Top 10 Things About Unturned (Steam Game)

A list of the Top 10 Things about Unturned (Steam Game).

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1It's a Minecraft clone

Not really. It looks more like Rust but it's not realistic. - BadBoiDrummer

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2There are places to explore

For at least one of the maps you get, you have like 8 little towns to explore. - BadBoiDrummer

3You can download maps from the workshopV1 Comment
4There are enemies to kill

However the only enemies that you encounter are just zombies. - BadBoiDrummer

5There are skill levels

Skill levels are involved to help improve the length of your gameplays a little bit. For an Example Dexterity makes it where the reload times of your weapons are faster. - BadBoiDrummer

6The game is change in different ways

In fact it has been polished and looks more better than it did before. - BadBoiDrummer

7The game is fun

I mean it is really fun. - BadBoiDrummer

8There are 3 different locations to choose

This happens if you are playing single player. - BadBoiDrummer

9The health system has been changed

It is now positioned in the bottom left corner. It still has all of the bars such as Health, Hunger, Thirst, Poison, and energy. - BadBoiDrummer

10Objects are more rounded out

Objects such as trees are more rounded out than it did before. - BadBoiDrummer

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