Top Ten Best Things About Batman Forever

I don't care if you give me Thumbs Downs on my comments and it's going to happen because many of you like the newer movies better and I accept your opinion.

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1The CostumesV1 Comment
2The RiddlerThe Riddler is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of the superhero Batman.

He's my favorite batman villain. - Metts

3The Story

I actually do enjoy it more than the Dark Knight. - Metts

4Val Kilmer Was a Really Good Actor

He is really good as playing Batman. - Metts

5Great FightingV1 Comment
6Great ActingV1 Comment
7Cool Batmobiles

Robin travel in water and Batman travel in air. - Metts

8The Two Face

The two face in Batman Forever is more funny and better than he was in the Dark Knight. - Metts

9It Was the First Time Using Robin

I wish they didn't use Robin. That's why I like the dark knight trilogy. - Therandom

10The Scene Where Nicole Kidman Sleeps Naked

There was a scene where Nicole Kidman's character was sleeping naked.

Yeah but you can't see her breasts. - Metts

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11Drew Barrymore
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