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1No Time to Bleed

The second album by the band. Features the amazing Wake Up and Disengage singles. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

Amazing songs featured in this album.

2The Black Crown

The most diverse album yet. It's almost nu-metal-ish. Features the massive You Only Live Once. The last album with Mitch Lucker on vocals. RIP brother. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

3The Cleansing

The breakthrough album. The debut album. Heavy and fast, features Unanswered and No Pity For A Coward. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

4Ending Is the Beginning

A tribute to the amazing Mitch Lucker. Some great songs are played here. Even Robb Flynn, Max Cavalera and Randy Blythe are there. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

5Suicide Silence 2004 (Demo EP)

Amazing. Has the Family Guy clips all over it. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

6Suicide Silence 2006 (Demo EP)

This EP has some pre-production material from the debut The Cleansing. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

7Suicide Silence EP

Re-Released in 2006 exactly a year after the original pressing. The EP helped the band reach out to the UK. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

8Suicide Silence 2003 (Demo EP)

The first demo with Mitch Lucker. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

9Suicide Silence 2002 (Demo EP)

This includes the only recordings done with original vocalist Tanner Womack. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

10You Can't Stop Me

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11Suicide Silence: Hot Sessions

Includes some awesome songs done live in 2009. - SOULFLY-SAM0101

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