Top 10 Teen Titans Couples / Pairs

Anyone know Teen Titans? I ship couples and pairs. Now, if you want to see the top ten couples for me, check it out!

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1Beast Boy and Raven

I love this couple! At first I was very unsure about them, but once I saw 1 scene with them together I JUST LOST IT! From that first BBrae scene I so fell in love with them! They have always been my fave couple and always will be! Not one time have I ever had a bad thought about this couple! Most people disagree with me and say how Beast Boy is the only one who really cares and to that I say SO UNTRUE! Beast Boy's crush on Raven is just more obvious than her crush on him! Some people think that Robin and Starfire are a better couple but to me they are just way too easy going and rushed! I mean as soon as Robin met Starfire and she became, well, as normal as she can be for now, but the thing is from that point on they were a couple! About the easy going thing, they had no drama to their relationship! They just would have a moment and get interrupted over and over again and finally they have a complete moment so do you get my point about Robin and Starfire? A lot of people prefer Terra and Beast Boy but I think they are terrible together! She is an utter nut job and needs to get a life and she needs to stop distracting Beast Boy from Raven! She made it impossible for Beast Boy and Raven to have a moment or even hang out! After all Terra just came to kill them! She was a major trader! Most people say how she wanted to tell Beast Boy but just couldn't bare to loose him in anyway, but he wouldn't have left her if she had told him right off the bat instead of him finding out! People say that they could have been happy if only Terra hadn't lost her memory and had forgotten about him but if she forgot him then people that's a sign from heaven saying this couple is just so wrong that I will barf if this chaos does not end! So luckily she forgot everything and left Beast Boy and Raven in peace! Not to mention she was a crappy friend and deserved to fall of a cliff and break every bone in her body and get no help at all as everyone just sat there and watch as she squirmed until she died! Is what I'm saying about Terra harsh? Totally. Is what I'm saying true about her? DEFINITELY! So that is what I have to say about other people's opinions about BBrae not being the best couple ever! Now let me talk about the couple itself! Beast Boy and Raven are 300,000,000,000 percent MADE 4 EACH OTHER! They are not rushed at all and move at a perfect steady pace to where you don't want to barf because they just have so many sappy lovey moments. They also have plenty of drama to this pairing! Beast Boy totally loves Raven and she loves him back but is afraid to admit it because she's afraid! They also have the most perfect moments! Not too sappy not too flat just right to where you can't help but say aww either out loud quietly or very loudly in your head! They are just like a Courtney and Duncan couple (except better), total opposites but totally cute together! Beast Boy has always been there for Raven and she's always been there to support him! He has always been more

Yes the whole opposites attract thing is perfect, but they also have an amazing connection. Every time their was an episode about Raven being in danger or needing help, Beast Boy was always the one to come to her aid. When she was having problems with her emotion (anger/rage) Beast Boy was the only one that wanted to know what was wrong, and if he hadn't Raven my have revy well lost control, and when he came to save her, he was the first one to make her feel like she was part of the team and that she was liked and cared for, it was also then that she genuinely smiled for the first time, and at Beast Boy. Other then that there was also the time that Malkior had broken her heart, and the only person that seemed to care about that was Beast Boy, he was even the only one that went to her after to comfort her and let her know that she was not alone, it was also there that Raven first hugged Beast Boy, the first time she had ever let enyone in. After that Beast Boy once again shows the bond and feelings he has towards Raven when the "Beast" comes out. When Beast. Boy turns into the Beast and protects Raven it is not only because she is his friend because if he was only protecting a friend he would not have been so aggressive with the other titans when they found him, he did not care about them, his only goal was to protect Raven, no matter the cost, aven if it meant going throw the other titans.

