Best Horror Movies of All Time

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101Let the Right One In
102A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
103Final Destination 5

It's the best movie cux it shows every scene of death completly like the what gurls eye c ame out baby it's so horror

104Scream 2
105The Purge
106The Raven (1963)
107Cemetery Man

This classic Universal horror film is one of the greatest movies of all-time.


Tony Todd played the roll of Candyman brilliantly. The soundtrack was also great.

I love this film. However, it's very contemptable that Trevor is seeing a student behind Helen's back. And isn't she kind of young for him anyway? Well, Helen does get her revenge at the end when Trevor says her name 5 times in the bathroom mirror.

Creepy and awesome, gave me a few creepy thoughts...

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110The Changeling

A truly classic haunting story, genuinely scary. Should be much, much higher on the list!

111Cabin Fever
112We Are What We Are
113Wolf Creek

Suspenseful in an almost-too realistic way...


The scariest part to me was when he went into the little girl you wouldn't want to mess with her

115The Haunting in Connecticut

Scary as hell. Have to watch film!

116Megan Is Missing
117It Follows
118Halloween II (2009)
119The Serpent and the Rainbow

Voo Doo, zombies and a guys balls getting nailed to a chair. Now thats scary, not to mention this is a true story. - lapana

120Cannibal (2006)
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