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You know when you get the urge to text a new person. Well today I'm going to show you the top 10 of best Teamlava Games that you could text in.

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1Restaurant Story

What I love about these games, is that you can design and decorate your place, however you want. And you can message other players too. - cosmo

There's more cooler people in that game and plus it's all about delicious food. - JaysTop10List

I love this game, but it got old after 2 months and I deleted it. - funnyuser

2Nightclub Story

Too much vulgar language and people in the game but still makes it #2. - JaysTop10List

3Farm Story

It's not really the best game to talk to people in but give it a try I guess. - JaysTop10List

4Pet Story

It's kinda boring to play but still makes it to #4. - JaysTop10List

How about home design story?

5City Story

Hm... Well it's fun but not that fun. - JaysTop10List

6Zoo Story

It's fun taking care of the animals. - JaysTop10List

7Bakery Story

My favorite TeamLava game. Been playing it for over a year and still do. Its actually really fun! I also play Restaurant and Fashion Story. If you play and want to add me here is my game id: BakeryStoryGirl15 - cosmo

Not really fun but it's food but desserts. - JaysTop10List

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8Bakery Story: Halloween

A remake of Bakery Story but about Halloween. - JaysTop10List

9Dragon StoryV1 Comment
10Pet Shop Story: Thanksgiving

Another remake to Pet Story. - JaysTop10List

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11Fashion Story
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1. Restaurant Story
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