Top 10 Talented K-Pop Boygroup Maknae's

We all know K-Pop has that amazing person who can sing, rap, and dance… but what could a maknae do?

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1Jeon Jungkook - BTS

Dancer, vocalist, rapper and visual all at the same time

By far the most talented maknae in K-Pop universe. He can write songs, rap, dance, and especially sing. Just so you know, he can do more than that. He is a triple threat! Did I forget to mention that he is in the visual line? Hands down, best maknae ever. - besttoptens

2Lee Taemin - SHINee

Okay, he debuted when he was still pretty young. He had no lines because he wasn't confident enough in his voice… but now, you can see him slay other vocalists with that voice! Also, his dancing is out of this world. Started from the bottom now we here. - besttoptens

3Zelo - B.A.P

This boy can rap! He is the lead dancer, have you seen that dance on the floor in One Shot's MV? Have you seen his fast LTE rap? He would beat Taemin if he could sing… but this boy deserves 3rd place. Hands down. - besttoptens

4Cho Kyuhyun - Super Junior

I'm not much of a fan of Super Junior myself, but his voice is so dramatic. His voice can fit any music genre-- ballad, pop, etc.. - besttoptens

5Seungri - BIGBANG

As a big fan of BIGBANG, I feel like he deserves this place the most. I love his voice. I love his dancing. He may not beat Taeyang in terms of dancing, but his voice though! He may not even be the best singer, but his voice can melt hearts. - besttoptens

6Son Dongwoon - BEASTV1 Comment
7Oh Sehun - EXO

Despite his skill in singing or rapping, he's not bad of a dancer. His dancing is pretty good. - besttoptens

He has flawless features, and his dancing is to GREAT - sung

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8Ren - NU'EST

Although he is underrated, his pretty face, charming voice, and strong, sharp dance moves are to die for. - besttoptens


He is really talented, too bad nobody is recognizing him today :/
He is one of the best vocals in the K-Pop universe. - besttoptens

10No Minwoo - BOYFRIEND

Even though Boyfriend is super underrated, the most popular member, No Minwoo has sick raps, and he is the main dancer; the choreographer. - besttoptens

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1. Jeon Jungkook - BTS
2. Lee Taemin - SHINee
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