Top 10 Terraria Bosses

These are my top picks depending on money, fun value, fairness, and look.

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1Wall of Flesh

You've been anticipating this moment and now you are there. You are standing on your 900 block bridge in hell that you have been building for two hours now. You have your guide voodoo doll with you. You are prepared with molten armor, nights edge, a mini gun, and some other ranged weapon. You're now ready to fight the wall of flesh. This is the final easy mode boss, and once you beat the wall of flesh, you face another problem. Hardmode. Get ready for blood... This is going to be intense...

Holy moly! He is so hard! I tried killing him but it is just too hard. Why can't you kill Queen Bee to move to hard mode. Seriously, my sword is an zealous enchanted sword.

My personal favorite, as it takes a while, it's intense, but nothing to challenging. It's more fun with easy mode items.

Ultra strong

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2Eater of Worlds

It doesn't matter if its weak of strong but it a awesome boss

Your right he is easy but still prepare your self

This boss is the EASIEST one ever in the game (to me)!

I think he is harder than the eye of Cthulhu

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3Eye of Cthulhu

I like this boss because when you first fight him, he's really tough. But later, he's easy. - Garfieldtop10s

I think the eye of Cthulhu is very cool because he has a mouth behind his pupil/eye coulorimg

He is so fun to kill! Plus shooting eyes with a gun is fun
Mostly soilders that work for him. You can really kick his sour butt!

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4The Twins

These guys serve up quite a challenge even with vampire knives. Very fun but tough fight. - Garfieldtop10s

Awesome Boss. Two twin eyes that shoot lasers and fire! Nothing as awesome as these two! - Victinimon

Twins have always been my favorite boss, I don't know why though.

There strong

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Skeletron was a really fun boss to beat and I enjoyed every second of defeating him!

The gatekeeper to the dungeon and a personal favorite of mine. - Garfieldtop10s

It should be Eye f chulilu 1 then Eater of worlds then queen bee then Skeletron then wall of flesh

6The Destroyer

I like the glowing spots on its body, really let's you know you are fighting a powerful beast. - Garfieldtop10s

He's so fun fight in my apinion more so than the eater of worlds just my opinion

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7Queen Bee

I think its easily fun like boss who gives extreme( in easy mode) good items.

A relatively easy boss and very fun to battle. - Garfieldtop10s

Only boss I'm sure of about the gender

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8Skeletron Prime

Don't know how this guy was on here. He uses plenty of gadgets to try to cut you, burn you, explode you, and countless other ways. - Victinimon

Upgraded version of skeletron. He has more attacks than normal, and is just feeling awesome!

This guy looks like Donald trump

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Actually not a very hard boss. I can crush Plantera with my endgame equipment but the Mech Bosses still are challenging. That said, it's an intense fight, especially in Phase 2.

Possibly the toughest boss in the game. I like battling it. It fills me with nervousness and fear, but also power. - Garfieldtop10s

Drops unique and sweet items and is a challenge so it's a Intense and fun battle.

Plantera is pretty easy. I have killed him about 4 times.

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10Brain of Cthulhu

I like how you have to kill these tiny orb guys before you fight the boss. Very fun fight. - Garfieldtop10s

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?Frost Legion
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11Goblin ArmyV1 Comment

It's like the almighty on terraria

Coolest boss ever, I like doing parkoar stunts to avoid the lasers like a boss, he's pretty hard though

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13Duke Fishron

I thought that this was a very unique and challenging late game boss. It will take you a few tries to learn his attack pattern and he drops some of the best items in the game. His design is also amazing. The coolest looking boss in my opinion. I only wish he was a little bigger. That size doesn't make him look menacing enough

This was the coolest boss in Terraria for me and my friends, I personally like the idea of a pig dragon shark hybrid!

The drops are awesome, but it's pretty tough to beat him.

No one can able to beat it

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14Pirate Invasion

I enjoy fighting this group of scalliwags that serve a plate of challenge. - Garfieldtop10s

15Goblin Invasion

Easy, but super fun! I like how you can kind of control whether you want it to randomly happen, as you have to break a crimson heart/shadow orb to even let it spawn.


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16Lunar Event

Because this is a future boss and you are fighting the moon I think this boss will be as harder than somthing like duke fishron, plantera or ocram

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He's very easy if you have endgame gear (I expected him to be much harder) but he's still a pretty cool and well-executed boss fight.

He's easier with weapons that you already defeated him with. My possessed hatchet does 154 damage

Pretty easy boss, but hard to beat without friends playing with you.

Have you seen how cool he looks plus he hits like truck!


U idiots, tell me straight in the eye that you thing bunny's awesome, even if it's trying to kill you.

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19Moon Lord

It was so hard, my brother and my friend were both playing Terraria, and it was so hard they both had to fight. AND they had cheated and got the best stuff on a server and it was still hard.

Final boss ultimate challenge EXTREMELY challenging at first but easy with post pillar or post moon lord weapons and armour

He is the hardest boss on the game but on ios there is no moon lord

Hardest boss ever

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Not quite my favorite boss, but definitely up there because of a few simple things. He isn't the only thing you're worrying about here, far from it, and when you get far enough in, there can be over a dozen of him!

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