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The Top Ten

Crash Into Me
Even though I find myself rediscovering songs in the DMB library from time to time, I always seem to come back to this one.
the greatest guitar ever it has anything,really one of the greatest


Crash holds a soft spot in my heart from the past and moving to the future... One of the bands'best efforts.
[Newest]In your heart I'll beat again! Come crash into me. It got soul like no other. Beauty!

Absolute best song in the history of the world. If there was ever a song that could lift you up after a hard day, this would undoubtedly be that song. It only gets better if you listen to it live at radio city with tim reynolds.
Best, most beautiful song I've ever heard in my life. It always make things seem better. I sounds better every time listen to it. I have no clue how anyone could say that this isn't the best.
I heard it when I was 12 and didn't even understand what he was saying, all I knew was that it was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. 8 years later it is still undoubtedly my favorite song. Check out the version from "live at luther college"
[Newest]Best song, hands down!

Ultimate, absolutely love this song. Always have and always will. Wish it was on every DMB top 10 list.
Favorite song of all time
Deep emotion, deep lyrics, awesome lyrics, super instrumentals, the best all around. I wish I could vote for multiple DM songs..


4Ants Marching
This is definitely one of my favorites but I think Warehouse should be up here too!
Great rhythm and make your feet keep juggling over and over.. I can repeat this song all day long.. Cheers!
Sounds good, can't get it out of my head right now.
[Newest]It's such a fun song

5Two Step
The various instruments, the lyrics, the concert aspect. Just EVERYTHING about it! Its perfect! "celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain!
Superb. A must. Will forever be etched in my mind as part of my forma
Tive years.
This song is lyrically deep and melodious, but not over indulgent. I can listen to it over and over again, and find something new in it each time.
[Newest]I love this song! The rhythm, the beat just everything! So wonderful. Never ever gets old, just fantastic!

6Grey Street
How does he know? He's brilliant
Deep, Beautiful, catchy and poetic. A personal all time favirite

7Don't Drink the Water
Just perfect song... The voice and the music everything in it is just awesome...

Remember don't drink the water..
This song has been kissed by God.

8The Stone
One of my favorites! Such deep deep lyrics.. That pierce you! I love this song!
Older, but late DMB fan. Was watching American Idol with my daughter and heard Phillip Phillips do this song. Went online and have been singing it for 2 weeks. A beuatifully haunting & complex song. Deep message. I like Sade and Steven Curtis Chapman too, but this song is addictive if you're deep.

9Lie In Our Graves
It's just so great! I don't think I would've ever got into Mrs. Jones pants if it wasn't for me faking that this was my favorite song... Like hers was. Thank you lie in our graves!

10The Best of What's Around
First song off of the first album, great energy and each instrument stands out, great chorus at the end

The Contenders

Bartender is more of a slow burn song, but when it finally busts out into an epic jam, it is easy to lose yourself in this DMB standard. Driving, epic, and poetic, its always been my favorite
Live at radio city with Mr Tim is amazing!
Bartender Is one of the deepest, most soulful trax DMB has ever recorded and is one of their absolute best!

12Funny the Way It Is
This song provides a brilliant and unique outlook on the contrasts and imbalances of life with catchy, complex, and effective instrumentation; one of their best
Guys listen to this song, this should be in to 5 at least.
This is the best song of all times, from brother brush

13Tripping Billies
In the fire she dances

14Dancing Nancies
This is my favorite song in the whole wide world. It makes you think, it makes you cry, it makes you nostalgic, and it is, above all else, uplifting. The idea of being born as someone different is very eerie and cool. It also rocks live -- especially the part where he starts the offbeat, "la la la heey, la la la hey. " Absolutely gifted.
this song has such an inspirational meaning, its about loving who you are and not wishing for anything else.
Without a doubt the song that really lifts me up, specially the little speeches he does in the beggining of the live versions. Trully memorable.

15Where Are You Going
Such a meaningful and thought-provoking song; definitely one of their best

I truly believe "Pig" holds the answer to the meaning of life! It is the most powerful, inspiring, mind opening piece of pure genius ever created. I would love to have the entire lyrics tattooed on my body but where? Laugh out loud nothing beats pig!

17Stay or Leave
Beyond moving, emotional, and totally relatable.

