Top 10 Surprising Answers to the Question "Who Has a Bigger Vocal Range?"

Vocal range is something objective and you can measure it - you need the lowest and the highest note a singer ever hit taken from the songs where s/he hit them. Then you count the octaves and notes.

But the perception of the vocal range can be subjective and can be terribly wrong. Most of the comments on the music lists are based on subjective perceptions, misconceptions or urban myths and legends.

1) Many people think that the range is the highest note a singer can hit - no, it's the distance between the highest AND the lowest note.
2) Some other guys think that a big range means high voice - again, it's wrong. Lowest notes are taken into account to determine the range.

One more thing: range is only one of the aspects to evaluate singers and not always singers with the bigger ranges are also the better singers. There are other things to compare, such as power, control, switches, runs, and so on.

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1Mariah Carey or Axl Rose? - Axl RoseV1 Comment
2Luciano Pavarotti or James Hetfield? - James Hetfield

This one demonstrates that vocal range is just one small part of singing ability.
I like James Hetfield's singing, but Pavarotti is the consensus greatest male singer of all time.

V1 Comment
3Jon Bon Jovi or Freddie Mercury? - Jon Bon JoviV1 Comment
4Whitney Houston or Dave Mustaine? - Dave MustaineV1 Comment
5Michael Kiske or Kai Hansen? - Kai HansenV1 Comment
6Robert Plant or Ian Gillan? - Ian GillanV1 Comment
7Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley? - Elvis PresleyV1 Comment
8Axl Rose or Corey Taylor? - Corey Taylor

I though axl had the biggest vocal range after mike - zxm

V3 Comments
9Tom Araya or Chester Bennington? - Tom ArayaV1 Comment
10Billy Joe Armstrong or Chad Kroeger? - Chad KroegerV1 Comment

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11Corey Taylor or Meghan Trainor? - Corey Taylor
12David Gilmour or Roger Waters? - Roger Waters
13Rob Halford or David Lee Roth? - David Lee Roth
14King Diamond or Paul McCartney? - Paul McCartney
15Mariah Carey or Corey Taylor? - Corey TaylorV1 Comment
16Matt Bellamy or Phil Anselmo? - Phil AnselmoV1 Comment
17Jack Black or Frank Sinatra? - Jack Black

Jack Black- a very funny comedian with some singing ability.
Frank Sinatra- possibly the greatest ever non-operatic singer.

V1 Comment
18Bruce Dickinson or Hansi Kürsch? - Hansi Kürsch
19Hansi Kürsch or Michael Kiske? - Hansi Kürsch
20Justin Bieber or Johnny Cash? - Justin BieberV1 Comment
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1. Mariah Carey or Axl Rose? - Axl Rose
2. Robert Plant or Ian Gillan? - Ian Gillan
3. David Gilmour or Roger Waters? - Roger Waters
1. Luciano Pavarotti or James Hetfield? - James Hetfield
2. Mariah Carey or Axl Rose? - Axl Rose
3. Whitney Houston or Dave Mustaine? - Dave Mustaine



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