Top Ten Things to Build a Minecraft House Out Of


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1Wooden Planks

Easy to get and build with (be careful of nearby lava and people setting fire to it though! ). - HollyRolo

When you are in survival and you want to make wooden planks, just cut the trunks of the trees and then go to the crafting table and they give you 4 wooden planks.

I don't say it's the best but out of the top ten it is be careful though:) kind of :( kind of

These blocks are easy to get and there is a wide variety of types of wooden planks.

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I always build my houses out of cobblestone. I like to use stone bricks for the floor!

Cobblestone is strong and cannot be burnt down, it also looks nice as well. Probably the item after wood that you have the most of

Good blast resistance and probably the item that you have the most of

Looks nice and fireproof

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The first half of the year and I have a great way of saying it would mean so so happy to see my tweets and you have a good time with you guys have to go back and I love it and it was not immediately available to all of them in my head and a great way of saying it would mean so so happy to see my tweets and you

How is wooden planks better then this an obsidian house shows you've collected enough diamonds and its immune to fire and explosions very safe from grinders and a wooden house looks terrible and burns easily I would rather make my house out of dirt

My house is made out of obsidian and its damn cool haha those creepers can't get me now

I did that and no one blew me up OR broke my house. All of the players on MY server only had stone pickaxes.

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4Giant Mushroom

I love making my house in creative mode with mushrooms especially the red mushrooms because they stand out and look unique.

You can actually make a house by taking a red dotted mushroom and using bone meal on it to make a giant mushroom thing. add platforms until the inside is completely dark and covered, then make a 2-block vertical space for your door, then add torches. - SomeRandomStickboy

Hands down, most under rated building material.

Fun and looks coolio! - HollyRolo

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Good to build your house out of. So basically, If a player tries to fight you in Minecraft, they will probably think twice after all that Quartz you have, because you can only find that in the NETHER.

It looks really nice and modern

Quartz is the best block ever although somewhat hard to get it looks modern so it is better than wood a lot

Ill be good for a modern house - Nateawesomeness

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Good if you want a fireplace, an touch or A HOUSE FROM HELL! Any of these things.

A herobrinic(the satanic for Minecraft) house to show herobrine that You don't hate him - Nateawesomeness

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It is cool because it is smooth and really awesome cause it wont set on fire. Only one problem, It gets blown up if you use tnt.

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The best way to show why you are a boss...

It's actually bad because if it gets destroyed then you will have to get diamond blocks again. I would rather use wooden planks, cobblestone, or dirt.

Best block to use because all the others will know to stay away from you!

You do know that people will try to steal your walls if you build out if this block, right?

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I love to use bedrock but one problem... I always get locked in side

And I can't get out. HELP!

Haha! Take that you creepers! You'll never get me!

If you do it in creative, than switch to survival, NO TNT OR CREEPERS WILL GET YOU!


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11ChestsV4 Comments

Come On Brick Don't Really Get A Use In Minecraft So I Would Use As A Building Material For A House

They used them for brick pyramids but then those pyramids were removed

I have a city in multiplayer out of bricks

It will look like my house - Nateawesomeness

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I don't know why bit it's a great survival alternative to iron bars

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It looks futuristic and awesome

You can't place torches in a snow house.

Modern and Edgy just don't put it near lava

15Butter (Gold)

I knew butter would show up sooner or later- but I wasn't expecting this early!

If butter is gold then can I eat gold?
Ok seriously Skydoesminecraft fans please stop saying butter, its annoying.
Not being a hater, also at least one person can agree. - lolingdog9000

Ever since skydoesminecraft introduced me to butter I have been crazy about butter!

Its not butter, it's Gold!

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Using rare materials and wood would be wasting. Dirt is perfect: you seem humble, it is plentiful, meaning you can easily rebuild, it is immune to lava, etc.

You can put the dirt house with some farm stuff on top of it its awesome

Why it's so low is because dirt is for champions.

You're a noob if you always use dirt. - Goatworlds

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17BookshelvesV3 Comments
18Jack-O-LanternsV3 Comments

No I do not have your hat but I do have cheese!

Except that cheese isn't in Minecraft.

I think he means sponge but says cheese because it looks like it - astroshark

They mean sponge

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20Stone Bricks

I always like building houses out of stone bricks. - Imreallyboredrightnow

They look so cool

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