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41 All Along the Watchtower All Along the Watchtower

When someone does it better than Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, it's gotta be #1

42 Granny Granny

This song just proves that the band doesn't need a violin or a saxophone to make such powerful music.

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43 Smooth Rider Smooth Rider

Your daddy crazy with the gun in his hand.

This song is so funky!!!!

44 Cry Freedom Cry Freedom
45 Lover Lay Down Lover Lay Down

Listen to the lyrics. Hear it at night with your lover. You'll understand why.

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46 Captain Captain

Awesome song!

47 So Right So Right
48 Big Eyed Fish Big Eyed Fish

This song is amazing, it should be higher.

Don't know his material well enough yet to pick an actual #1 but I can say right now this is his most under-appreciated. maybe if theyd had a middle ground between the lillywhite and busted stuff versions...

49 Drunken Soldier Drunken Soldier

Great song. The heavy guitar play combined with the slow start to some great motivational lyrics - a favourite.

50 Cornbread Cornbread
51 Out of My Hands Out of My Hands
52 Sweet Caroline Sweet Caroline
53 Angel Angel

Like wine for my soul. I get lost in this song

54 Shake Me Like a Monkey Shake Me Like a Monkey V 1 Comment
55 If Only If Only

I really like this song. I wonder why this wasn't even in the list.

56 Some Devil Some Devil
57 Seek Up Seek Up

This might well be my favorite song of all time. I will never forget the day in the fall of 1997 when Live at Red Rocks was released and I scurried down to the college record shop to pick up this album. I went home, put on the headphones, lied down on my bed, and was immediately mesmerized with Seek Up at track #1. I was blown away, particularly by the intro. The energy and richness of the instrumentals and the meaning of the lyrics is something that continues to move me even today after listening to it many hundreds of times, including live in concert on eight occasions (including this summer, 2016). Definitely an underappreciated masterpiece from DMB. In addition to the incredible Red Rocks version, if you can locate the June 8, 1997 version it is also amazing.

The most beautifull song I've ever listened to, just plain eargasmic - maynardcheech

Love this song and the live variations

It's the best song ever

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58 Proudest Monkey Proudest Monkey

I don't really see anything special to this song. The band even meant for this song to be an intro to satellite. In my opinion, it's probably the worst song on crash, but it's still better than one direction.

Best DMB Song. And Don't You DARE CHALLENGE ME. It is so calming and it feels like I'm floating. It's nice to get away from Dave Matthews Sex songs that were highly rated because of the topic. Nice to here a well done, calming song. I have a theory on what the song means. My dad lived in Charlottesville for 4 years and said that Monkey was derogatory term towards the poorer people of Charlottesville. But they lived a very peaceful and happy life. When Dave Matthews became famous he was the proudest "Monkey" for what he had done, but was wondering if he would rather still be living that peaceful life. The rest of the song is based on the conflict of him wondering if he should've took the band to where it is now. But if the "Monkey" term is wrong than this is an absolute waste of your time. And that means that my dad has been me all these years.

Such a shame that a song as amazing as this is this far down the list. Some of DMB's best lyrics and a spectacular instrumental along with it

59 Rhyme & Reason Rhyme & Reason

My head won't leave my head alone...boy do I understand that. Might be why it's almost 4:00 am and I'm checking out DMB hit lists

60 Everybody Wake Up Everybody Wake Up
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