Top Super Smash Bros. Brawl Secret Characters

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Shadow The Hedgehog
Shadow is the best and would be the best character on Super Smash Bros. Brawl and he would have his laser gun and the slow motion power and he would still be able to move while using the power and he would be faster than sonic would be. Hewoul be more powerful by about 100%. He would have everything different the sonic!
Shadow would definitely make this game a LOT better.
They should have put him in it instead of sonic.


Shadow the Hedgehog should be in Super Smash Brother Brawl. Shadow would mess up tails and imagine all of the things he could do. Teleport, Chaos Blast, Chaos Spear, and More.
[Newest]Super smash brothers brawl

Pac man is an awesome character that is way to overlooked. He could have butt bounce as down be and rev roll for side be or be. Up be can be when he eats a red pac dot to fly up eating a line of pac dots that you control it's direction. And his FS could make everyone blue and have the same effect as the flower, and when he eats you, IT'S AN INSTANT KO like marth's critical hit.
Wait... What? Pac-Man is not a secret character. He's not even in super smash bros brawl. Most of the characters on this list are not playable on brawl.
I'll try to ask Nintendo about it.
[Newest]I think pac-man is dumb

3Midna, the Twilight Princess
Midna should be in ssb4. I mean come on! She would be awesome. Think about it. She would have magic abilities, her taunts could have her wave her hand "hair" and warp around the stage to taunt people on the stage. Her final smash? Midna would put on the fused shadows and turn into that giant spider thing and run around the stage crushing people! If Midna is not in the game, I will be so mad and never buy the game. She is my face video game character ever! So please, more Midna!
She rocks with all those magical abilities. Total bummer she isn't in-game. She just HAS to be in next super smash bros game. If not, I will be EXTREMELY pissed off and I will go crazy if not.
I would really like to have her in the game. I mean just think of all the possabilities she would have in the game. Like riding wolf link and stuff like that. Just to add on I think it would also be cool if the was only a wolf link.
[Newest]Midna should be in the next smash brother game because she is my favorite video game character and she has awesome powers if you don't put her in the next game I will freak thank you.

it would be a cool feeling to use your own mii. And I think you should decide if your mii should have like maybe fire powers, water powers or electrical powers or nature etc.
yea the mii could have stuff from wii sports and play, like boxing gloves, a fishing rod, throwing baseballs, bowling balls, riding the cow lol etc.

and his final smash could be mii parade, all the miis in your plaza run around the stage hitting people, like king dedede's final smash.
That would be pretty cool if the Miis were in this game. Their finally smash would be a mob of Miis jumping everyone on the stage. That would be EPIC


[Newest]Good news! They're out and they're epic

She is amazing at the 3 games she stars in. Maybe her attacks could be invincibility with a Luma. She is worse than Meta Knight, but better than any other characters maybe.
Her spin reminds me of galaxy, the first Mario game I played
You guys don't know smash. She's a starter charater

6Silver the Hedgehog
He can throw people around with his power and imagine his power in his Final smash
He can use his psychic powers to throw people off the stage and levitate himself back on the stage
Silver in ssbb would definitely make my day.
[Newest]I would buy the game if he was in it, but I'm currently not going to buy it.

7Knuckles the Echidna
He has strongest possibility for a wondrous moveset (Speed, Power, Glide, Size). He may maintain the Sonic franchise in the world of smash as an all-around character. He's also a nostalgic rival for the hedgehog and was the first rival to be playable. He appeared in the better games unlike Shadow, and didn't have those guns. He could serve a proper stage, "Angel Island"
If you hold c knucks will glide that would be awesome he's my favourite sonic character
Definitely would be a great addition. He could take advantage of the new gliding ability.

Elmo should get his friends to do a final smash, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and, Grover
I'm elmo and I know it
Laugh out loud what game is Elmo from Seasame Street?

9Metal Sonic
Yes, and his final smash would be to turn into Metal Overlord. That would be too cool!
Copie of. Sonic, laster eye could lay a eye on some brawlers he know most of sonic moves and also can make good used of sumais

Miles Prower alias tails is my favorite. his scan ability from sonic chronicles and the dark brother hood could help him smash everyone away by his strong twin tails, sonic's spin kick, and all of his weaponry
He'll pwn just by being himself, and his Tornado for final smash or somethin lol.
I like Tails because he is better Sonic, He has two twin tails like Sonic doesn't have. Plus he is better then Luigi because Luigi has no tail.
[Newest]Tails deserves his own game

The Contenders

Goku is way too strong. He would out match all the characters so badly that it's not even funny, plus grown Goku was made to be ridiculously overpowered. I'd still love to see him in brawl, but kid Goku would obviously be more fair and he would still be one of the strongest characters. Also he'd still have a interesting move set like his power pole, nimbus for his up move, kame hame ha, strong punches and kicks, etc...
His final smash is Great Ape or Oozaru which would pawn every one, period.
haha if goku was in ssbb then it would be completely unfair... but it'd still be sweet


Goku is born to fight. SSBB was made to fight. These two connect well. Even though goku would be real hard to defeat he still would be epic!
[Newest]Why is he #11 he should be number 1 always


13Paper Mario
I thought I was the only one who thought Paper Mario would be an epic Super Smash Bros. Character. He would be so great and fun. He would use some basic moves like hammer or ground pound, but I think his spring jump would make a great recovery move and his final smash as one of the Star Moves, like maybe Art Attack or Showstopper.


Actually I am making a Flash version of Smashbros calld Clash of Worlds... Paper mario is a character who is included. Wouldn't he be great?


He could use pixles and his folded jump and hammer!

i love his fighting styles and him!
Hold on... Sora is in only Melee or something...
I like sora and the powers


Luigi is already unlockable!


By all, Daisy should be the last unlockable character before Sonic and Solid Snake. Daisy should get Peach back by a staff of sunlight powers and a toadette attack.
We'll if it before sonic and solid snake why not unlock them at the same time that would be hard
[Newest]This would be a quite interesting pick

Geno is epic! I don't see why he shouldn't appear! Well, OTHER than that reason that he is owned by Square Enix. He would be one cool character, seeing as he has strong attacks and is very useful in Super Mario RPG.

He could use attacks like Geno Blast, Geno Beam, Geno Flash and obviously Geno whirl! This would make him a strong character indeed!
Geno would have the final smash geno whirl and anybody in the way would have the health of 999%
It would be cool if Geno was a character becouse he can smash people with his laser hand and plus his spectial move could be a bunch of falling stars

19Toon Link
He's like Link but toony! I also love the level you get when you unlock him! Play there all the time!
Hey toon link is now unlockable

He's actually in there. No, really.
HE is one of the only characters that is actually playable in the game, so I voted him up


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