

In a future doomed world, you had to make tourists (an alien, a superman, a granny and a fat guy) to vacation on certain places. The game boss was a 500 kilograms evil guy and the characters you could choose were so bizarre! But it was SO, SO fun! Not as stupid as Pepsiman, but a lot more entertaining and well-made game! - keyson

4Digimon World

I LOVED this game! But you had to take care of your Digimon as a pet or tamagotchi and when you did things wrong, it always evolved into a Sukamon (poop digimon) or Numemon (booger digimon)! It was an odd game but really, really entertaining and lovely! - keyson


The game is to see how good you can follow a pitch and rhythm. It's as simple as that, you may have 100% always and not sing good at all. The number of tracks were like 40 each game, but at least it was very entertaining and you - keyson

6Dead In the Water

If you wanted you never died. You could regenarate life by going to a certain point where it always appeared life really soon. If you died, you had to be quite stupid. - keyson


And keyson is a boy! Why would he add this?!?!?!?

I liked that game. Really fun to play. - playstationfan66

8Pilotwings 64

The game was beautiful for it's landscapes, though with today's graphics it's now obsolete, but still... However, the game consisted on taking some photographs on places. - keyson

9Super Smash Bros.V1 Comment
10The Torture Game

The Contenders

11Cho Aniki
12Worms Armageddon

I loved this game! It was fun for 4 people with a single joystick. The funniest part was naming the worms! Haha I loved it! Oh... Childhood. - keyson

14Larry Leisure Suit

I haven't played this one, but a friend told me of it. I couldn't believe it. - keyson

15Happy Wheels!
16Viewtiful Joe
17Duke Nukem Forever
20Conker's Bad Fur Day
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