Best Things About Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds

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1 You Always Win

I remember as a kid I get offended easily when I lose because the you have been defeated sign and the soundtrack scared me. - Metts

2 Is Easier Than Age of Empire II

Of course it is and Star Wars is easier to navigate. - Metts

3 It Has Blasters, Spaceships, and Tanks

There's no dragons in Age of Empires. - Metts

4 It Has Jedi V 1 Comment
5 Less Ship Battles In Water

In Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, computer players barely use ships in water. - Metts

6 Dark Troopers
7 Rebel Snowspeeders
8 Jedi Starfighter
9 Fortress Troopers
10 Fortress Can Shoot at Ground Units and Air Units

The castles in AoE can only shoot at ground units well because AoE never had flying units like dragons. Also I've once had a nightmare a long time ago when dragons are in AoE II and I've used them and destroyed most of the biggest enemy's base but they have five castles at the end and it killed all of my dragons by shooting bows and arrows because in SWGB, the fortresses can shoot at air units as well in this nightmare the castles in AoE II can shoot at dragons. Also in this nightmare I was playing as the British and destroying the French but they killed all of my dragons and later rise up again and they killed me and I'm defeated in this nightmare. - Metts

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