The Most Disappointing Movies of All Time

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141 Norm of the North Norm of the North

Come on. Did you really expect anything great from this piece of trash? - phillysports

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142 The Human Centipede The Human Centipede
143 Norbit Norbit V 1 Comment
144 Exorcist: The Beginning Exorcist: The Beginning
145 Grown Ups 2 Grown Ups 2 V 1 Comment
146 The Brothers Grimsby The Brothers Grimsby

This movie was uncomfortable and disturbing and dumb.

147 Obsessed Obsessed
148 Alone In The Dark II
149 Independence Day Independence Day

Was billed to be the best "sci-fi" film since "Jurrasic Park. " Yeah right. The dialog was worse than something George Lucas could have written. They had a chance to combine new special effects technology with an almost unlimited budget to create a film about what really might happen if Aliens landed on Earth. Instead, they went for the almighty buck and made a "Hollywood" film. After half an hour you knew the whole story; "The aliens will be voilent. Panick will ensue. Someone will die. Someone will become the hero and all will be well in the end. "
What a waste of time and film.

Let me finish your sentence: And then, the sequel came out and there was no Will Smith at all, but Liam Hemsworth, who just made Independence Day worse.

150 Fantasia Fantasia

I went to that as a kid expecting to be swept away by Disney... Instead I slept in a movie threatre for two and a half hours...

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151 Wanted Wanted
152 Oliver Twist Oliver Twist
153 Knowing Knowing

Wanted to walk out of this move as it got progressively stupider. But, alas... I stayed and it culminated with the most goofy and idiotic ending in film history.

154 Dawn of the Dead (2004) Dawn of the Dead (2004)
155 Firewall Firewall
156 Timeline Timeline
157 1941 1941
158 Bonfire of the Vanities Bonfire of the Vanities
159 Stephen King's It Stephen King's It
160 Star Trek (2009) Star Trek (2009)

Just watched it to see Alice Eve in her underwear.

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