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241Bad BrainsV1 Comment
242Black TideBlack Tide was an American heavy metal band from Miami, Florida. Formed in 2004, the band consists of Gabriel Garcia, Austin Diaz and Cody Paige.

This is a young band that has better guitars and vocals than seasoned veterans this band is gonna be huge check them out

243Axe Wound
244Disturbing the Silence

Hands down my favorite band. They aren't that known or popular, but they are so good!

245When Giants Sleep

Great band from A.C.T. Check them out

246Sent by Ravens
248Sealed Our Fate

Post-hardcore with great lyrics and a unique twist, how could you not love these guys! They're even playing with Chelsea Grin this year, so definitely give them a listen and treat your earholes

249Crown the Empire

This is a truly underrated band that deserves MUCH more popularity. Their new album The Fallout has an awesome musical theme that includes an interesting intro with various uses of orchestral instrumentation in songs such as Menace. They bring very high quality instrumentals to the table with an awesome clean vocalist and outstanding harsh vocalist. The Fallout and their earlier album Limitless are definitely worth checking out, I HIGHLY recommend this band to anyone looking for amazingly great music.

Wow. Just wow. Not only should this 100% be in top 10! It should be #1... So under-appreciated, HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ANYONE looking for good music... They may be newer, but COME ON. Fantastic.

Crown the empire may be a newer band but 47 come in guys they are just plain amazing from the screams to clean vocals and there songs have so much put into it and they are absolutley amazing live! Listen to them trust me!

On of the most under-appreciated post hardcore/metalcore bands out there. Take a second and listen, will change your life...

V5 Comments
250While She Sleeps
251A Static Lullaby
252The Word Alive

Not post-hardcore...
But so many of these bands aren't post-hardcore, like come on, The Ghost Inside? Metalcore...

Hands down one of the best bands. Other than The Devil Wears Prada. Best live bands iv seen.

253I Set My Friends on Fire
254Breathe Carolina
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