Teams Most Likely to Win the 2018 FIFA World Cup


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The best soccer team ever... There main team list 10-0 against Germany's under 23's. With that ratio, they could easily compete with teams like Argentina.

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They would probably make the barefoot excuse like they did in 1950

Will need al least 40 years to match them

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I think Guatemala should be in 12 place

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They might sound rubbish but they were put out of the World Cup 2010 by finalists Netherlands 2-1 on aggregate. They're group is Belgium, Bosnia, Greece and Cyprus. They could get out that group.

Trump believes Ronaldo and Messi were born in Estonia. If so, they will win.


Bet Korea DPR 3-1 and have strong team could shock the world and could become the Asian Costa Rica.


This sounds like an Indian curry

This team, no one hears about, and has a horrible record, and a lot of potential. They win World Cup 2018 Russia

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51San Marino

If they get a better coach and train hours and hours instead of doing their regulars jobs. They can probably manage to win friendlies, and even qualify the WC 18'. They are OBVIOUSLY not winning (most likely) but they can get to Round of 16 or even Quarter Finals (this chance is very, very tiny but these are my thoughts)


Cambodia don't expect to win but they hopefully go to the top ranks!


Paraguay will make it. The best South American teams are getting worse and the least best are getting better.

Not the best team in the World Cup but they have Lucas Barrios who is good

Paraguay can will surprise the world

55Hong Kong

Plus the fried rice and noodles

Their defending is really strong

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