The Top Ten Sarah McLachlan Songs

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I love this song beyond description.. it touches the deepest part of my soul.. reminds me of love ones passed.
This is the song that touched my heart, very very recommended

I love this song beyond description.. It touches the deepest part of my soul.. Reminds me of love ones passed.
this is the song that touched my heart
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In my opinion, it's probably the greatest song from sarah so far. I really can't think of a more devoted musician when it comes to delivering a song.
This song is is so beautiful. It shows her vocal talent. In this song she is so good at making you feel the pain of someone down in a low place because of a mistake. Such a beautiful piece of music.
This song is actually perfect! Its nice to listen to this when you're all alone and no one left for you and when you feel the emptyness around yourself...
Its totally awesome
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One of the best songs I've ever heard! It's not doubt nothing short of masterpiece. It's beautifully written and performed. Every single thing about the song is perfection. From the haunting beginning to the emotion filled chorus, to the symphony of guitars in the instrumental break. It just sticks with you. You know a song's good when you don't get sick of it after the 17272717th time listening to it! It's also deep and can be perceived and interpreted in so many ways. I love Sarah mclachlan and many of her songs are amazing! But possession is by far her best in my opinion. Truly underrated song. :).
It's the "Mirrorball" version in particular that I believe is her best record to date. It's nice to see this song at the third position, but here's my take on the top 2 songs: "Fallen" is good, but Afterglow had a few better songs, namely "Time" and "World on Fire. " "Angel" is simply excellent and one of the best songs from Surfacing, but it's fairly overrated, not to mention that I think "Witness" and "Black & White" are better. I'm still glad to see "Possession" at #3.
Absolutely the best song of her career, in my opinion. The range of her voice raises goose bumps and the instrumentals are equally as sublime.
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Adia, I do believe I've failed you by not voting for you enough. You deseve much more than this.
Cause we are born innocent...Adia
Its easy, we all falter... It doesn't matter
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5Building a Mystery
One of the best songs of all time.
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6Song for a Winter's Night Listen to sample

7Sweet Surrender
Another fantastic example of why Sarah is the one!
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8Fumbling Towards Ecstasy Listen to sample

9I Will Remember You
My favourite, haunting, honest, and beautful.
When I think of my husband I listen to this song and the angel song
This is one of my most favorite songs. Sweet and haunting brings back tender moments with a twinge of saddness.
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10Vox Listen to sample

The Contenders

11Black & White
- underrated song from the album Surfacing
- but I love all the songs from Surfacing
- am biased.
- so sue me.
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12Hold On
My favorite Sarah McLachlan song of all time. Slow and soft with a lot of meaning in the words, and I especially love the chorus and the second section of the song. Absolutely beautiful.
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13When She Loved Me Listen to sample


One of her best pieces ever: lyrics, music, performance and also the video
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16Push Listen to sample

17Loving You Is Easy
This song is just wonderful. It makes me feel so happy and it's a very jovial track!
Why is this #20 in HER list? It should be in the top #20 songs of all time.
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One of the most beautiful songs out there. She uses several elements and sounds to give the song a full meaningful sound. It's sad and beautiful all at the same time, a great song!
The best song ever my number 1 of all time it never gets old
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19The Rainbow Connection

20Forgiveness Listen to sample

21Dear God Listen to sample

22World On Fire Listen to sample

This song changed my life!
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24Gloomy Sunday
Fantastic. Brilliant and touchable, mein herz brennt. Very sad and beautiful song ever

25Witness Listen to sample

26In Your Shoes Listen to sample

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