Top Ten Best Things About the Super Smash Bros Series

Super smash bros is an amazing game it is one of the best Nintendo games in my opinion

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1The Stages

Some of the stages are really amazing like delfino plaza in brawl or the princess peach castle from melee or you can even make your own in the most recent games


A lot of good characters are in super smash bros, but my personal favorite is Kirby (don't get mad at me for having an opinion)

One of my favorite characters is Meta Knight.

My favorite is Sonic because of Super Sonic.

3Custom Characters

In the two most recent games, you can make your own custom characters like mii fighters and they can all have custom move sets that you cat unlock through trophy rush, classic and more!

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In almost every game, you can take photos of the battle and save them, and in the Wii U version, you can draw on your photos and put trophies on your photos if you have an SD card

5Special Smash

You can do smash mode with lots of effects added like slow motion or bunny hoods for the rest of the battle or you can do super-speed with metal characters for the rest of the battle


Classic is one of my favorite modes because you go through a series of events and battles and earn character trophies at the end and in 3ds/Wii you version, you earn trophies, gold and customizations

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7The Subspace Emissary
8Story has nothing to do with PeachV1 Comment
9The original Super Smash Bros.
10It's a Crossover Series
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