Top Ten Best Things About Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2

Super Mario Galaxy is my favorite game of all time, but some people are jerks to others. After seeing all of those negative lists, I decided to make this list. If you have a reason, feel free to put it. And as always, enjoy!

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1The Gameplay (Both)

These are both very good, although the first is better. - Martinglez

If the gameplay is good, then the game is good. - SmashBall

2The Gravity Gimmick (Both)
3Rosalina (Both)

First off, she's helpful. How? Well first off, she picks up Mario, and takes him to his "special one". 2nd, She's pretty. That's self-explanatory. 3rd, After those games, she's appeared in almost every Mario games, even Smash bros. 4th, She has a backstory (In theory) and it's touching. It literally made me cry! - SmashBall

4The Unique Galaxies (SMG1)
5The Story (SMG1)

The 2nd game had the same typical story, but the 1st game had a great story. The Mushroom Kingdom was having the Star Festival, and then Bowser invades the festival with a UFO. A UFO! - SmashBall

6The Music (Both)

Fun Fact: These games are the reasons why I want to become a Musician. I can make a whole list of the great music. Gusty Garden, Purple Comets, Good Egg, Space Junk, Fleet Glide, Sky Station. and the Credits. - SmashBall

7It's #2 on the "Greatest Mario Games of All Time" (SMG1)

#2 for the greatest Mario game is like saying, it's #2 of the greatest game of all time. #1 on the Mario list is Super Mario 64, which totally understandable. #1 and #2 of the games of all time is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. - SmashBall

8Yoshi (SMG2)

One of the reasons Super Mario Galaxy 2 has praise is, Yoshi. He's not my favorite, but I bet I love of you people love Yoshi, so I decided to put it on the list. - SmashBall

9Purple Comet Missions

I know everyone hates these, but I actually love those missions. They're pretty fun and exploring around the stage and finding new places is cool. - SmashBall

10The Final Boss (SMG1)

The boss is pretty cool, but the second game wasn't that exciting. - SmashBall

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