Super Mario Disadvantages

Mario is a good series. But there are some things in it that can ruin your experience.

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1Too many spinoffs!

Don't you think Mario has been having way too many spinoffs? What's with all Mario party games? There are 9! Why does he need 8 kart games? Why does he need all this sports crap like, baseball, tennis, soccer, Olympics, and sports mix? All of this party and sports stuff just ain't cutting it. there's actually more spinoffs than actual Mario games. If Mario basketball comes next year, I'm gonna explode!

2Annoying enemies

The Mario series is packed with annoying enemies, especially that stupid cheap cheep that follows you through the entire level!

*cough cough* FIRE CHOMP *cough cough*...

3Princess Peach

She's a bad princess! She's useless! She just keeps getting kidnapped over and over! She doesn't even do anything to protect herself! She just stands there watching Bowser destroy the mushroom kingdom. Zelda does all she could to get away from Ganon! But peach just stands there waiting to get kidnapped. She doesn't even try to escape. All she does is scream "Mario! Mario! Mario! " she just depends on Mario to do everything. I mean give the plumber a break!

She's weak! She don't do a damn thing!

4Same thing over and over

When Mario gets an actual game, we just get another Mario side scrolled, with the same game play mechanics as the past games. Nintendo needs to come up with a fresh, new idea. Its already the generation of HD 3-dimensional games, but Mario is still 2-D. Nintendo needs more 3D games.

5BowserBowser or King Koopa is a video game character and the primary antagonist of Nintendo's Mario franchise.

He's annoyingly persistent, and he just keeps using the same plan over and over again. He just keeps kidnapping peach for no reason! And why does he need to be the final boss of every Mario game. They need to come up with a new villain.

6ToadToad, known in Japan as Kinopio, is a fictional character who primarily appears in Nintendo's Mario franchise.V1 Comment
7Dying by simply touching goombas

Doesn't this make Mario look like a wuss? Its pathetic...

8An overrated franchise

Why does everybody keep saying Mario is the king of video games? There are plenty of better games out there! He's just king because he's popular. And he's just popular because he has the most games. And he has the most games just because he keeps having lame spinoffs!

9Too much attention from Nintendo

The reason Nintendo pays too much attention on Mario is because Mario is Nintendo's mascot.

Nintendo has been way too focused on the next Mario games. Were still waiting for more star fox. More metroid! More F-zero! And more franchises! But Mario just keeps stealing the spotlight!

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10Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo!

Mario says "yahoo, yippee, Wahoo" to much. It just gets annoying. And why is he doing gymnastics? Is he trying to show off?

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11The problem is that innovation doesn't work

Think about the most popular games New Super Mario bros Think of the low ones Super Mario Sunshine.

12Hotel Mario

This game should have never existed!

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