The Most Disappointing Movies of All Time

They had the hype, they got your hopes up, they got you to fork over the money to buy a ticket, and then they dashed all expectations. This list is not a list of the worst movies of all time, just the ones that let you down the most. So don't put Double Team on this list because, face it, you should have known it was going to suck.

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1Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace

I have to agree. People slept outside for days to see this "movie". What a total mess of a film that was. Did George Lucas really think that we were going to like that P. O. S? Jar Jar Binks?

There are so many brilliant people in the business (directors, graphics artists, editors, writers, etc) that could have made a brilliant fourth edition to the Star Wars films. It just goes to show that George Lucas should have listened to the talented people around him instead of doing it himself once again.

That film had the worst writing and dialog of any film before or since. Way to ruin a franchise George. - corebare32

This one was so disappointing in comparison to how much we all loved the original trilogy. The characters were so strong and those films held true emotion. This new one started a new trilogy that only focused on the special effects... Which if I am being honest, were just over-done and distracting. I'd take the old Muppet creatures of the older films over this cartoonish CGI any day. I hope that with the new Star Wars films (episode 7 coming 2015), they get back to the root of what made them great in the first place.

After all the years of great star wars movies they come out with this load of BS, now I didn't mind its lightsabre scene, just the whole story intented to tell you about how they met anakin is just so stupid, and not to metion the stupid characters they put in, like seriously Jar jar binks, first off what the hell is with the name second, he only is in that movie and magically dissaperes, good job lucas, you ruined star wars 4 me =(
- theTwister

This disappointed me WAY more than Duke Nukem Forever did more recently. I grew up on this franchise. And this horrible movie is a part of it.

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2Spiderman 3

This movie didn't live up to the other 2. His new suit seems much less menacing, and Venom gets like 10 minutes of screen time. The whole dark version of Peter was really corny as well.

Changing the story of uncle Ben's Killer, too many bad guys... And a horrible, horrible Venom... As well as emo Peter and more Mary Jane drama that was the same thing as the other 2.

Yeah it was different from the other 2. But does anybody agree that spider man 3 was a masterpiece compared to the amazing spider-man 2?

This is pretty much Marvel's version of Batman & Robin

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3The Godfather, Part III

Yeah, I know that there was no way this could live up to the first two. But dammit! I wish I could just watch this as a decent crime film but it keeps reminding me about how inferior this is. Sure, its still a pretty good movie for what it is, but its a Godfather movie! It needs to give me more!

Seriously, what did you expect? Rather silly to think the grand stories and productions of the first 2 could ever be approached again - Billyv

The First two were incredible and them they ruin it with this. 'Let's try and make a few Billion off this'. Why the hell did they do this? - Beatlesboy9

4The Last Airbender

This destroyed the reputation of one of my most adored T.V. shows. Seriously, the movie is crap! I wanted to claw my eyes out! But please, don't hate on the show because of it. It may be from Nickelodeon, but it is absolutely fabulous. The movie should be erased from our memories forever.

The original cartoon was original, had a good plot and real characters, and good funny moments.
The movie had none of this. It was just scene after scene of random things that were seemingly copy pasted from the cartoon and stuck together, with way too much narration.

The acting was horrible, the animation was horrible, the story was horrible and it Sokka was serious unlike the original show from Nickelodeon. Was awfully disappointing.

Oh gods the horror

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I enjoyed the books and I loved how Stephine Meyer changed the future for YA fantasy. So many writers have been discovered because she paved the way for the YA fantasy. But the movie sucked really badly. I liked the parody Vampires Sucks better. At least Vampires Sucks was suppose to be funny.

Nothing compared to the book.
And, I must add, the books only got worse from the first.

I expected Edward to be hotter. RP is not hot nor does he have any real talent other than the fact he was in the fourth Harry Potter movie. Good for him.
And, don't get me started on Kristen Stewart, talentless wonder...

I can't believe I let my friend convince me to see it with her. Worst waste of time ever. - frostwiire

Wow, I just kept waiting for something cool to happen, it never did! Primo waste of time.

The whole class was forced to watch this is English... Thank you School Bell. This is the most Boring Movie I have ever Seen seriously this SHOULD have stayed as a book, the whole god damn Franchise!

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Now we can officially put this one on the Comedy shelf

You wrote movie that could make people killed itself - mirzanissa

This movie wasn't disappointing, it was awesome! - Songsta41

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7Shrek the Third

Worst movie ever. There really is not much more to say, but I need more words. Mm, okay, I'm good now.

It wasnt horrible but I just expected more out of it. - jso11

Does not hold up to the first two. Shrek 2 may be the greatest movie of all time.

Dumb cash cow that ruined the franchise

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8Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

To be fair the transformers played their parts well. Shia LeBouf in particular & the rest of the cast however sucked big time.

