Best Horror Movies of All Time

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141Dead Alive
143Scary Movie
144Final Destination

It had like 1jump scare but not scary at all by far

145Drag Me to Hell

This movie has less unrealistic CGI & more 1980s inspired effects. Background music superb, a classic cult brilliant movie. I have never posted anything online but felt compelled to do so.

I can't believe that this movie is not even in the list...
This is the best horror movie ever and with its sound effects I bet you can't watch this movie alone at night

Only the best horror movie ever. It got a 92% approval on rotten tomatoes with labelled certified fresh.83% on metacritic. SO WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD IT NOT BE GOOD?!?

146Insidious: Chapter 2

Even scarier than number one!

Really nice... Scary one!

147The Haunting
148Saw VI

Probably the best of the franchise. - lukestheman4

149The Woman in BlackV2 Comments
150The Fourth Kind

I'm afraid to visit Alaska now -

151Evil Dead

Unnerving and scary. One of the best zombie films ever made!

V2 Comments

It is too bad movie to watch before sleeping, you must take sleeping pills at the end

V1 Comment
153House of WaxV2 Comments

I'm watching it right now and I quite like it, but this isn't the best one, I've ever seen. - Fan_of_Good_Music

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15530 Days of Night
156The Lost Boys

Cult classic vampire teen/drama/horror/comedy


Just epic - MaxAttack333

Best vampire movie ever made. Cult classic 1980s awesomeness with best soundtracks of all time.

157AnnabelleV2 Comments
158Scream 3
159Fright Night

What the?! How is this film SO LOW? Fright Night is one of the greatest horror films ever made. The plot is very original, and the practical effects are fantastic. This was the movie that got me into horror.

Where is this? How could you leave out the best movie of vampires?

160Saw III

The best. Jigsaw can still kill in very bad medical condition laugh out loud

Best movie ever made me in the entire world!

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