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81 Too Much Too Much

Another song I think should be higher. It's a great concert song. Dave's statement on American greed with a great funky sound!

82 Jimi Thing Jimi Thing
83 Halloween Halloween

This is only the best song that anyone has ever heard, dave sings so well! Carter Beauford is insane and Stefan and Tim Reynolds just flat out kill it with this riff. This is #1 by a long shot!

Dave is amazing. I can't believe this isn't number 5 or higher!

There seems to be a lot of anger coming out in this song. It's dark and I love it!

84 The Last Stop The Last Stop

The song might be energetic, but I find it sometimes hard to listen to. It's very disturbing and much more deep and angry than most metal songs. But Dave understood this and threw in a calm outro to calm our nerves.

Perfect in almost every way. Every aspect of this song from beginning to end is unforgettable.

Another angry song with political undertones. It shows the entire bands' mastery.

I love this song! Sounds like it is Egyptian

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