The voice roles of the transformers do well they actuation, but the human roles was very stupud (specially Shia LeBouf and the other guy of the university)

9Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

How the hell this movie is so low on this list? This movie is the most horrible sequel of all time. This movie have horrible story line from begging to end, comparing to the other 3 masterpieces. Putting this movie on theater and putting this movie on DVD is more offensive to the Indiana Jones series (1~3) then putting all the Indiana Jones movies for the "worst movie ever".

What the heck was with Lucas and Spielberg when they made this movie? I felt it was absolutely pointless comparing it to other movies in the series. I feel like I was ripped off.

I liked this new Indiana Jones movie, but with Shia Labeouf, No!

I was so excited about this. Its not a bad movie, it just wasn't as good as I thought it would be. -

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10Dragonball: Evolution

Why is this not on the very top of the list?! This was such a massive disgrace to the entirety of the Dragon Ball franchise, I hope to God this name never sees the light of box offices again.

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?Return to Halloweentown
?The Santa Clause 3 - The Escape Clause

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11X-Men: The Last Stand
12Iron Man 2

All marvel movies are the same lots of talk but nothing funny to make you want to see more only avengers had that feeling and you had to wait an hour to get to it

Not as bad as iron man 3. I don't know how it made a billion. Still this was pretty bad.


I expected to see a movie about the greatest general the world has ever seen managing the battlefield and using tactics that are studied to this day. No where in the trailers did it mention that I would be subjected to a shot of Alexander's package.

It's an insult to greek history. At least Oliver Stone did apologise for this disaster and stated that the movie wasn't so good after all... What a let-down! And considering the cast and the director, I sure expected something more. - funkymonkey

I'm Greek and very sad about how this movie turned out. It's an insult to our history.

Alexander the Macedonian was way better than this!

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Absolutely the WORST book to movie transition I have Ever seen in my entire life.

This was, and probably still is, my favorite book series I have ever read. I picked it up before it started getting popular. Honestly, this was hidden on some shelf in the back of Borders when I found it and I had never heard of it before (the first book had just barely been published at that point). When I finished the book, I remember telling someone that it would make the most awesome movie. Instead, years passed and this came out. This was the biggest movie disappointment of my lifetime thus far.

In this movie, people died who weren't supposed to. Things happened all out of order. Saphira wasn't even the right character, nor did she even have her growing up phase. It was as though the creators of the movie were trying to make something with the littlest imagination, and with apparently the lowest budget, required.

Not only did this ruin my experience with the movie, but also those around me since I couldn't resist blurting out what actually did or didn't happen, such as the "Hey! The Ra-zac play a key role in the next book. They can't just be killed off within a minute of first being introduced to them here! " and things like that, not to mention that the ending is such that it is impossible to make the next movies.

To everyone who thinks this movie is even remotely OK. I say read the book, re-watch the movie, and see if you can try to not pull your hair out as you sit through it.

Needless to say, this is in serious need of remaking and whoever owns rights to this should be socked in the mouth, sued (just for good measure), and asked to hand it over to someone who deserves it.

Omg, I'm like a MAJOR inheritance trilogy fan and... *teary eyed*... *sniffles*
*runs away crying her heart out* - raezrokin

I was so mad when this movie came out! The book was so good and then this just gave it a terrible rep. I think Christopher Paolini must have been pissed they ruined his book!

The book=amazing but the movie=SUPER CRAPPY! Seriously if you consult this page before you do anything than look at my comment and please don't watch this movie

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15Superman Returns

This should be number 1

16The Matrix Revolutions

The first one was amazing and then they had to make this one - changing the mythology and adding completely ridiculous plot points that went nowhere.

17Rocky V

I loved Rocky 2,3, and 4 and when I was a kid I couldn't wait for the next one. Why bring back the director from the first one if people loved 2,3, and 4. Bad acting, bad plot, bad fight, everything was bad. And what Iron Man 2, the Harry Potters, Star Trek, Independence Day, and even classics like the the Vinci Code and Saving Private Ryan. - bilbro29

on swedish tv they said: now were gonna watch all the rocky movies except the fifth that one sucks! so stay up good folks - TopTen10

The Rocky movie we all like to pretend never happened

rocky moves are meant to be a good but this one is crap - bloodskull

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18The Matrix Reloaded

First one: This is the best movie ever!

Reloaded: What is this?

Revolutions: FIGHT, DUDE!

19Terminator Salvation
20Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Take this off the list! I love this movie and then again I love all the Harry Potter movies and if I see one on the worst movie list I just feel so offended since the whole franchise is the best Book to Film adaptation I've ever seen, it doesn't matter that I've only read one book, I've seen the whole movie Franchise and now it is time for me to read the rest of the books

This is where it all went wrong for the film adaptations. Picked all the wrong things to emphasize. Awkward teen love stories, poorly cast secondary actors who didn't look or act the part, a steam-punk aura, Rita Skeeter (what relevance did that have to anything before or after? )--the list goes on. After Azkaban, biggest letdown I've ever watched.

What! I loved this movie

Most entertaining movie in the Harry Potter series

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