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Anyone know Teen Titans? I ship couples and pairs. Now, if you want to see the top ten couples for me, check it out! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Beast Boy and Raven
AH! They are so meant for each other. I love their love/hate relationship. That makes it interesting, unlike a lot of couples that just like each other at first sight and don't really develop in the same unique way as love/hates. I got nothing against star/rob, but it's kinda... I don't know, typical. Not as interesting. But with bb/rae... Wow. If you just search on the internet, it definitely seems like bb/rae is the most wanted couple in the show that never got to happen.
Farmost what fans crazily want. I know, opposites do attract, right? Well, they can clash into a fight sometimes, but I think that what the love/hate relationship makes is mostly love.
The love/Hate, Dark/Light, Goofy/Serious thing just works, it makes things more intresting beetween them.
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2Starfire and Robin
Starfire and Robin are ment for each because robin is dark and star is light there relationship is beautiful I don't think robrae is a good couple AT ALL Star and robin are a adorable couple there made for each other I'm a huge RobStar fan and I think that Star makes Robin happy then anyone because when it was his parents anvertsy of there death he share a kiss with her cause he thought that he could never love but you till Star came into his life he realised that he was wrong because Star makes him happy He realised that he could love again and when it was his parents anvertsy of there death Batman saw that she makes robin happy he clearly stated that he was in good hands bit itsy opinion and I think this ship is amazing
Not just because they're the main couple of the group, but because they are so perfect for each other! They have liked each other since the beginning and even in the comics (DC or Teen Titans Go! ), in some issues they are already dating!
These two were MEANT for each other, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. They've been through so much and Starfire knows RObin more than anyone
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3Kid Flash and Jinx
Its obvious! These 2 are made for each other. They got 1 full episod in this couple! Plus they didn't got in the show for one full season after lightspeed then they come together for the big fight in titans together who knows what hapend in ONE FULL SEASON!
These 2 are 100% made for each other just see lightspeed episode and read teen titans go issues
This couple is so going to happend and besides that LOOK AT THE FACTS! Teen titans go comics issue stupid cupid, THEY ARE ON A DATE! The other couples with kid flash or jinx are all made up like for example:Why would kid flash date raven only couse it happened in the old comics it doesn't mean that here is the same and then for jinx and see more I mean of course see more has a crush in jinx but jinx doesn't like him! SO you WANNA KNOW A COUPLE THAT IS 100% SURE HAT IT TOTALLY WILL HAPPEND IS FLINX;FLINX;FLINX;FLINX;FLINX TOTALLY FLINX
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4Robin and Raven
Even though Robin is "supposed" to be with Starfire, they just have so much chemistry, and are so deep with each other! They both open-up to one another, and have such a beautiful bond!
I really think they are both perfect for each other. Beast Boy and StarFire are both awesome, I LOVE their characters, but I personally think Raven and Beast Bou would tear each other apart, and I'm not sure that Star could handle (or understand) Robins dark side (because come on, he defintly has one) Rob and Rea understand each other more than anyone else, and I will NEVER stop thinking that they fell in love at some point. Robrea FOR THE WIN!
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5Beast Boy and Terra
They would make such a good couple,
If only warner bro's didn't make Terra forget about
Beast boy.
For who would want Terra and Beast Boy together not to mention how much
They like each other. I'm surprised they didn't kiss, or did they?
Also could've been a great couple... If only she didn't "lose" her memory!
God why is Terra not in Teen Titans Go
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6Cyborg and Bumblebee
They would have made a better couple to begin with. Besides, Cyborg and Jinx don't really mix well. So, this is a lot better. Also, they almost have similar personalties.
Not because they're black. I like how they're common in tech. And some professional stuff.

7Kole and Gnarrk
No, not really love-like... Maybe. I just see them as best friends who care a lot. Another pair
I think that they don't look like
I love these two

8Cyborg and Sarasimm
I know, Sara's about five thousand years old. But they show so much love that I can't resist!

9Kole and Jericho

10Blackfire and Red X

The Contenders

11Pantha and Wildebeest
Seriously, yes. Don't ask for the reason, it's already in the bottom... Helloo?

12Cyborg and Jinx
They are the best pair ever!

13Cheshire and Speedy
You rock totally agree witjh you

14Raven and Aqualad
Even though aqualad is a sea guy that does not mean he does not need a girlfriend
Love these too and the CONNECTION with each other

15Bumblebee and Speedy
They tease each other so... that's probably the closest we can get to flirting

16Aqualad and Speedy
This is a pair. A very nice pair. I laugh at the fact that Aqualad goes nuts when Speedy brings fish tacos for lunch

17Malchior and Raven
This would've made a good couple... If only Malchior wasn't Rorek!

18Slade and Blackfire

19Raven and Jericho
It's real.. In the comics

20See-More and Raven
In my opinion, they were made for each other (even though this relationship is DISGUSTING)

21Raven and Red X

22Cyborg and Raven
I think they are a good couple because cyborg understands raven and she accepts him for who he is -half robot-

23Terra and Aqualad

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