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In the Shadows
Great song! I don't have any words to express that how much I love this song! This is the masterpiece of rasmus... I love it very much! Hope they will create such kind of music again... BEST OF LUCK RASMUS!
It's the song that first got me hooked onto The Rasmus and still manages to keep me hooked onto their music.
Their only good song lol


[Newest]One of my favourite songs ever

2Livin' In a World Without You
People, this song is much better than "In the shadows"! Just listen it... ;)
I can not stop listening to this song
I love dis song... its a heart touching song! luvd it!
[Newest]Simply the best : )

3Sail Away
Wow music with wow lyrics.
Love the Chorus! The song's a real killer! :D love itd
One of my favourite songs of all time! Incredible! It really touches my senses!


5Ten Black Roses
Keep going like this everyone will give you roses.
If you again ake a song like this everyone will give you 1000 black roses. Killer stuff.
Three words - AWESOME

It's their best song! Such perfect lyrics, such awesome music! Rasmus needs out support!
Incredible song. You don't find many songs like this that address unborn love, because it's an odd thing to write about. However, The Rasmus does it so well. I love all their music, but this has to be my favorite.


This song is awesome, only God knows that I would die for this song

7No Fear
First song I ever heard by The Rasmus. I can't wait to have a listen to the others! I don't normally listen to male vocalists unless they're crooners because alternative style males tend to sound a bit strange to me, so this is pretty big for me
Is the best song the group. You can not not hear it.
What is this song doing' here? Should be on top man...


9Lucifer's Angel
Really great song, dark. First song that got me hooked to The Rasmus. Totally listen to it, you wont regret it.
I just love lucifers angel I think it's amazing
DARK. just the way I like it

10Ghost of Love
Great lyrics...
Great music, as always...
The rasmus is the best...
I just love all of its songs
But this 1 has something special in it...
Just can't stop listening...
Awesome song :D

'Now that you�re gone
All that remains is the ghost of love
Deep in my mind
I hear the chains of the ghost of love'
Come on guys dis 1 is far better than the rest

The Contenders


12Keep Your Heart Broken
Keep Your Heart Broken is a great song I just love it the lyrics and the music are great Rasmus are great <3:)... , also the song the one I love is nice and sail away<3...!
Hey keep your heart broken deserves a place in top 5 at least... Just listen its composition and music and lyrics please vote
The best song of the Rasmus love it!

13Night After Night (Out of the Shadows)
I think this song has a beautiful melody and I like the lyrics of the chorus very much
How is this not #1 I don't understand

14First Day of My Life
This song is defenetly one of top tens in my opinion! It's really amazing, just listen and you will understand me, I swear!
Definitively one of their finest songs, this one made me fall in love with the band.
Listen to the intro. Should definitely be in the top 5.

15Last Waltz

This song is definitely one of the best of THE RASMUS... Beautiful lyrics with great end,
My favorite song of this amazing band, it should be the fisrt position...

Makes me feel very fine, like a drug man!

17Not Like the Other Girls
Its one of their most meaningful songs.. Its sweet and an inspiring song

18I'm a Mess
Love this song, deserves to be much higher on the chart

19Open my Eyes

20October & April
This song is so underrated :( Nobody knows it, otherwise it would be one of the top 3 for sure, it's one of their best songs!
Great lyric and gread voice, 1 like this song for 1st listening. Now this my favourit song

21Lost and Lonely
I watch you as you sleep
Your nightmares break the silence
I can tell that you’re in too deep
Got your mind down to a science
And every time that I touch you
I’m losing you

AMAZING LYRICS just like all other Rasmus songs!
This song is perfection! ♥ Listen to it and you will fall in love with.

22Funeral Song
How is this at 20? Great vocals, haunting melody.


23Save Me Once Again
No. 38? Please NO! This is the first I heard of them and the most touching and still can't stop listening. LOVE IT! LOVE RASMUS!
Oh! Really amazing song I have ever heard. Lyric, music all perfect

24Still Standing


26Time to Burn
That song is awesome

27The One I Love

28Life Burns
Song by Apocalyptica feat. Lauri.

29Dancer In the Dark

30Your Forgiveness

31Someone's Gonna Light You Up

32Dangerous Kind


34Man In the Street

35Yesterday You Threw Away Tomorrow




39In My Life
I love it very much)


41Every Day



Playboy from the album : Playboy :P

45Tonight Tonight

46The Fight



49You Don't See Me


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