Top Ten Best Things About Gen 7 of Pokemon


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1 It Has New Forms of Pokemon

I so want the ice version of vulpix/ninetales! They look so elegant. - Wolftail

I wonder if they're gonna do it for all the original Kanto Pokemon excluding legendary Pokemon. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Honestly it's one of the best yet craziest things we've seen and I love it. Vulpix and Ninetales are gorgeous while Exeggutor is the funniest looking Pokemon I've ever seen. I want to see how they expand on these alolan Pokemon. - Ruee

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2 Much More Cute Pokemon V 1 Comment
3 Professor Kukui Professor Kukui
4 The Kahuna's

It looks like the Kahuna's and Trial captains will replace gym leaders, I wonder how they will make this work where the story isn't too short. - Ruee

5 Trial Captains
6 Island Challenge Trials
7 Z-Moves
8 Battle Royale
9 Poke Ride

This is what was meant to be in XY. The Pokemon riding was so underdeveloped in XY but I suppose they ran out of time. At least they are expanding on it instead of ditching it. - Ruee

10 The Region is Made Up of Islands

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11 Everything Changed V 1 Comment
12 Alola is the Most Diverse Region
13 You Can Take Your Hat Off

REALLY?! that's awesome. Now the requirement of a trainor having a hat won't interfier* with the creative ability of customazation - SeeU

14 Team Skull
15 Aether Foundation
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