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1T-1000 Terminator 2

He is so cool. He would've kicked Arnold's ass if he wasn't in that factory with the lava. He is definitely the strongest terminator model. - Griffyjoe

2T-800 Terminator 2

He was so cool I loved his badass leather jacket and also his motorcycle. - Griffyjoe

3T-800 Terminator 1

He was so cool. He had an unlimited arsenal of guns. My personal favorite was the AMT Hardballer. - Griffyjoe

4John Connor

John Connor is the best. He is a badass he saved the human resistance and kicked the Terminator's ass. - Griffyjoe

5T-X Terminator 3

Yes the movie was pretty bad but this terminator was great, she had such a good combination. Sexy and deadly. And she also had weapons built inside of her. - Griffyjoe

6Kyle Reese

Kyle Reese was awesome. If he never went back in time John wouldn't be alive. He wouldn't be alive because the terminators would've killed Sarah. - Griffyjoe

7Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor is awesome she pretty much saved the human race. She birthed John Connor who stopped the Terminators. - Griffyjoe

8T-3000 Terminator 5

The T-3000 was awesome. He was also pretty much invincible. - Griffyjoe

9Detective O'Brien
10Kate Connor

She was awesome. I loved how she shot Arnold in the mouth and he chewed the bullet. - Griffyjoe

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12Derek Reese
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