18What Would You Say
That is defiantly top five! Come on guys
By far my favorite song by DMB, just amazing to listen to, should be in top ten if not top five.

19The Dreaming Tree
Should be higher, this is a wonderful song, one of their best.
Full of complex emotion, it touches my soul. Happy and sad at the same time.
This song is very much underrated! Come on this one is really soothing and touching
Easily their best, most complex song.

20Seek Up
The most beautifull song I've ever listened to, just plain eargasmic


Love this song and the live variations
Likely the best song ever written!

21The Space Between
How in the world is this not #1? This is one of the few songs that can bring a grown man to tears. It's a perfect synopsis of a difficult relationship.
The chorus is haunting... Overall an amazing song. Forever gonna be my favorite DMB tune!
My favorite all time Dave Matthews song!

22You and Me
Amazing song! This song really deserves a spot in the top ten.
This song is my favorite I don't know about you all
One of the must beautiful song I have ever heard.


24Say Goodbye
This with #41 are the best. say goodbye sums up many a "relationship" when I was in college which when this came out. Just perfect


26The Idea of You
Such a relatable song. Great instrumentals. Great writing. Dave's mini guitar extraordinary

27All Along the Watchtower
When someone does it better than Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, it's gotta be #1

28Why I Am
It's why I am.


29Typical Situation

30If I Had It All

Clearly the best Dave Matthews Band song. So musically coordinated. Lyrically, one of Dave's best. The ending is maybe the best aspect of Dave Matthews Band period.


33Loving Wings
Beautiful song. It was one of Le Roi's favorites...enough said!

Can't believe no one included this

35Grace Is Gone
Why is it this low? One of their best in my opinion.
This is one of the best compositions by DMB

36Out of My Hands

37Jimi Thing

38So Much To Say

39You Might Die Trying

40American Baby
Ahhh American baby brings back so many childhood memories! Whether it be spending the night with my father and him blasting this great tune in his car. Those moments and this song will stay with me forever.
Ending of this song is Rad!


42Stolen Away On 55th & 3rd

How can people not mention Rapunzal?! It's the most brilliantt song by them! The lilting music and the classical tone coupled with the most amazing romantic lyrics! It should definitely be a part of the top ten!

Come on! This is definitely his best song! Listen to it and vote for it

45Digging a Ditch

46Big Eyed Fish
Don't know his material well enough yet to pick an actual #1 but I can say right now this is his most under-appreciated. maybe if theyd had a middle ground between the lillywhite and busted stuff versions...

47The Last Stop
Perfect in almost every way. Every aspect of this song from beginning to end is unforgettable.
Easily in top ten best songs
I love this song! Sounds like it is Egyptian

48Smooth Rider
Your daddy crazy with the gun in his hand.

This song is so funky!!!!

This is only the best song that anyone has ever heard, dave sings so well! Carter Beauford is insane and Stefan and Tim Reynolds just flat out kill it with this riff. This is #1 by a long shot!
Dave is amazing. I can't believe this isn't number 5 or higher!

50Cry Freedom





53So Right

54Lover Lay Down
Listen to the lyrics. Hear it at night with your lover. You'll understand why.

Hiw was this not on the top ten!?!?


57If Only
I really like this song. I wonder why this wasn't even in the list.

58Drunken Soldier

59Rhyme & Reason

60Sweet Caroline

61Everybody Wake Up

An absolutely stunning song, and with the banjo and Alanis' bits I'm sold. Very thought-provoking and beautiful tune that I could listen to for days on end.

63Shake Me Like a Monkey

64Some Devil

65Anyone Seen The Bridge?

66The Song That Jane Likes


68Steady As We Go


70Cigarette Lit

71My Baby Blue

Can't believe this hasn't been mentioned - classic DMB. Top 20 for sure.

73I'll Back You Up
The first song Dave ever wrote - best love song ever written.

74Lying In the Hands of God

75One Sweet World
Best DMB song in my opinion. Sums up what the band is all about, just enjoying life and all it's mystery. Not taking our world for granted.

76Proudest Monkey
Such a shame that a song as amazing as this is this far down the list. Some of DMB's best lyrics and a spectacular instrumental along with it

77Too Much

78Hunger for the Great Light
Superb as always. Dave Matthews voice and writing abilities are unbelievabl amazing!

79Work It Out

I cried when saw that this wasn't on the list

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