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Just perfect actress for katniss

The whole series is AMAZING! - Turkeyasylum

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3It Has Been Written So Good
5Different Than Every Other Book

The Tributes survive in a huge dystopian setting, and that's remarkabe, but it's very realistic. Somehow, in some way, humans always seem to live.

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10Its Message

The Hunger Games is accurate in the way that it portrays teenagers being compared to one another and being used to entertain people. It is also accurate in the way it portrays the government's potential to abuse its power. Not only is the government of the Capitol tyrannic, but the president of District 13 (Coin) attempted to execute President Snow just so she could gain power over Panem for herself. Coin was also using Katniss as a tool to make the twelve districts even more angry at the Capitol. She did not do this because she cared about the districts, but because she wants them to recognize her as the one with all the authority. This is why Katniss killed Coin at the end of "Mockingjay". She realized that Coin was using her in the same way that the Capitol used her when she was in the Games.

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Gotta love dem poisonous berries - Lem

14The Career Tributes
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