Teams Most Likely to Win the 2013 NBA Championship

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Miami Heat
Not only that but we have who is a solid veteran and for his position, has a height advantage over others (at 6'10 for a forward) he definitely can free up the Heat on defense as well as offense. Not only that but the man can and will shoot the 3 without hesitation.

Not only that, the Heats lineup permits them to rotate players through different positions whereas a lot of other teams can't do the same. For example, LJ can play either 1, 2nd or 4th. Wade can play 1st, 2nd or 3rd, etc... Lakers beware...
Allen with the Heat. The Heat will repeat.
For one Lebron is a beast, so is Dwayne n there teaming up n always looking for each other. Everyone thinks that the pacers will beat Miami which the bulls just lost by a couple points, n we both know Miamis way better than the bulls, so in the end Miami will win, there on there 14th winning steak. Go Lebron. I hope Miami wins Lebron n wade n bosh deserve it. Good luck heat.
[Newest]Just look at the heats lineup and bench then Wade done had his surgery now at a 100% then Greg oden and the paint and Michael Beasley coming off the bench and king James at his best then ray Allen I hearing 3 peat

2Los Angeles Lakers
This teams is star-studded. Nash to Howard? Nash to Kobe? Nash to Gasol? I'm sure every member of this team will have career-high in points because of Nash. And this team will lead the rebounds in the league with Howard and Gasol. Kobe will lead the scoring.
Well, I guess Lakers are probably going to win this season with that stacked starting lineup they got. They've got their big 4: STEVE NASH, KOBE BRYANT (few years left in him), PAU GASOL, DWIGHT HOWARD (Big YAY for them) I'm not really a Lakers fan, but this is just my opinion.
The heat first off are over rated the lakers starting 5 are way better than the heats starters and also the bench players... I hate the heat... Kobe all the way... Hands down lakers all the way!
[Newest]Because kobe bryant back to regular season

3Boston Celtics
Celtics still have rajon rondo, the best assister in 2011-12, and paul pierce a great scorer and 3 point, garnett who is kind of old but still great ray allen who is on heat but he is old. And doc rivers one of the best coaches
Celtics also have Jason Terry and Courney Lee. Just imagine that bench including Jeff Green and Avery Bradley also!
I'm a Die-Hard Celtic fan and I think #18 will RISE this season.
The Celtics have and will always be a great team so what they don't have ray allen Rajon Rondo will take his place.


[Newest]I really like the celtics

4Oklahoma City Thunder
Durant and Westbrook. One of the best scorers in the league with frequent 40+ points. Ibaka. The best blocker in the league. Perkins stable manning the centre. And Harden, best 6th man in the league. Plus they are young and explosive, which can surprise teams like the Lakers.
Their a good team with more than 10 years left fighting more veteran teams they can winit this time
KD is the Best Player in the nba right now. He is all around player and a nice guy too.
[Newest]Durants gonna hit a lot of 3s

5New York Knicks
The Lakers are off to a rough start. But the Knicks only lost one game! I love the Knicks!


The knicks will win because this season they are 13 and 4 they are better than the heat and lakers and they have the best players
Knicks going to win it all! Miami better look out cause knicks are coming!

6San Antonio Spurs
Bench almost beat Miami, and Miami needed miracle shot to win
Deppestt Team in the league! Their Bench can beat half of the nba starting lineups! Timmy best PF in NBA history and Manu the greatest sixth man in history! Tony takin the reigns!
Um, only Miami Heat beat them at the end, they were supposed to win but the Heat beat them and this should have been at least TWO!

7Los Angeles Clippers
Clippers have the best team this year. I think you're gonna surprise everybody and get the championship this year.
17 in a roll mate
I think the clippers are really going to take it this year! GO CIPPERS!

8Chicago Bulls
Derrick rose is the man plus we have josh smith coming plus kevin martin
Chicago will win because they just beat Heat! Like seriously they have Deng, Boozer, Noah and my favorite Derrick Rose Number 1 Baby!
The bulls will win

9Indiana Pacers

10Philadelphia 76ers

The Contenders

11Denver Nuggets

12Charlotte Bobcats
Charlotte will win it all this year.

13Memphis Grizzlies

14Houston Rockets

15Golden State Warriors
The way that stephon curry and klay thompson are playing I think they can have chance to go to the finals if they can beat experienced teams.
Yep Just hope no injuries

16Brooklyn Nets
Because they like that

17Dallas Mavericks

18New Orleans Hornets
One of the best teams ever! GO HORNETS!
Thell get close to the playoffs but not quite make it


19Utah Jazz

20Minnesota Timberwolves
Were going to be the best next year

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