Top 10 Things the 2016 Grammys Got Wrong


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21Kanye West wasn't appreciated enough

Eh, I don't really like Kanye. Some of his stuff is good and he's a great producer especially on MDTF but I can't really stand most of his stuff and he really didn't make much that year.

Some of the songs he released were good, others not so much. But there were definitely some songs that should have at least got nominations - 2234

22Drones by Muse shouldn't have won Best Rock Album
23Lana Del Ray should have been recognized

She's talented and unique, and was another person the Grammys seemed to forget about. - 2234

24Taylor Swift should have been given more time to speak
25Kamasi Washington should've been recognized in the Jazz category.
26Paramore should have performed
27All the pop singers and rappers should have lost

There's nothing wrong with those genres. I listen to tons of metal but also love a lot of hip hop. Kendricks album that year was incredible. Don't dismiss entire genres even if you don't personally like them. I don't like country or pop but there is still great music in both genres, it's just not for me.

Exactly. The Grammy awards only care about bad music - bobbythebrony

28Compton should have won best rap album

Kendrick Lamars album only won because it's more popular. As it did have some good songs, alright was really annoying and repetitive. If I wanted to listen to someone say "alright" a bunch of times I would've listen to Andre 3000. Compton was dr. Dre's last album, it should've won something. That was the best possible way an artists could have done a finally.

29Paramore shouldn't have won a Grammy for "Best Rock Song"V1 Comment
30What Kind Of Man should've won Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance
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Top Remixes

1. Anyone but Meghan Trainor should have won best new artist
2. "To Pimp a Butterfly" should have won album of the year
3. Jamie XX's "In Colour" should have have won Electronic Album of the Year & be nominated for Album of the Year.
1. "To Pimp a Butterfly" should have won album of the year
2. Fetty Wap should have been nominated for best new artist
3. Anyone but Meghan Trainor should have won best new artist
1. Taylor Swift should have won all 7 of her categories
2. Carly Rae Jepsen should have been recognized
3. Owl City should have been recognized



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