The only time the others, mostly Robin, ever actually paid attention to her was when the world was at risk. Before that, Robin went out of his way to stay out of Raven's way, when Beast. Boy and Cyborg we're helping her in her mind he did his best to ignore her and when they thought that Beast Boy had hurt her as the Beast, he ignored her again and put all of his effort into hounding Beast Boy, looking for a reason to put him in jail, instead of trying to help her, but the second that she became important to the worlds survival, he all of a sudden ddicided that she was super duper important. It's nice to know that all it takes for him to care about her is having the fate of the world hagging in the balance, but once the threat to the world passed so did the convenient "bond" he had "formed" with her over the past week, and he went back to bearly saying "hi" in the morning.

All in all it is clear to see that Beast Boy and Raven are more then just opposites that attract but two people who share a real bond (and not just a convenient one that helps someone extract information out of the other so that he can save the world and look like a hero) that only those two among the team share.

AH! They are so meant for each other. I love their love/hate relationship. That makes it interesting, unlike a lot of couples that just like each other at first sight and don't really develop in the same unique way as love/hates. I got nothing against star/rob, but it's kinda... I don't know, typical. Not as interesting. But with bb/rae... Wow. If you just search on the internet, it definitely seems like bb/rae is the most wanted couple in the show that never got to happen.

YES! I LOVE THIS COUPLE! They actually WERE a couple back in the comics!

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2Starfire and Robin

Starfire and Robin are ment for each because robin is dark and star is light there relationship is beautiful I don't think robrae is a good couple AT ALL Star and robin are a adorable couple there made for each other I'm a huge RobStar fan and I think that Star makes Robin happy then anyone because when it was his parents anvertsy of there death he share a kiss with her cause he thought that he could never love but you till Star came into his life he realised that he was wrong because Star makes him happy He realised that he could love again and when it was his parents anvertsy of there death Batman saw that she makes robin happy he clearly stated that he was in good hands bit itsy opinion and I think this ship is amazing

Not just because they're the main couple of the group, but because they are so perfect for each other! They have liked each other since the beginning and even in the comics (DC or Teen Titans Go! ), in some issues they are already dating!

These two were MEANT for each other, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. They've been through so much and Starfire knows RObin more than anyone

I love DEM! I ship I ship I ship I ship! Peace love save the trees!

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3Kid Flash and Jinx

In the new show, her and Cyborg are together and it is literally, the worst. On top of that, they go completely against what they believe to be together, and she's back to being EVIL! Can I throw up, for real? Jinx and Kid Flash are the cutest, and ain't nobody gonna go against the absolute cutest episode in the entire series and say she and cyborg are a thing, ugh... Why... But really they are the best couple, with so much chemistry, I mean who wouldn't completely fall in love with them? I can't even...

Its obvious! These 2 are made for each other. They got 1 full episod in this couple! Plus they didn't got in the show for one full season after lightspeed then they come together for the big fight in titans together who knows what hapend in ONE FULL SEASON!

These 2 are 100% made for each other just see lightspeed episode and read teen titans go issues

I can steel remember the one episode where Kid Flash gave Jinx a rose it was so romantic

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4Robin and Raven

Ugh. This pairing makes me sick to my stomach. In the comics based on the T.V. show Robin actually describes Raven as a sister. He said this: "Raven is like a sister I've never had." You people are sick if you ship Raven and Robin together. You don't just ship a brother and sister like friends together. That is just wrong. And plus Starfire and Robin love each other. Robin will never dump Starfire for Raven and Raven won't ever take away Robin from Starfire. Raven doesn't show any romantic interest in Robin anyways. All Robin and Raven have together is a deep and caring friendship. Nothing more.

I find this pairing... Dissatisfying. Starfire and Robin clearly have a great bond with each other, and have great feelings for each other. The relationship between Raven and Robin seems like a sibling relationship. I see that kind of thing when I watch 'The End' with little Raven riding on Robin's back. And when people use and argument saying 'When Star was in trouble, did he save her? No! He saved Raven! ' In the show, Starfire was never in any sort of death threatening and world ending situation and the only way of saving everyone was sacrificing herself. Honestly, Robin would do that for anyone on the team. And Raven and Beastboy were cannon in the comics.

