Top 10 Super Mario 3DS Games


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1Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Good to see Luigi in a starring role again, and this game fits him perfectly. - Garythesnail

2Super Mario 3D Land

While not at Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Galaxy heights, 3D Land does a great job at giving people a good time. Amazing graphics, great gameplay and really good music. Difficulty is also reasonable. The Tanooki Suit and Boomerang Flower were also good.

I like it to play in this colorful land.

Great game gameplay was great,good difficulty and cool power ups

3Mario Kart 7

Jeez, the online mode was so damn great. It was most played Mario Kart game...until Mario Kart 8 came out. - KingFab

4Super Smash Bros for 3DS

Good God this game lived up to my expectations...which were really high. Melee and Brawl are both some of my favourite games! - KingFab

5Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
6Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

Awesome soundtrack, the Dream World is tons of fun, hilarous story, etc. - Garythesnail

7Mario Tennis Open
8Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

The only Mario and Sonic game I liked. In fact it's the only Sonic game I like. - KingFab

9New Super Mario Bros. 2

While I don't like this game but I'm trying to get to 10. It's fun at first, but once you get to the world 1 castle, it gets pretty boring. - KingFab

10Paper Mario: Sticker Star

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11Mario Party: Star RushV1 Comment
12Mario Golf: World Tour
13Puzzle & Dragons Z + Super Mario Bros. Edition
14Mario Party Island Tour
15Yoshi's New Island
16Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS
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