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1Good Vibrations

I would honestly consider it a candidate for being the greatest song off all time! - BKAllmighty

Its so better and different than their other songs. Its surprising - iTunesJunky

90 hours of tape recording. $50,000 put into the recording - worth about $200,000 nowadays. A masterful combination of multiple instruments and harmonies to make a truly universally happy song.

This song and Kokomo are the best 2 by far. I voted for Kokomo since it is so far down the list.

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2God Only Knows

I have warm memories as a child listening to this great song and thought that it was the greatest thing I've ever listened to. Now it's a song I would play in the car during a date. - Windowstcm1988

One of the greatest songs ever made - pure genius!

This is Paul McCartney's favorite song from his favorite album of all time, so it must be pretty damn great

Musical perfection. RIP Dennis Wilson!

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3Wouldn't It Be Nice

I'd love to wake up to this song every morning. It's just so amazing. Most definitely deserves number one spot.

This song describes the joy of looking forward and daydreaming so beautifully. - beatles

It would be nice to hear this song everyday

What is musical genius? Listen.

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4I Get Around

Such energizing song. It's great!

I love this one it always makes me happy and gives me such a great feeling because it makes me think of all the times I was watching " Look Who's Talking" with my mom.

This song just makes you wanna dance!

Its great because the beat to it

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5California Girls

One of the greatest songs of all time, especially since I live in California and near the beach where they truly are the best honeys in the world.

So happy, upbeat, and just overall an amazing song and just so happens to be my most favorite song of all time.

The song is ok, but the opening section is the most beatiful thing I have ever heard - RecklessGreed

6Surfin' USA

WOW so under-rated. It should be easy in the top ten. Its easily in my top 3. Great song, common guys rate it up!

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I am 16 and I LOVE the Beach Boys. With a pure pride and joy. I know every last word to every single song. This mean I am committed to really decide a good song. This song, and many others on this list are AMAZING! However, this one frosts the cake by far. Its light and upbeat and it really gets your imagination go wild!

Their best and their most famous! It's perfect to here it at summer, under the moon! Really nice! Enjoy this song ladies and gentlemen!

We may think it's stupid now, but back in the day you couldn't stop loving it. The Beach Boys made a great come back song.

One of the best songs I've ever heard period. It makes you feel like you on an island, or traveling to one no mater where you are at!

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8Sloop John B.

Powerful song, impeccable instrumentation throughout... Mike Love's vocals in the middle are the weak spot, though what do you expect.

My favourite. I know the lyrics are basic but the tune is irresistible. A timeless classic

Cause its funny and a fun song for us

One of the most enjoy full songs of all time. - Powerfultekin

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9Fun, Fun, Fun

It's my dad's favorite but no songs are my favorite

10Surf's Up

This song is beautiful and the vocals of brian in it are unique it should be 3 behind good vibrations and god only knows

I'm so glad to see it in the top ten where it belongs. - PetSounds

Such a great song how is this number?! Piano is amazing.

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?Keepin' the Summer Alive
?Do You Wanna Dance?

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11Don't Worry Baby

I get tearful every time I hear this. So beautifully sung and makes me think of Summer. *Sigh* - Britgirl

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12Surfin' Safari

Best surfing song it's real funky

It's just a happy little ditty! I dunno, but somehow it's my favorite Beach Boys tune! - higgsboson2142

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13Heroes and Villains

God only knows is overrated. this is brian wilsons secound favorite beach boys, and I can't help but agree. it's like an entire album is contained in this song - RecklessGreed

14Surfer Girl
15Help Me, Rhonda

A phenomenal job on lead vocals by Al Jardine!

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Grew up listening to this song blasting in the car while I sat in my car seat, grew up having my dad sing this to me. My favorite Beach Boys song, hands down.!

How on earth can this song be so far off the top 5 songs I've no idea. Personally I love this song a lot.

17Barbara Ann

I love the song because it reminds me of my best friend's Aunt.
It's also uplifting feel good song.

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18All I Wanna Do
19It's About Time
20Little Deuce Coupe
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