Raven and Robin? No I don't think so. They are not even canon while Beast Boy and Raven are. Read the comics people! Starfire is the best choice for Robin and they are also canon. If Raven and Robin got together they wouldn't have any fun on any of their dates and it's not going to ever happen. And besides that pair is just so wrong and inaccurate. Why don't people ship canon couples but ship non-canon couples? That I will never understand.

I don't understand this pairing. Robin and Raven have shown no romantic interest for each other and in a comic book robin even admitted raven is just like a sister to him. Nothing more.

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5Cyborg and Bumblebee

They would have made a better couple to begin with. Besides, Cyborg and Jinx don't really mix well. So, this is a lot better. Also, they almost have similar personalties.

Not because they're black. I like how they're common in tech. And some professional stuff.

They really make a great couple. I'm not sure why, they just seem great together.

You're so right they make the best couple

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6Beast Boy and Terra

They would make such a good couple,
If only warner bro's didn't make Terra forget about
Beast boy.
For who would want Terra and Beast Boy together not to mention how much
They like each other. I'm surprised they didn't kiss, or did they?

Out of all the Titans couples, they had the most amount of natural chemistry. They had the most amount of shared interests and traits. They were made for each other. If only she didn't "lose" her memory.

God why is Terra not in Teen Titans Go

Plus terra is in teen titans go

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7Kole and Gnarrk

Heck yes! Gnarrk is super lovable and so is kole but kole is so.. you know she is a perfect match for him. Kole is one of my favorite teen titans characters because she is so adorable and a developed character at the same time

No, not really love-like... Maybe. I just see them as best friends who care a lot. Another pair

This is more of a brother-sister thing... In all honesty. But I respect your opinions, and I have mine, so... Yeah.

I love these two

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8Fang and Kitten

A daughter of a moth and a boy with the head of a spider PERFECT

Ha! I love this couple they are so perfect together.

9Cyborg and Sarasimm

I know, Sara's about five thousand years old. But they show so much love that I can't resist!

10Robin and Starfire

Isn't this already at second?

Perfect for each other.

Cute couple. But robin is a little obsessed with her

They are the cutest couple

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?Blackfire and Beast Boy
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11Aqualad and Speedy

This is a pair. A very nice pair. I laugh at the fact that Aqualad goes nuts when Speedy brings fish tacos for lunch

I love this couple to death its way better than fang and kitten

My second OTP they are perfection one eats fish and the other doesn't it makes the couple funny

12Cyborg and Jinx

They are so cute together they definitely go together

They are the best pair ever!

Nice couple just freaky

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13Blackfire and Red X

Starfire's sister, Robin's costume. Blackfire had a crush on Robin (or so I assume, she flirted with him at the very least) and Red X flirted with Starfire. Those two would be perfect for each other.

I think they'd make a good couple hence they're trickery. In fact, I had thought of Starfire and Red X, but realized Blackfire would fit in more since she's a villain.

That's weird because red x is robin and robin loves starfire

Blackfire and Jason Todd

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14Raven and Herald

Both wear blue hood and cloaks Raven is assigned to warn herald I mean come on how do you not see it - MasyMenos

I guess they're a magnificent couple, but I had thought Kid Wicked would of been more of a match for Raven

15Raven and Jericho

It's real.. In the comics

These two shared a really close bond. Raven always knows what Jericho is 'saying' and they both care deeply for each other. Sadly, canonical pairings are,tossed to the side.

16Argent and Hot Spot
17Mas and Starfire

Starfire is better with Dick Grayson honestly

BOO I think Starfire is better off with Dick

18Raven and Aqualad

Even though aqualad is a sea guy that does not mean he does not need a girlfriend

They even have an episodes

19Menos and Starfire
20Pantha and Wildebeest

Seriously, yes. Don't ask for the reason, it's already in the bottom... Helloo?

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